Charles in Charge

Season 2 Episode 3

Feud for Thought

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 1987 on
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This episode of "‘Charles In Charge"' features Charles (Scott Baio) as a fireman, putting out fires all over the Powell household. Luckily Charles is studying for his philosophy exam, because the show provides several practical tests for Charles' own philosophy, and happily he doesn't do badly on them at all. First of all, Adam (Alexander Polinsky) is in the middle of a pre-teen imbroglio with his erstwhile best friend who is now his worst enemy. In trying to smooth those troubled waters, Charles ends up being challenged by the youngster's giant brother, Herman (Mark Venturini), who's ready to tear Charles apart. Then there's Sarah (Josie Davis), who needs some help because she's learning to like herself a little better, and that's not easy for a thirteen year old. And finally there's Buddy (Willie Aames), who's got a simple philosophy about everything. He's trying to get Charles to go out with one of the ultra Del Fluvio twins, Gina (Lisa Aliff), so he can go out with the other. How does it all work out? Well, don't worry too much, because after all, Charles is in Charge!moreless

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      • Charles: Buddy, in diplomacy, honesty is the best policy.
        Buddy: What if a guy's punching your face?
        Charles: Then insurance is the best policy.

      • Jamie: Sarah, my troubles are over, I found the lip gloss to go with my raspberry sweater.
        Sarah: Oh, good, that should end world hunger.

      • Hank: Yo, pops, I'm Hank Holloway from down the block, you got a grandson.
        Walter: Yeah.
        Hank: Karate champion, did some time in prison.
        Walter: I don't think so he's 12, I would've noticed.

      • Charles: Well, Kevin was certainly prepared when Adam attacked him.
        Walter: Right! Adam attacked Kevin?
        Charles: That's right, excuse me.
        Walter: My grandson, Adam Yamamoto.

      • Gina: Hi, I'm Gina Delfubio, I've really looked forward to meeting you Charles.
        Herman: So have I Charles.

      • Herman: I'm looking for a wimp named Charles.
        Buddy: Oh, well, you must have the wrong house, the wimps live two blocks over.

      • Ellen: I remember once when I was feeling insecure and inferior, I sat down and I wrote everything about myself that I liked.
        Sarah: Was that when you were my age?
        Ellen: No, it was last Thursday.

      • Charles: Why don't you sit down with Kevin and talk it out, who knows maybe you'll find you have something in common.
        Adam: We do have something in common, we both hate each other.

      • Ellen: Hi, Charles? How was your day?
        Charles: Oh, it was great, just a couple of small problems, Kevin Holloway pummeled Adam with eggs and, uh, Mr. Powell's giving Adam war lessons now.
        Ellen: Eggs! War lessons! Anything else, Charles?
        Charles: Uh, Sarah's acting a little strange.
        Ellen: How strange?
        Charles: Well, the last thing she said was "Men are animals".
        Ellen: Good, then she's not totally irrational.

      • Sarah: I don't believe what I'm hearing, you're judging a woman by totally physical standards, a great poet once said "Beauty is only skin deep".
        Buddy: Actually, we hadn't planned on going much deeper than that.

      • Walter: What have you two done to my grandson?
        Charles: It was more than action sir
        Walter: Gunshot sailor?
        Charles: Eggshot, sir.

      • Buddy: Why's he slimy?
        Charles: He jumped in front of a speeding egg.
        Buddy: Oh, welcome to the real world Adam.

      • Jamie: Mom, if you came to cheer Sarah up you are wasting your time.
        Ellen: Well, Why would I wanna do something like that. (looking at Sarah lying on her bed) She looks okay to me I think the embalmer did a nice job.

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