Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 1

No Nukes, Is Good Nukes

Aired Unknown Dec 23, 1988 on
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Ellen(Sandra Kerns)gets a phone call from some man Buddy(Willie Aames)thinks that she has a boyfriend until he and Charles sees the two of them kissing in the kitchen, it turns out it was her husband Commander Robert Powell(James O'Sullivan), Jamie(Nicole Eggert) and Adam(Alexander Polinsky) are delighted to have their father home Charles(Scott Baio)wants to make a good impression on Commander Powell's visit, when Charles sees Sarah(Josie Davis)being arrested on the news for protesting her fathers ship, he does whatever he can to stop him from watching it on the 11:00 news, Sarah eventually tells her father that she does not like nuclear weapons, and admires her honesty, and he abolishes Charles for being a good influence on his children while he was away.moreless

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    • (Charles and Buddy try to prevent Walter from watching the news)
      Walter: I'm gonna watch the news right here.
      Buddy: Ah, you don't want to watch that Mr. Powell, I saw it, it was depressing.
      Charles: Oh, yeah you wouldn't believe how depressing sir it's fires and floods, robberies.
      Buddy: Protesters.
      Charles: Strangulations

    • Buddy: What if Commander Powell watches this TV?
      Charles: No way, Buddy if you'd been at sea for four months would you leave Mrs. Powell alone?
      Buddy: I'd have to her husband's home.
      Charles: It's like talking to toothpaste.

    • Ellen: I'm getting dinner started, so I could use a little help in the kitchen, follow me sailor and I'll let you peel my potatoes.
      Robert: I'll follow you anywhere.

    • Buddy: Trudy is an art major she can draw her own tattoos, What does she need you for?
      Charles: For those hard to reach places.

    • Charles: I also promised Trudy that I would help her with her costume for the campus carnival.
      Buddy: What costume? I thought you said she's going as the tattooed lady.
      Charles: She is.

    • Lillian: Charles sweetheart calm down Sarah's a big girl, she'll find her way home, unless she's been hit by a truck and is lying a gutter somewhere.
      Charles: How could you think of things like that?
      Lillian: I'm a mother (crash) and a restaurant owner excuse me.

    • Charles: Commander Powell is going to kill me, this is great there not here.
      Buddy: Who?
      Charles: Simon and Garfunkel, Who do you think Buddy? Sarah and Adam.

    • Robert: What time does Adam and Sarah get home?
      Ellen: They should be home now, Charles?
      Charles: They should be home now.
      Buddy: They should be home now.
      Robert: Why aren't they?
      Charles: Why aren't they?
      Buddy: Why aren't they?
      Jamie: Sometimes they drop off at the diner after school.
      Charles: Sometimes they drop off at the diner after school.
      Buddy: Sometimes they drop off at the diner after school.

    • Robert: Well, the good news is the Navy is trying to arrange permanent berthing for my ship at Staten Island.
      Buddy: Someone's birthing a ship? Ow.

    • Buddy: Charles, that was a man's voice on the phone now think about it Mrs. Powell sneaks to another phone, her husband's away in the Navy there could only be one answer Mrs. Powell's has a boyfriend.
      Charles: Buddy, tell me something do you have thought processes, or do these ideas fall through the hole in your brain and roll out of your mouth?
      Buddy: I don't know.

    • Buddy: Charles, I'm ready now I've absorbed the entire chapter, I have a mind like a sponge.
      Charles: No, you have a mind of a sponge.

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