Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 10

Friends And Lovers

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1984 on
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Charles and Gwendolyn decide that college itself puts enough pressure on them and they do not need the additional ones of a serious relationship. There will be plenty of time for that once they have graduated. Charles explains to Stan and Jill Pembroke that, since they are so secure in their relationship, it will only help them appreciate each other more if they go out with other people. Then Gwendolyn has to cut her chemistry studying time with Charles short because she has been asked out on a date that evening. Charles begins fighting the first symptoms of a very serious jealousy attack. Enters Buddy who wants to help his friend overcome his sorrows and doubts, but the young ladies they meet at a gathering of foreign students do not seem to fill the gap Gwendolyn has left in Charles' life. Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke also offer good and sound advice, but nothing helps much. Charles and Gwendolyn realize how much they care for each other and promise to remain friends forever.moreless

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  • Things are not looking very positive for Charles and Gwendolyn as they decide that exclusive dating at their age may not be in their best interests.

    Charles and Gwendolyn are both under a great deal of pressure as college students and decide that an exclusive relationship adds to that even more. It is difficult for them both, but they agree that dating other people whilse still remaining best friends is the way to go.

    Charles is fine with all of this and feels very grown up and mature until he finds out that Gwendolyn has a date with another guy and the old green-eyed monster rears it's ugly head immediately. Buddy, feeling sorry for his friend, arranges for them both to attend a gathering of foreign students but this is unsuccessful and only makes Charles feel worse.

    Finally, Charles and Gwendolyn have a heart to heart talk and realise that it's their overall friendship which matters the most and that, they will always have.moreless

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    • Stan: Okay, that's it, it's up.
      Lila: Finally.
      Jill: Only 2½ hours, a new Pembroke record.

    • Buddy: Hey...sugar mama, you and me hot tub, See? Nothing, Where are you from sweetcakes? Finland? Czechoslavakia?
      Woman: London.

    • Stan: Did you and Gwendolyn work everything out?
      Charles: Everything is worked out, and I'm ready to take on the world
      (doorbell chimes).
      Buddy: Why good evening Mr. Pembroke, and may I say what a pleasure it is too see you again, Sir.
      Stan:'s the world.

    • Jill: Good night, Douglas.
      Douglas: You can't see me. I'm invisible.

    • Jill: Oh, really, Charles, you plan on doing some prowling tonight?
      Charles: Yes, I owe it to Gwendolyn to prowl my heart out.

    • Buddy: You know Charles, tonight happens to be the meeting of the female foreign exchange students, we can start with the girls who don't speak english
      Charles: Why?
      Buddy: Because we can say anything we want to them and they won't understand us, and because we won't understand them when they tell us no.
      Charles: Buddy, "you filthy pig" sounds the same in any language.

    • Charles: You mean you understand that Gwendolyn and I are doing the mature and sensible thing?
      Buddy: No, I understand that Charles and I are free to go down to the student union and meet women our mother's would be ashamed of.

    • Charles: Don't move.
      Gwendolyn: Why?
      Charles: I'm on the verge of a scientific breakthrough.

    • Jason: Douglas, Douglas, I love you like a brother, but don't do anything to embarrass... (looks at what Douglas is wearing) forget it

    • Gwendolyn: Charles, I had realized that we've been going much too fast, much to soon.
      Charles: You know you get too hot too fast, you'll burn up.
      Stan: Would you like us to hose you down?

    • Charles: Mrs. Pembroke, Mr. Pembroke, Hi,?
      Gwendolyn: Hi,!
      Charles: Gwendolyn and I have an important announcement.
      Stan and Jill: You're too young.

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