Charles in Charge

Season 2 Episode 25

Lillian Putts a Round

Aired Unknown Oct 17, 1987 on



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    • Buddy: Charles, just think you wanted your mother to go out and meet new people so that you can have your freedom, instead your locked in a prison cell of worried out and despair, now don't you find that ironic.
      Charles: You know what I find ironic, inside the head of a gerbil there's a brain the size of a walnut, inside your head there's a walnut the size of a brain.
      Buddy: Oh, yeah well at least I'm not waiting up all night for my mommy to come home.

    • Lillian: Leaky fountain pen?
      Walter: No, drippy College student.

    • Buddy: Oh, Mr. Powell I want to demonstrate a little item that will cause your problems to vanish in an instant.
      Walter: Have you got something that'll make an idiot disappear.

    • Buddy: I thought we could rent a movie and bring 'em over here.
      Charles: No way, it's too embarrassing to watch a film with my mother in the house.
      Buddy: Why?
      Charles: She covers my eyes during the love scenes.

    • Jamie: If I were you I would take my vitamins and drink my orange juice you know just in case, she's not joking.
      Adam: Yeah, you don't want to get a spanking doodlebug.

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