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  • Season 5
    • Charles Be DeMille
      Episode 26
      Charles (Scott Baio) is waiting for a letter from Princeton, but is has not arrived yet, Sarah (Josie Davis) is frustrated that she can't go on her field trip to Boston, so she announces that she's putting on a Variety Show to raise money to send her and her classmates on her trip and that she wants Charles to direct it, Buddy (Willie Aames) offers to find the talent for the show, Charles will do his ventriloquist routine, Lillian (Ellen Travolta) and Walter (James Callahan) will perform a vaudeville song that has to do with the "Yesterday Cafe", Adam (Alexander Polinsky) will do a magic routine with Sarah and Jamie (Nicole Eggert) as his lovely assistants, Adam tells Charles that a phone call regarding Princeton, he then goes back to the house and learns that a certain Professor will be a Copeland College for one night, he then tells Sarah that he can't direct the play and Buddy takes the turn at the wheel and goes to the interview. Professor Haskins (Bryan Clark) tells Charles that the test that he will take is rather easy, but it takes an emotional commitment to be a part of Princeton, he then leaves and goes back to direct the show. Sarah is touched that he gave up the interview for the show and Charles said that there will be other interviews and the show starts and it goes off without a hitch and Charles runs into Professor Haskins and he sees an emotional commitment he made with the show and graciously accepts him to Princeton and that it was Jamie who called him and they say their goodbyes on the stage.moreless
    • Fair Exchange
      Episode 25
      Walter (James Callahan) wants Jamie (Nicole Eggert) to go to Albuquerque to visit relatives, but Jamie doesn't want to go and that she has other plans so Sarah (Josie Davis) agrees to go and when she arrives she sees that he cousin Amanda(also played by Nicole Eggert) looks a lot like her sister Jamie. There she meets her Aunt Elaine (Cecilia Hart) and Uncle Steve (David Graf) and her cousins Melanie (Olivia Burnette) and Michael(Michael Manesseri). A Foreign exchange student from Romania named Nikki (Ivan Geuron) comes to stay with the family. Sarah is trying to adjust seeing how her relatives by comparing their lifestyles, and with the family always busy all the time and no time for each other, Amanda announces that they are going to have a family dinner so that she can talk to her parents more, but her plan backfires when her parents can't stay for dinner, Michael and Amanda blame Nikki, Sarah then calls Charles for advice, he then tells Sarah that Nikki should explain to her that the children need their parents. Around the dinner table they each explain their problems one at a time, but Amanda explains that she wants to date a Mexican boy, being afraid that she'll get disowned, Steve tells Amanda that it's her decision to make. Sarah returns home and tells everyone what a nice time she had with her relatives.moreless
    • Almost Family
      Episode 24
      When Walter(James Callahan)announces that he is going to Washington, D.C. with Ellen to pick his son so that he can visit his kids and to make sure that Jamie (Nicole Eggert), Sarah (Josie Davis) and Adam (Alexander Polinsky) he leaves Charles in Charge once again. Charles receives a phone call from his mother saying that she forgot to drop off Aunt Sally's (Ellen Travolta) birthday present, so Charles has to give it to her in person and be back at the house no later than 6:00, when he realizes that his Aunt Sally's Car Wash is in deep financial trouble, and that she has no choice but to fire Bobby (Rodney Eastman), Spider (Jeff Davis), Tyrone (Billy "Sly" Williams) and Arthur (Jack Bannon). Charles has to get home and his cars exhaust needs to be fixed. Sally asks Arthur to check the books to see what she needs to repair her income. Spider, Tyrone and Bobby had a meeting and they say that they will work for Sally even though she won't be able to pay them and that they don't want to break up the family and that they'll give her their tips to pay rent. Arthur comes back and says that her husband Vincent has been keeping separate books for himself and the Car Wash and keeping money from Sally so she gets to keep the business after all. Charles arrives five minutes late and learns that Buddy (Willie Aames) taught the kids how to play "Strip Poker".moreless
