Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 9

Ladies' Night Out

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1989 on
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Jamie(Nicole Eggert)and Sarah(Josie Davis)plan to go to Club Dread, but when Charles(Scott Baio)and Buddy(Willie Aames)catch Jamie getting ready he says no way, when Walter(James Callahan) gets wind of their plan, he says you'll go to that club over my dead body, when Adam(Alexander Polinksy) figures out the they plan to sneak out of the house, Charles and Buddy plan to catch them in the act, by waiting for them to make the first move, they eventually catch them but the had already snuck out their bedroom window, they return to their room, having a prowler in the area Walter, so the Police pick up Charles and Buddy by mistake, and the next day Jamie, Sarah and Adam apologize for what they did.moreless

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      • Buddy: Mr. Powell it's me Buddy
        Walter: I don't care, What were you doing outside?
        Buddy: Well, first I was running like a scared rabbit and then I was getting caught and then I was getting handcuffed
        Walter: Oh, let him go officer he's not a prowler he's an idiot
        Buddy: See, he recognized me

      • Buddy: Hi, Mr. Powell
        Policeman: You know this guy
        Walter: I've never seen him before in my life
        Policeman: He just called you Mr. Powell
        Walter: Lucky guess

      • Buddy: Ah, Charles, I'm tired of running all over the house playing cat and mouse, can't we play another game like Mr. Potato Head
        Charles: Buddy, Mr. Potato Head is not a game, it's your life

      • Charles: Jamie, never gives in that easily Buddy, we have a major problem here Jamie's is gonna break out tonight
        Buddy: Yeah, well too much makeup will do that
        Charles: Your getting worse you know that

      • Walter: Well, I'm off just remember Charles you are in charge, and if anything goes wrong your in trouble

      • Walter: Your insane Lembeck, you know you can get in a lot of trouble making a date with three women at the same time
        Buddy: Oh, don't worry Mr. Powell with my luck only two of them will show up

      • Charles: Hey, Where's Jamie?
        Buddy: Oh, there she is Charles, she's either vacuuming with her mouth or she's been run over by a bed

      • Sarah: I really don't know why your going to all this trouble Jamie?
        Jamie: Well, you should be doing it to, where's your sense of adventure?
        Sarah: My sense of adventure doesn't include clogging my pores

      • Jamie: Is this cool or what?
        Sarah: It's cool if you have a date with Satan

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