Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 14

Mr. President

Aired Unknown Jan 16, 1985 on
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Charles can't find anything wrong with having a little fun in college, but Gwendolyn has a different opinion. She feels that whoever becomes class president will have an effect on campus life for the rest of the year! Why should Elliot Pembroke be able to turn college into a "fun—'til—you—drop" circus? Gwendolyn urges Charles to run for president against the fun-loving Elliot because he is running unopposed. Furthermore, the person running for office should be bright, caring, and responsible -- like Charles! With elections only a few days away, he agrees to run and challenges Elliot to a debate. When he loses, he follows the good advice from Stan and Jill to organize his campaign. Charles invites the opinion makers - the movers and shakers - to the house for a meeting, to listen to problems and to address the issues. Gwendolyn becomes his campaign manager, and Buddy agrees to help. Finally, the election results are in, and the best person won. Charles happily offers congratulations to Gwendolyn, Madame President.moreless

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  • Gwendolyn wants Charles to run for class President but he is not sure if he wants to have so much responsibility.

    Elliot Pembroke is back again and this time he's running unopposed for Class President at Copeland College. Gwendolyn is furious that a person such as Elliot who believes only in fun, games and no responsibility is going to be elected and convinces Charles, who is somewhat reluctant, to run against him. The two go head to head in a debate, which Charles loses and he thinks the election itself is lost until Stan and Jill tell him that he should have a more strategically organised campaign.

    A gathering on the campus 'Who's Who' at the Pembroke house gives Charles a chance to tell them why he should be the person they vote for. Gwendolyn is very helpful with questions and answers and when the results are announced, Charles is delighted that the diligent and popular Gwendolyn has beaten Elliot and will be Class President herself!

    Quite dull in my opinion, but Jennifer Runyon and Scott Baio provide some very good comedic moments.moreless
Jerry Levine

Jerry Levine

Elliot Pembroke

Guest Star

Brian Robbins

Brian Robbins

Todd Baldwin

Guest Star

Vincent Barbour

Vincent Barbour

Tony Abruzzi

Guest Star

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    • Jason: When things go wrong you should smile, because life's too good to go through it upset.
      Charles: That is very smart advice Jason, and you know what I think I'll follow it.
      Jason: I'm glad because I think I broke your stereo.

    • (Charles and Gwendolyn waiting for the results)
      Gwendolyn: Charles, if we don't stop pacing on this carpet, one of us is going to get electrocuted.

    • Charles: I don't think you should be wasting our money on things like trips to Atlantic City.
      Elliot: A trip to Atlantic City is very educational Charles, we can study the sea, the sand and the casinos.

    • Douglas: Charles, congratulate me, the music's working, Chuck and Di are dancing.
      Charles: Who's Chuck and Di?
      Douglas: The frogs, I figured if I could get them on a first name basis, it might help them get started
      Charles: Good thinking, Douglas
      Douglas: Finally... I'm going to be a frog uncle.

    • Gwendolyn: That Charles, he is so dedicated, there is no crisis too small.
      Buddy: Not only that he loves pistachio ice cream.

    • Bradley: Well, I wonder why I can't even park in the library parking lot on the day of the game? They use it for crowd overflow.
      Tony: So, what's wrong with that? Who wants to be at the library on the day of a game anyway.

    • Jill: Elliot is running for freshman president.
      Stan: Well, he can't win.
      Buddy: Why not?
      Stan: Well, for one thing, he's 10 minutes slow.

    • Elliot: Drinks... are on me! (to Charles) Care to rebut?

    • Charles: You can't turn your back on your whole generation, Lila?
      Lila: Let them eat cake.

    • Charles: You of all people have to set an example.
      Gwendolyn: Why?
      Charles: Because you have the best student body there is.

    • Jason: Oh, Charles, I wish I went to your school.
      Gwendolyn: Jason, even you couldn't handle recess all the time.
      Jason: Try me.

    • Douglas: I don't know why their teaching me how frogs reproduce.
      Jason: Probably, because they know what kind of girl your gonna end up with.

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