    • Teacher's Pest
      Episode 23
      Walter (James Callahan) wants Jamie (Nicole Eggert), Sarah (Josie Davis) and Adam (Alexander Polinsky) to do stuff they did when they were little, tired and not wanting to hurt their grandfather's feelings they tell Charles (Scott Baio) to talk to Walter and tells him to enroll in a College class he refuses by saying "You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks" and refuses, but he changes his mind and decides to participate and he learns that Charles will be his substitute teacher and when Walter keeps being the teachers pet and raises his hand when Charles gets the date wrong in the War, he later popular and having no time for his grandchildren, they kids demand that they want their grandfather back. Since Walter can't take Adam to the father/son banquet Charles takes him and breaks a date to do it, Charles's date offers to take Walter to a sorority party and Buddy (Willie Aames) decides to double date with him, Charles then tells them that they have to write a 10 page essay, after reading Walter's paper he's determined to give give him a "F" for not using the text book information, after looking at the text book himself Charles realizes that the book is wrong and invites Walter as a guest speaker to talk to the class what he saw through his eyes during the War.moreless
    • 7/10/90
      Sarah (Josie Davis) has been planning her mother's birthday part for a week and it has to be perfect, Walter (James Callahan) has purchased the birthday hats, streamers and the games. Buddy (Willie Aames) is the clown for the party, Charles (Scott Baio) picks up the cake and then he gets trapped in a elevator with a woman named Kelly Morgan (Keely Christian) they realize how much they have in common. Ellen (Sandra Kerns) comes home at 6:00 but Charles is not back with the cake yet, she later calls her office and heads out to show a house, Jamie (Nicole Eggert) and Adam (Alexander Polinsky) thinking that the party is ruined start to worry about Charles, when the power comes back on and the elevator starts working he invites Kelly to the birthday party and he learns that she is blind starts to feel uncomfortable with her blindness breaks off their dates for the weekend, feeling guilty about breaking her heart, Lillian (Ellen Travolta) tells Charles to talk to a picture of his father, he then learns that you see with your heart, he invites her to the party and they make up. Ellen arrives home and they all yell "Surprise" and they celebrate her birthday a day late.moreless
    • La Cage Aux Fools
      Episode 21
      Sarah (Josie Davis) is concerned about animal testing at Copeland College where Charles (Scott Baio) goes, he has heard nothing about experimenting on animals so he goes to the College and sees the Head of the Science Department Stanley Willard (Ben Stein) when last they say him he was in a psychiatric hospital, he then confirms that they are doing experiments on a few monkeys, Sarah wins the bet that she made with Charles and that he has to lock himself in a cage to protest animal testing. Lillian (Ellen Travolta) offers her diner for the protest so Charles can later take Sarah, Jamie (Nicole Eggert) and Adam (Alexander Polinsky) to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Buddy (Willie Aames) joins Charles in the cage to get publicity, but when everyone leaves the diner Charles and Buddy don't have a key to open the lock, so they are stuck until someone finds them and that he's gonna let the kids down and they'll never trust him again. Stanley Willard shows up and they plead for him to help them, he then has the cage transferred to the College, and the next morning they are released by Prof. Willard and end up on the front page of the newspaper and Stanley stated that there will be no more experimenting on animals, Sarah thanks Charles, it also turns out that the tickets for the movie is for Saturday night not Friday night so all is well with the kids seeing the movie after all.moreless
    • Lost Resort
      Episode 20
