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Charles in Charge

Season 3 Episode 18

Five Easy Pizzas

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1988 on
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Episode Summary

Charles (SCOTT BAIO) calms Lillian's (ELLEN TRAVOLTA) fears about an upcoming trip out of town, saying that he's more than able to manage the pizza parlor himself, even though she's just hired a new chef, Dine (VITO SCOTTI). What he doesn't mention is that an important food critic is to pay a visit. Onthe appointed night Charles rounds up the entire Powell family to fill the parlor and things go well until Buddy, intent on giving Dino "cooking tips," drives the temperamental chef to quit. The supply of pizzas runs low and as Charles tries to guess who is the mysterious "Roving Gourmet," he valiantly hops from table to table trying to save the last slice of good pizza for the critic. When the review comes out, Charles is relieved to learn the critic not only loved the pizza but also enjoyed the Marx brothers—style floor show. The good review even lures Dino back. . .with a raise, of course.moreless

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    Josie Davis

    Josie Davis

    Sara Powell (1987-1990)

    Scott Baio

    Scott Baio


    Ellen Travolta

    Ellen Travolta

    Lillian (1987-1990)

    Willie Aames

    Willie Aames

    Buddy Lembeck

    James Callahan

    James Callahan

    Walter Powell (1987-1990)

    Sandra Kerns

    Sandra Kerns

    Ellen Powell (1987-1990)

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      • Charles: You nuts, my mom put me in charge of this place and I am flunking, Buddy I have the only Pizza Parlor in town that has no pizza.
        Buddy: Well, so far the customers see satisfied.
        Charles: It's like talking to lint.

      • Charles: The entire future if Sid's rests in the mouths of people I've never even heard of.
        Buddy: Charles, they won't all be people that we've never heard of, the roving gourmet will be there and we heard of him.
        Charles: Buddy, you know what there are splinters in the windmills of your mind.

      • Charles: I just invite the little tyke to come to Sid's Pizza Parlor tonight, how'd you like to come along too?
        Walter: Well, thank you Charles but I'd really rather have my nose bitten off by a wolverine.

      • Dino: Charles, come here, is he alright?
        Charles: Oh, well Buddy's just uh... how can I put this he's whimsical, he's quick-sodded, theorial.
        Dino: Just give to me one syllable.
        Charles: He's nuts.
        Dino: Thanks.

      • Buddy: Charles, Charles I have some bad news.
        Charles: What, No, No Buddy my mom's here please remember what I told you everything is perfect there is no bad news.
        Buddy: Oh, okay Charles I have some good news your mother's about to lose her business and be sent to a home for impoverished widows.
        Charles: Do you have an embezzler in your memory bank Buddy?

      • Charles: Mom, why don't you just come out and say it, you don't trust me to run Sid's Pizza Parlor while your gone.
        Lillian: I don't trust you to run Sid's Pizza Parlor while I'm gone.

      • Charles: I am fine, stop worrying about me, how do you think I lived before you move here.
        Lillian: Like an animal.

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