Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 2

Extracurricular Activity

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1984 on
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Charles is put in the awkward position of helping and encouraging Lila, Jason and Douglas to seek out new and exciting extracurricular activities. The end result is that Jason dreams of soccer stardom; Lila sees herself as a cheerleader; and Douglas eyes the school band —— specifically the triangle instrument. Jason returns home battered and bruised and not on the team, Lila does have the cheerleader personality, while Douglas made the school band and gets to play the triangle. Stan and Jill are upset at the frustration and humiliation Lila and Jason have gone through -- and Charles is asked to straighten out the situation. Meanwhile, Gwendolyn Pierce is trying to get Charles to join the college school play, and Buddy wants him to join the swim team. Charles sets Gwendolyn and Buddy aside and coaches Lila the technique of being an exuberant cheerleader. When she succeeds, she decides to remain with the student council. He learns that a school bully would not allow Jason to try out for the team and has Jason face him. When matters are resolved, he explains to Gwendolyn and Buddy that his extracurricular activity is taking care of the kids!moreless

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  • Things are tough for Charles as he tries to be all things to all people and finds that it's impossible - but it's certainly entertaining to watch him try!

    The three Pembroke children are all trying to decide on an extracurricular activity for school. Lila has a dream of being a cheerleader, Douglas wants to join the school band and Jason wants to be on the soccer team. All of these seem realistic expectations but things don't quite work out as planned. Lila's friend, Paula Thackery, (Olympic gold medalist Julieanne Macnamara) makes the team instead of Lila, Jason is bullied into not even trying out and, to cap it all off, Douglas gets a spot in the school band playing the triangle!

    Meanwhile, Gwendolyn and Buddy both want Charles ro pick extracurricular activities too. Gwendolyn wants him in the school play, "The Glass Menagerie" and Buddy wants him to join the swim team with him so that they can gaze at women in bathing suits.

    Lila and Jason are both very unhappy at their failure to achieve what they wanted and Stan and Jill quietly advise Charles that it's part of his job to make them feel better about themselves. In order to do this, Charles must coach Lila into a resounding, cheerleading yell and help Jason deal with the bully who stopped him getting on the team. When this is achieved (after much hilariry), Charles tells Gwendolyn and Buddy that he doesn't have time for the school play or the swim team. They understand but all is not lost because everyone gets a chance to be enthralled as they listen to Douglas's amazing performance of "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" on the triangle!

    Truly hilarious, a brilliant episode.moreless

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    • Jason: Jason sets, Jason shoots.
      Charles: Jason dies if he breaks anything.

    • Lila: Now, Buddy, think, what comes after Q?
      Buddy: Tip.

    • (Charles catches Jason eating candy from a jar)
      Jason: Charles, you're ruining my endorsement!
      Charles: Yes, Jason, but I'm saving your teeth and superstars have teeth.
      Jason: Not in hockey?

    • Jill: Uh...the man, you're daughter is thinking about becoming a hood this year.
      Stan: Oh, isn't that nice.

    • Charles: Okay, everybody look what time it is, better hurry up, you'll be late for school.
      Jason and Lila: Oh, no! Late for school!

    • Lila: I want to expand my horizons, I want to fall in with a new group of people.
      Jason: Why don't you become a hood?

    • Douglas: Alright! Who stole my incredible hulk underoos?

    • Stan: Charles, I'm 35 years old, my daughter is thinking about becoming a hood this year, and even though I'd like to think of myself as a liberal father, I would sleep better knowing she was learning home economics and not how to knock off a gas station.

    • Buddy: This institute of higher learning is offering us the chance to spend our afternoons with wet women in bathing suits, Don't you love college?
      Charles: Oh, yeah, and they even have classes there, too.

    • Charles: Lila, cheerleaders do not beg, now you don't see the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders beg, do you?
      Lila: Dallas Cowboy cheerleader? Charles, I wouldn't need R's if I had theirs.

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    • NOTE: This episode guest stars Julianne McNamara in a cameo role. Miss McNamara won an Olympics gold medal in the uneven parallel bars, a silver medal in individual floor exercises and another silver medal in the overall U.S. gymnastics team event.


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