Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1984 on
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Scott Baio stars as Charles, a nineteen-year-old college student and live-in family helper to three energetic children on the pilot episode of MCA TV International's "CHARLES IN CHARGE." The story was written by series producer Michael Jacobs and directed by Alan Rafkin. Jill and Stan Pembroke are a working couple whose uncertain schedules propel them into hiring a nineteen-year-old college student, Charles, to move in and help them with their three children: Lila 14; Douglas, 12; and Jason, 10. It appears Charles has the perfect arrangement while he attends school and does some growing of his own with the helpful advice of his best friend, Buddy Lembeck. Charles becomes ecstatic when his dream girl, Gwendolyn Pierce, a campus beauty, accepts a date with him. However, Jill and Stan have to go out for the night, leaving Charles in charge. Buddy comes up with the perfect solution -- invite Gwendolyn to spend the evening at home with him and the children. She accepts and sends Charles into a state of nervous euphoria. Charles specifically has to keep an eye on Lila who is helping her school heartthrob, Alexander Morgan, with his homework. Charles plans a quiet evening to impress Gwendolyn while he desperately tries to keep his three charges in line. Both Charles and Lila's dates go awry when Gwendolyn and Alexander feel they are being treated like objects...reputations...rather than people. It is up to Charles to convince Gwendolyn that his intentions are sincere and trustworthy.moreless

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    • Buddy: When God made Gwendolyn Pierce, that's when he knew he was God.

    • Jill: Listen, Charles, why don't you just invite her over here?
      Charles: Here? But what about the children? They'll see her, they'll know.
      Jill: The children know everything Charles, we have cable TV.

    • Buddy: I'm Charles' friend?
      Jill: Yes, your the one Lila calls, wait a minute what is it?
      Buddy: And because I'm Charles' friend I have a responsibility to tell you he has a date tonight?
      Jill: Goon Machine, that's it.

    • Charles: Look, I'm having a friend over okay, and she's a lady.
      Douglas: What?
      Jason: Female carbon unit.

    • Douglas: Caveman!
      Jason: Space mutant!
      Douglas: Brutal beast!
      Jason: Adopted!
      Douglas: Charles!
      Charles: You weren't adopted.
      Jason: Then they made a mistake at the hospital.

    • Jill: I want you guys on your best behavior tonight? Any questions?
      Jason: Yeah, Mom, when Douglas was born was the circus in town?

    • Gwendolyn: You kissed me!
      Charles: Yeah, and you kissed me back.
      Gwendolyn: Oh, friendly, I kissed you friendly, Charles you meant your kiss.
      Charles: Well, yeah I meant my kiss, I always mean my kiss, well except for an Aunt I have who didn't believe in electrolysis, she's dead now and I've always felt badly about it.

    • Charles: Hi...hello...hi, simple as that.
      Gwendolyn: Hello, Charles.
      Charles: Hi...hello...hi, simple as that.

    • Buddy: So, where are you taking her tonight?
      Charles: Well, I thought we'd start off with an intimate dinner at some cozy little out of the way.
      Buddy: (makes buzzer sound) Hey, out of the way is were you go when your Aunt Harriet fixes you up with something from the plant world.

    • Lila: Charles!
      Charles: Lila!
      Lila: Alexander Morgan.
      Buddy: No, Buddy Lembeck.
      Lila: Not you, Goon Machine.

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