Charles in Charge

Season 3 Episode 20

Dutiful Dreamer

Aired Unknown Mar 28, 1988 on



  • Trivia

    • When Walter is walking away you can see his bended leg and his foot is sticking out the back of his pirate costume, while walking on the peg leg

  • Quotes

    • Jamie: Fairy Godfather, I've about had it with you, I wished upon a star, I rubbed the magic stone and I went on Wheel of Fortune, now I'm supposed to get horses a coach and a prince, your looking for a major lawsuit here.

    • Lillian: There's only two people in the world who call me mama, one is my son Charles.
      Charles: Yeah, mom I'm your son Charles, who else calls you mama.
      Lillian: Eddie Murphy.

    • Lillian: (singing to Charles)
      Doodlebug baby just close your eyes
      Mama is here she's gorgeous and wise
      You have been rocked, and you have been fed
      So please go to sleep and don't wet the bed.

    • Charles: What can I do?
      Walter: Join the Navy, and take him with you he'd make a good anchor.

    • Charles: Hey, look what the neighborhood kid stuck in our front yard.
      Walter: No, Charles our yard isn't our yard anymore, it's now part of the Japanese empire.

    • Walter: All I know is that we've been renting this house for two years and suddenly I get a letter saying that the house is being sold right out from under us, now I insist on speaking to the owner, of course I don't speak Japanese I don't even like sushi.

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