      Charles (Scott Baio) has to go down to Maui to look after a Hotel for Professor Higler, he can't because he has to look after the kids, he then asks Buddy (Willie Aames) to go instead but he and his fiance Nurse Bennett are going to explore caves and each other, Buddy comes back and Charles has already gone, so he calls his cousin Dudley (also played by Willie Aames) but when Charles arrives he sees someone that resembles his best friend Buddy, he then realizes he came all the way for nothing, Dudley asks him to stay in the room where he's staying "The Boat House". Dudley and Mitch try to stop a jumper from jumping and he'll jump unless his girlfriend agrees to marry him, the there's someone climbing the Hotel calling himself "The Human Fly", Dudley has a plan and calls the local television station, but with he and Mitch's job at risk and with the owner of the Hotel on his way. Mr. Higler (Dick Gautier) receives a phone call from the owner saying he sees the person climbing the Hotel and loves that it's a tribute to him and Dudley and Mitch's jobs are saved. Charles returns home and tells the Powell's about his trip and gets a telegram from Buddy who delivered it personally and is waiting in the kitchen, it says that he gave Dudley the job, so he goes and shows his appreciation literally.moreless
    • Dead Puck Society
      Dead Puck Society
      Episode 19
      Charles (Scott Baio) is substitute teaching Sarah's (Josie Davis) history class, when he plans a co-ed study groups Sarah gets stuck with Russell Davis (Paul Walker) but she later tells Charles that she is grateful that she is paired with him, but when Charles finds out that Sarah is doing his homework for him, he decides to talk to Russell to find out what his problem is. Buddy (Willie Aames) is cooking a Boysenberry pie for Home Economics Class, Walter (James Callahan) doesn't want Buddy cooking in his kitchen without supervision, when Buddy's pie starts to burn Charles asks Russell to read the instructions on the fire extinguisher, he admits that he is an illiterate and that he can't read or write. Charles tells him that he needs help and Russell tells Sarah that he'll write his own essay and gives her back the essay she wrote for him. Lillian (Ellen Travolta) serves pieces of Buddy's pie by accident and thinking that he'll fail his class he faints.moreless
    • 1/13/90
      Charles is assigned to teach Sarah's high school history class, and he splits the class into co-ed teams, pairing Sarah with Russell Davis, a popular new transfer student. Their first assignment is an essay, but Sarah ends up doing most of the work. Charles knows that Russell is taking advantage of Sarah and has a talk with her, but she is convinced that Russell has a crush on her. Russell tells Sarah that he cannot write his essay because he is thinking about her and cannot concentrate on writing, and Sarah begins writing his essay.moreless
    • All That Chaz
      Episode 18
      Charles(Scott Baio)is studying for finals and after spending three nights in his room and under a lot of stress, Lillian(Ellen Travolta)arrives and says that he doesn't have to worry about the Diner cause he sister Vanessa will be watching it, Charles goes and locks the door Adam(Alexander Polinsky)opens it hitting Charles on the head and once again transforms into "Chaz" his alter ego and once again it's up to Jamie(Nicole Eggert), Sarah(Josie Davis)and Adam to get Charles back to himself again, they try to keep Walter(James Callahan)from finding out the "Chaz" is back but he does, "Chaz" hooks up with his former girlfriend that he thought married Tiffany Kovac(Denise Miller). Aunt Vanessa(also played by Ellen Travolta)arrives and makes a grand entrance as usual. Buddy(Willie Aames)says that they try hitting on the head, so everyone hits him on the head, thinking that everything is okay and not knowing and not knowing that they had a part in hitting Charles on the head, they get Vanessa to talk to Charles about his childhood to cure him, when they realize that they all hit him on the head they decide to try again, but an accident on a motorcycle and a bump on the head brings Charles back to normal.moreless
    • Up Your IQ
      Episode 17
