Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 22

Meet Grandpa

Aired Unknown Apr 03, 1985 on
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As usual, the Pembroke house is buzzing with activity. Charles and Buddy are trying very hard to find themselves summer jobs and are ecstatic when their summer job applications are accepted by a hotel at a summer resort in Pennsylvania. Jason, in the meantime, is brought home by his parents after undergoing knee surgery. At the hospital all he did was watch soap operas, which now affects his life in a very dramatic way. Douglas is trying to change his image of "skinny kid" by putting on some weight and is eating everything in sight. And, in the middle of all this coming and leaving, Jill's father "drops in" from Alaska, announcing to everyone that he is thinking of retirement, and for some reason he is having a very difficult time recognizing all the children in the Pembroke household.moreless

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  • Life is more frantic than usual in the Pembroke household and is made more so by the arrival of Jill's father, whom she hasn't seen for nearly a decade.

    The amount of activity in the Pembroke household seems to be increasing. Charles and Buddy are heading off to Pennsylvania to take summer jobs at a resort and Jason has just come home from the hospital after painful knee surgery with a flair for the dramatic after watching too many soap operas! At the same time, the normally food-conscious Douglas is eating everything in sight as he wants to add weight to his skinny physique in order to 'build muscle'.

    With all of this going on, the arrival of Jill's father, Harry, (Dick O' Neill) whom she hasn't seen for close on ten years, startles everyone, but nobody more so than Jill herself. He has been working in Alaska and has lost touch with his daughter and her family, getting everyone's names and identities mixed up and being sad that he hasn't seen more of the kids as they were growing up.

    There are plenty of laughs to be had in this last episode to feature the Pembroke family and it's one not to be missed because come Season 2, we have the same old Charles but a whole new bunch of kids for him to take care of.moreless

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    • Harry: Come on.
      Gwendolyn: Excuse me?
      Harry: Everybody hugs but this one.
      Buddy: Gwendolyn, your reputation follows you everywhere.

    • Charles: I don't think it's realistic for you to believe that you and Gwendolyn can be boyfriend and girlfriend.
      Jason: Too tall?

    • Lila: I've got to find a summer job.
      Charles: Lila, you should be here for your brother, he just had knee surgery Wednesday and he's coming home today, I'll tell you something that boy is a miracle of modern medicine.
      Lila: I thought Gonzo and Trapper John was the miracle of modern medicine.

    • Jason: Just let me watch The Young and the Restless. It's horrible Brent's back on the bottle and he told Ashley that John isn't really her father he is.
      Jill and Gwendolyn: Ah!
      Gwendolyn: Do you see what happens when you don't watch for six months you miss something?

    • Jill: Which job are you going on now?
      Lila: Salesperson at my favorite boutique "Hot Rags".
      Jill: Oh, that makes sense you spend enough time there.
      Lila: Yeah, and if I work really hard there I should be able to get most of my things out of layaway.

    • Douglas: Please don't make me go, I won't fit in with the other kids there.
      Jason: You don't fit in with the kids here.

    • Harry: Douglas, it's me Grandpa.
      Charles: Oh, boy, I'm sorry, I'm not Douglas.
      Harry: You're not Douglas, what'd you kiss me for?

    • Jason: What a woman, she gives me a temperature.

    • Stan: Hi, Harry.
      Harry: (to Jill) Oh, you stayed with him, huh?

    • Jason: Do you know what they do to a horse with a knee like mine?
      Charles: Your a little too young to be put out to stud.
      Jason: They're gonna make glue out of me.
      Charles: You're crazy.
      Jason: Then they'll make crazy glue out of me.

    • Jason: Oh, it's so good to be home, I thought I'd never see this house again.
      Lila: It's still early don't push it.

    • Douglas: Did you bring me any candy?
      Harry: Is that all you remember your Grandpa for, bringing candy?
      Douglas: I also remember your harmonica, but right now I need the calories.

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