Charles in Charge

Season 2 Episode 15

Mama Mia

Aired Unknown Apr 18, 1987 on
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Just when things are going real smoothly for Charles (SCOTT BAIO) — — zowie, his mother, Lillian (ELLEN TRAVOLTA), comes to town for a brief - or maybe not so brief - visit. That's good, and it's not so good. Every son loves to see his mother, and Charles is no exception, except Charles' mom won't let him grow up. He's a dutiful son and appreciates her loving intervention, especially when she offers to baby-sit the Powell kids so he can go to a party. But the sparks fly when Charles gets home and Walter Powell (JAMES CALLAHAN) is beside himself because he saw his three grandchildren coming out of a violence—ridden film he had strictly forbidden them to see. Charles knows it's his mom who's guilty, but since she was standing in for him, he takes the blame. Needless to say, there are some hard feelings between Charles and his mom, Lillian, Lillian and Walter, and Walter and Charles, but in the end everything gets worked out, and Charles, (or is it his mom,) is back in charge.moreless

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      • (Sarah, Adam and Jamie want to see a R rated Movie)
        Sarah: Charles did you see "The Animal".
        Charles: You mean Adam, yeah he's playing in the front yard.
        Jamie: No not Adam, the movie "The Animal".
        Charles: Yeah, I saw it last week
        Ellen: Was it educational?
        Charles: Well it could be if you wanna learn how to use a chainsaw on your friends.

      • Lillian: Oh, hello you must be Ellen what a pretty lady.
        Ellen: Oh well thank you and obviously you...
        Lillian: Just call me Lillian, you must be Wally.
        Walter: Just call me Walter.

      • Lillian: (squeezing Charles cheeks) Is this a face, huh?

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      • This marks Ellen Travolta's first appearance as the mother of Charles.
        She also played Chachi's (Scott Baio's) mother on Happy Days.

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