      Adam (Alexander Polinsky) is determined to change his name because they expect more from him because he's Sarah's (Josie Davis) little brother Walter (James Callahan) tries to tell him that Powell is a good name, Sarah compliments Charles (Scott Baio) for dating an intelligent girl named Karen West (Brooke Mills), Jamie (Nicole Eggert) is dating Todd Gordon (Douglas Bryant Johnson) in order to be more popular but after he breaks up with her because he told Jamie that she was shallow. Charles asks Jamie to talk to Karen, she then starts to learn more from her than she did in high school, Buddy (Willie Aames) invites Charles to a party that he is throwing at a Hotel and it's an Arabian Nights themed party where Buddy and Charles are the Sultans and the girls are the Harem. When Charles and Jamie catch Todd and Karen in a lip lock, she decides to take Todd to the museum instead. Charles tells Jamie that if she wants Todd back she has to improve her mind by getting Sarah to help her, Buddy tells Charles that the party is suddenly moved to Charles's bedroom and with everyone out of the house there bound with no interruptions, but when everyone comes back early it puts Charles in a very tight spot. Todd says that Karen is more shallow person than Jamie is, Charles then says that she doesn't have to give up the fun things in life.moreless
    • Let's Quake a Deal
      Episode 16
      An Earthquake has hit the New Jersey area and worried about aftershocks Walter(James Callahan)wants Charles(Scott Baio) to do emergency drill to prepare Jamie(Nicole Eggert), Sarah(Josie Davis)and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)in case another Earthquake hits, thinking that the drills need to be more realistic Charles comes up with an idea to help people, a belt that can shake people to help them during a drill. Buddy(Willie Aames)decides to help Charles in the venture by telling him to talk to Prof. Smalley(Richard Sanders)who is an expert in business, after he tells Charles that it was the most stupid idea he has ever heard, he decides to give up. Sarah tells Charles not to give up on his idea, but after telling that not to get investors or partners because they'll take all the credit and the profits, and that the best way is to give up, Walter's friend Austin Miller(James Karen)decides to participate, thinking that he can't trust Austin and the other investors, he demonstrates the "Quake Maker" for them when they tell Austin that the belt is the dumbest thing they ever seen, Austin believes in Charles's idea and invests his money because he has faith in him.moreless
    • Frankie and Mommy
      Episode 15
      Lillian(Ellen Travolta)is thrilled to see Frankie Romano(Robert Ridgely)a man she almost married, who is now a travelling salesman, Charles(Scott Baio)is glad to see his mother happy, Sarah(Josie Davis)is desperate to make the Powell house an environmentally safe house by changing the light bulbs and turning one of the trash cans into a recycling bin. Frankie and Lillian tend to rekindle an old flame between them, Charles likes Frankie but the rest of the family thinks he's after something like her diner, but when Lillian announces that she is selling the diner, Charles senses something is wrong, but when Frankie realizes that she is selling the diner he immediately tells her not to sell, and aks her to marry him. Lillian is overjoyed and doesn't know what to say, so she goes to Charles for advice, but instead she turns down his proposal of what Charles said to her, that her marriage to his father made her happy and that Frankie doesn't need a wife to make him happy, Sarah decides to buy young trees with the money that she won with her essay and after the revelation Adam(Alexander Polinsky)faints and Jamie(Nicole Eggert)drags him into the kitchen literally.moreless
    • Brain Man
      Episode 14
      Charles(Scott Baio)desperately wants to raise $300 to buy a used computer, Buddy(Willie Aames)decides to sign up for ESP to see if they have the gift, when he tells Charles that they are paying them Charles jumps at the idea and figures its an idea to get the computer faster, they try it and when Buddy displays an excellent form of ESP, Buddy suddenly starts having premonitions and believe it, they start coming true and Charles meets a girl named Lily(Mary Ward)and when Buddy predicts that her father will shoot Charles, he thinks that he is being silly, until it's a toy gun that Lily's father invented that he "shot" him with. Jamie(Nicole Eggert), Sarah(Josie Davis) and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)think they'll never get the money for Walter's(James Callahan)present, Charles gives them the money and tells Buddy that you can't trust what you think the future might hold.moreless
