Charles in Charge

Season 5 Episode 20

Lost Resort

Aired Unknown Jun 14, 1990 on



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    • Charles: So, Adam, my young friend, Hawaii is everything that is good about nature, you know what I mean?
      Adam: Yeah, you mean you met some pretty hot babes over there right?
      Charles: You got it.

    • Charles: It's amazing how much you look like Buddy.
      Dudley: Really? We didn't look at all alike 15 years ago, we were much younger and shorter.
      Charles: Uh-huh? Your definitely Buddy's cousin.

    • Karl: Some maniac is climbing up the side of the building?
      Dudley: Um, that's not a maniac sir, that's a human fly.
      Karl: Then I'll call a SWAT team.

    • Dudley: Quit being such a baby! If I jumped every time a woman turned me down, I'd be a kangaroo by now.

    • Charles: You know it's amazing, if you had darker or fewer brains, you'd look just like Buddy.
      Dudley: Thanks!

    • Dudley: Mitchell, Mitchell, we've died and gone to heaven?
      Mitchell: No, Dudley, we've lived and gone to hell.

    • Buddy: She's a whatcha call it, one of those people that likes to explore caverns.
      Charles: Splonker?
      Buddy: Not yet? But I'm hoping too once I get her in the cave.

    • Charles: Buddy's here? Hey maybe he'd like to go to Hawaii?
      Walter: Why not? He'd fit right in with the rest of the coconuts.

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