Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 15

Jill's Decision

Aired Unknown Jan 23, 1985 on
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Charles has a million things to do before he meets Michelle Harris for coffee at the Lamplight. He hopes she will agree to have dinner with him soon -- maybe that night? Since Jill is suddenly called oh a special assignment that goes with the promotion to arts and fashion editor, Charles has to watch the children for the rest of the day. That means he will not be able to take Michelle out to dinner, but Buddy comes up with an excellent suggestion -- Buddy will pick up the seafood dinner at the restaurant, and Charles and Michelle can have an intimate dinner at home. Easier said than done - Jason is in a school play and has a problem with laughing when he comes to a certain line. Lila needs lessons in throwing a good softball - that is, not throwing like a girl. Douglas is invited to a party and just has to know how to dance. He doesn't want to look like a jerk. When Charles and Michelle finally sit down to dinner in the kitchen, the children come in and interrupt them. Charles apologizes to Michelle and tells her that it was not planned that way, but she explains that she loves it. She comes from a large family, and she is really having a wonderful time. When Jill and Stan come home, Jill announces that she has made a decision - she wanted the promotion alright but not at the expense of missing out on spending precious time with her family. Promotion and added responsibilities can wait until her children are older and don't need her as much.moreless

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  • Jill is promoted to Arts and Fashion Editor at the newspaper where she works and Charles is trying to arrange a dinner date with a beautiful girl.

    Jill has an important assignment for the newspaper and cannot miss it as it is connected with her recent promotion to Arts and Fashion Editor at the paper. This means that Charles won't be able to take the lovely Michelle Harris out to dinner, and he is very disappointed.

    Buddy comes up with the excellent suggestion of having a take-out dinner at the Pembroke house and that seems perfect except for the fact that the children simply won't behave and be quiet.

    Charles is very worried that Michelle will be totally put off by the children, but he is delighted when he finds that the reverse is true. Michelle it seems comes from a large family and having so much noise etc. in the house is very familiar to her. Meanwhile, Jill decides to give up the promotion and stay with her previous position at the newspaper because she doesn't want to miss out on being with her kids during their formative years.

    Try though I might, I can't find much to recommend this one but there are a couple of laughs here and there.moreless

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    • Douglas: Will you teach me how to dance?
      Stan: Well, Douglas, I'm not that good.
      Douglas: Come on, "Feets" we know all about you.

    • Buddy: Charles, I hit the mother load! Brittany Hampton III.
      Charles: You got your computer date already?
      Buddy: This is not just a date, Charles, this is a beautiful woman with Roman numerals after her name, they might as well be dollar signs.

    • Charles: Hey, slugger! Boy it looks like you had a rough game?
      Lila: The coach says there's only two things keeping me from becoming a great softball player.
      Charles: Oh, that's good.
      Lila: I can't throw and I can't catch.

    • Michelle: Oh, but, look I'd really like to go with you, couldn't we say in three weeks.
      Charles: Well, I'm kinda hungry, I don't think I can wait that long.

    • Charles: Jason?
      Jason: Nothing, thank you, I'm not hungry.
      Charles: Douglas?
      Douglas: Nothing, thank you, I'm not hungry.
      Charles: Oh, come on have a little something.
      Jason: O.k. I'll have a steak.
      Douglas: Me, too.

    • Jason: Come on, Douglas, we can play G.I. Joe.
      Douglas: I want to learn how to dance?
      Jason: O.K., we can play G.I. Joe goes on Soul Train.

    • Jill: (to Jason) Is that from the play, or did you grow it?

    • Jason: Charles, guess who I am for the school play?
      Charles: Uh, one of the Smith Brothers.

    • Buddy: I figure if you answer the questions the right way, you can end up with some girl that's incredibly rich and beautiful.
      Charles: Right? A woman so rich and so beautiful that the only way she could get a man was to resort to computer dating.
      Buddy: That's what I'm praying for.

    • Charles: I've got to wax this floor, then I've got to do the grocery shopping, take the clothes to the cleaners by 10:30, go on a date and get back here by 12:00
      Buddy: Who died and made you Cinderella.

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