    • 5/7/90
      Jamie(Nicole Eggert)announces that she is running for Student Council President, thinking it'll improve her morals, Charles(Scott Baio)tells Sarah(Josie Davis)if she doesn't like the way Jamie plans on running things, Sarah decides to run against Jamie, she plans on winning on the issues. Jamie plans on making school fun for everyone. Buddy(Willie Aames)offers his services to be her campaign manager, she accepts when she realizes that he knows the meaning of fun, she knows she can win. Sarah thinks she doesn't have a chance at winning, so she turns to Charles to be her campaign manager, thinking she has a better chance but Jamie thinks that she will beat her. Charles and Buddy arrange a debate between them. Adam(Alexander Polinksy)tells Jamie and Buddy that Sarah is going after the fun vote, so Jamie decides to go after the intelligent vote, Charles and Buddy start to fight, they resolve things after Jamie and Sarah decide to be equal by being President and Vice President.moreless
    • Buddy Flips a Disc
      Episode 12
      Lillian(Ellen Travolta)is having a "Be A Disc Jockey for a Day" at her diner, but she's even more nervous when the Health Inpsector Leonard Griffing(Frank DeVol)comes to evaluate the diner. Buddy(Willie Aames)announces that he won the contest to be the DJ at the diner, he gets nervous when he has to talk after playing records, he then faints, he tries to get Charles(Scott Baio)on the show but he refuses so he gets Sarah(Josie Davis), Jamie(Nicole Eggert)and Adam(Alexander Polinsky). Lillian passed the clean inspection but is worried when he comes back to check the wiring in the building, Jamie and Adam have to stay after school so Buddy has to start the show without them, when he goes on the air he's as cool as a cucumber, but as Jamie and Adam have used up their time, Sarah gets sick from eating way too many candy bars, when Leonard tells Lillian she has to pay 2,000 or he shuts down the diner. Charles decides to put what he said on the air, he then said to Lillian that she passed the inspection and quietly leaves.moreless
    • Daffy Doc
      Episode 11
      Charles (Scott Baio) has to do a psychology term paper, by analyzing a neurotic, psychotic and a normal, Jamie (Nicole Eggert) is worried about Sarah (Josie Davis), Adam (Alexander Polinsnky) follows her to the library and stares at the wall Charles sees this as a sign of neurotic he starts with her and moves to psychotic by moving to his friend Buddy (Willie Aames) who is no help at all, he goes to his mother Lillian (Ellen Travolta) if there's anyone in the family who's crazy, an Uncle Donald who thinks he's a duck did not help at all. Buddy announces that he is doing research for his paper at a Mental Hospital but after the interview with Dr. Clay (Jack Bannon), thinking that Buddy is unstable they keep for observation, it's up to Charles to get his friend out of this jam, Walter (James Callahan) says that they have a right to hold someone for observation, Charles learns that Buddy is to have a psychiatric evaluation by Dr. Stanley Willard (Ben Stein), but when Buddy checks out okay, he asks Charles to stay for observation, Buddy goes back with a ladder and tries to rescue his friend, it turns out that Stanley Willard is a patient there thinking that President Richard Nixon has appointed to Secretary of State, Charles goes home and learns that Buddy has already solved Sarah's problem, so they go back to the dorm to celebrate Mexican Fiesta night.moreless
    • 2/16/90
      Walter(James Callahan)is concerned about Jamie(Nicole Eggert)spending too much time with Cliff Randall(Byrne Offutt) he gets Charles(Scott Baio)to get Jamie to call it off, or spend less time together, when Cliff overhears Charles talking about Jamie and Cliff seeing other people, he immediately goes to he and tells her that he wants to see other people when he quotes something that Charles said she thinks that he told him to break up with her, when Charles said that he didn't meet Cliff, Jamie calls him a liar, and then he refuses to talk to Jamie no more. Jamie then tells Walter if Charles stays then she'll run away, Sarah(Josie Davis)says if Charles goes then she goes, it's up to Adam(Alexander Polinsky to have the deciding vote decide Charles's fate, the girls each try to buy Adam's vote by bribing him, Adam says that he can't be bought and that he'll need more time to think it over, Charles goes and finds Cliff and he admits to Jamie that he overheard Charles, Jamie then breaks up with Cliff and agrees to let Charles stay after all.moreless
