Charles in Charge

Season 5 Episode 25

Fair Exchange

Aired Unknown Jul 30, 1990 on



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    • Buddy: You know Charles, I think I'll visit my cousin Amanda next week?
      Charles: You have a cousin Amanda?
      Buddy: Yeah, he's a terrific guy, strange wardrobe but his hearts in the right place.

    • Amanda: You know this family dinner was a great idea, we should do it all again sometime
      Michael: Yeah, why don't we get together once a year for a reunion?
      Steve: We'll call you, Michael?

    • Michael: You see, there not just a pair of high tops, there my passport to success.
      Steve: (California accent) Oh, I didn't know that.

    • Elaine: I thought you liked Julie?
      Melanie: I do? But I don't like her being Tina's friend.
      Steve: Well, you can always put Tina in a cage and keep her in your room? Oh, but then you'd have to feed her, and we all remember what happened to the pet turtle.

    • Elaine: Steve, wait? Charity begins at home?
      Steve: How much do the kids need this time?

    • Melanie: Michael, what's a croation?
      Michael: A croation? It's, you know like a lobster or a crab?
      Melanie: Oh, but I thought they were called crustations?
      Michael: See, that's why I'm in high school and your not.

    • Steve: If anyone needs me I'll be at the office?
      Amanda: But, Dad this is Saturday?
      Steve: Yeah, I know somebody's got to work overtime to keep you in shopping money
      Amanda: That's right, what are you waiting for get going

    • Michael: But, first I gotta get some food, I haven't eaten since 3 o'clock
      Amanda: It's been two hours since your last feeding? No wonder your head doesn't work?

    • Buddy: Hey, Mr. Powell, I made a one celled animal?
      Walter: Lembeck, you are a one celled animal?

    • Charles: Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, stop, Buddy stop, you can't afford to lose any more air, your brains not getting enough oxygen as it is.

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