Charles in Charge

Season 5 Episode 21

La Cage Aux Fools

Aired Unknown Jun 28, 1990 on



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    • Charles: Professor you cannot keep us in here this is insane.
      Stanley: Charles, I was released from a psychiatric hospital, I have papers to prove that I'm sane, can you say that.
      Buddy: He's got us there Charles.

    • Sarah: At least Charles is doing something worthwhile.
      Jamie: No, Sarah, taking us to a movie is worthwhile, standing around in a cage is something a monkey could do.

    • Christine: I'm Christine Coolidge, Channel 3 News? Who are you?
      Stanley: Nobody, I'm not even here.

    • Charles: Do you have a cage?
      Buddy: No?
      Charles: You should.

    • Lillian: Hiya, Sarah? I have to take your measurements?
      Sarah: You better measure him for a cage Aunt Lillian.
      Lillian: I don't knit cages, only sweaters.

    • Charles: Last time I saw you, you were in a psychiatric hospital?
      Stanley: That's terribly funny, I only went there to rest Charles, I've been under a lot of pressure, I was tired, I was overworked.
      Charles: I understand.
      Stanley: Plus I've been getting a lot of very bad advice from my cocker spaniel.

    • Charles: You go get tickets to the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I'll go look for animals down at Copeland College, okay.
      Buddy: Well, okay, but the animals are going to have to get their own tickets, I'm not a magician you know.

    • Charles: Oh, good Buddy your off your head?
      Walter: No, No, No, Charles, he's out of his head, he's off his rocker.

    • Charles: Buddy, unlock us.
      Buddy: With what? You have the key.
      Charles: Why would I have the key? It's your lock.
      Buddy: I provided the lock. The least you could do is provide the key.
      Charles: When you buy a lock a key is supposed to come with it.
      Buddy: Not if the lock is on sale.
      Charles: Buddy, a lock without a key is worthless.
      Buddy: It's worth more than a key without a lock.
      Charles: Not to us. We'd much rather have a key.
      Buddy: Then you should have bought one. I can't do everything Charles.
      Charles: Wrong, you can't do ANYTHING!!!

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