    • 2/6/90
      Sarah(Josie Davis)has gotten her first reporting assignment by interviewing a famous rock star named Samantha Steele(Samantha Fox), Charles(Scott Baio)will stop at nothing to sit on the interview with Samantha. Buddy(Willie Aames)is determined to get into the Guinness Book of World Records without endangering Charles's Ethics scholarship by performing a stunt. Samantha wants Charles to be her new road manager but it means moving away from the Powell's, Charles announces that he is going to ask Samantha to marry him, he then learns that she was secretly married to someone else. When Charles's face is plastered on the front page of a tabloid everyone then thinks that he is her secret hubby, it turns out that the marriage certificate was planted by Samantha's publicist for controversy, Charles turns down her offer to go on the road and the two say goodbye.moreless
    • Baby Bummer
      Episode 8
      Since Charles(Scott Baio) is too busy to hang out with Buddy(Willie Aames) so he gets a back up Adam(Alexander Polinsky) when Walter(James Callahan)figures out that Adam reminds him of Buddy he says fix this or your fired, Adam gets a date with Rachel, but the problem is that he has to babysit a little girl named Hillary, Buddy offers to do the job for him, but when everyone leaves the diner and little Hillary is left all alone. Charles arrives and takes her back to the house but Jamie(Nicole Eggert)and Sarah(Josie Davis)all have plans and can't watch her, Charles gets ready for the prom, while he is changing Hillary takes off, they eventually find her and Adam tells Hillary's mother the truth and takes responsibility.moreless
    • Child Hoods
      Episode 7
      Charles's(Scott Baio)old friends a group called "The Hangmen". Mooch(Gabriel Bologna), Spitball(Tom Fridley)and Slick(Anthony Mangano)pay Charles a visit and they stay with him for a couple of days, meanwhile Sarah(Josie Davis)asks Charles to help her practice for the bike race, but he made plans to go out of town to New Orleans. Sarah is disappointed that he won't be in the race, so she gets a new partner Buddy(Willie Aames). Lillian(Ellen Travolta)thinks they are pulling him down, when the phone call concerning the job he wants comes Mooch pretends to be Charles and turns the job down and they play a trick on Buddy to get his money by saying that Charles needs surgery on his back, but when he learns that one if his "friends" pretended to be him and they conned Buddy into getting his money asks them to leave and gives Buddy his money back and they go out and but his patio furniture.moreless
    • 1/23/90
      Charles(Scott Baio)learns from Buddy(Willie Aames)that he is to be a judge in a beauty pageant at his mother Lillian's(Ellen Travolta)diner, when his girlfriend Valerie(Darlene Vogel)decides to enter the contest it gets Charles very nervous, when his other girlfriend Wendy(Tiffany Salerno)enters the contest as well, Charles thinks of a way to choose between Valerie and Wendy, Adam(Alexander Polinsky) blackmails Charles, he also learns that Buddy and Professor Berger(Joe Mays)are the other judges. Jamie(Nicole Eggert)decides to enter the contest thinking that Charles would vote for her, Sarah(Josie Davis)enters as well to blast male chauvinism but changes her mind when people came up to her and told her how beautiful she was something besides her intellect. Valerie and Wendy meet with Charles and tell him that not only do we have something in common but the same boyfriend, they throw spaghetti on him and walk out, Buddy has some more good news he signed him and Charles up to be judges at the Miss New Brunswick Pageant.moreless
    • 1/12/90
      Charles's(Scott Baio)girlfriend Jennifer(Tiffani Amber Thiessen)is fed up with Buddy(Willie Aames)hanging around all the time so she tells him a lie that leads them to an argument, Buddy invents a plant food for his horticulture class, and he tests it on his Ficu, but when the plant unexpectedly grows Walter(James Callahan)thinks Buddy might have a million dollar idea, it turns out that Adam(Alexander Polinsky)was playing a joke on Buddy by switching trees on him and his punishment is to clean Janie(Nicole Eggert)and Sarah's(Josie Davis)bathroom for two weeks. Charles learns that Jennifer lied to him, he confronts her and she asks Charles to choose her of Buddy he chooses Buddy and asks Jennifer to leave.moreless
    • 12/28/89
      Jamie(Nicole Eggert) is so psyched about being in "The Club" for cool girls, so when Jamie and Charles(Scott Baio) make a bet to see if Buddy(Willie Aames)and Stacy(Holly Fields)have any good traits, so if any of them do not have any Charles will stop seeing Buddy and Jamie will stop hanging around Stacy, but when Stacy becomes romantically in love with Charles because he went everywhere she went, Stacy tells Jamie that the odds of getting in "The Club" are slim to none and she is in love with Charles will be good for her image, Jamie tells Charles to call it of with Stacy or she is never talking to him again, he agrees and tells her it is over and she tells him that Jamie will never be in the group. Charles tells Jamie that he invited "The Club" committee over, thinking that she got in she rushes upstairs to get ready, Charles has a plan that involves Sarah(Josie Davis), when they arrive Charles announces that Sarah is interested in joining, but when they start insulting her because of her income, hair, nails, clothes and persona, Jamie having heard enough tells Stacy to take her club and shove it.moreless
    • 12/19/89
      Walter(James Callahan)and Julia(Marlyn Mason)are celebrating their first year of going out together and have plans for dinner, Buddy's(Willie Aames)grandmother Gloria(Ruta Lee)arrives and Walter makes plans to have dinner at the same restaurant, Dodo(Marcia Wallace)a woman Walter almost married arrives leaving Walter in a difficult position, he asks Charles and Buddy for help, they dress up in disguises for Dodo and Julia until Walter's date with Gloria is over, but she something else in mind, Charles takes Dodo back to the house, Buddy takes Julia, Walter takes Gloria, when the girls meet they realize that he made plans with all three of them, so they decide to teach him a lesson, by making him jealous. Walter says that he is sorry, the girls can't forgive him at least not tonight, so the girls head out for a night on the town.moreless
    • 12/19/89
      After a near brush with death by a humming bird, Buddy(Willie Aames)decides to discover the meaning of life, and after spending a week at a monistary he decides to become a priest, that way he can help people. Charles(Scott Baio)must change his mind as he gets Jamie(Nicole Eggert)to dress up as an angel to appear in Buddy's dream to talk him out of it, after she hears his reason she realizes she couldn't do it, Sarah(Josie Davis)goes to Buddy for advice, and when he realizes he got the same advice from Charles, he sees things clearer and he is better off where he is.moreless
    • 11/15/89
      Charles(Scott Baio)and the Powell's return from vacation in the mountains. he tells Buddy(Willie Aames)what a great time they had, Sarah(Josie Davis)was miserable the whole time. Jamie(Nicole Eggert) and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)complained about Charles telling them what to do the whole vacation, Walter(James Callahan)didn't enjoy himself that much, Ellen(Sandra Kerns)said it was the most stressful three weeks of her life, with the kids fed up about rules Charles announces that there are no more rules. Walter feels that he is no longer needed and he leaves and moves in with Lillian(Ellen Travolta). Jamie has a party, Sarah invites a homeless man to live with them, Adam gets a pet snake, in the end they begin to understand that they need rules. It turns out that the homeless man was Preston(Tony Dow)Adam's music teacher, who likes to dress down on his summer vacation. Walter and Ellen return home thinking they were needed, noticing the house was a mess they all pitch in to help clean up.moreless
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