Charles in Charge

Season 2 Episode 9

Pizza Parlor Protest

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1987 on
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Episode Summary

Sid's Pizza Parlor, that wondrous emporium that provides Charles (Scott Baio) a nourishing home away from home, in "Charles in Charge," is under attack. It seems the college owns the land the hang—out stands on, and they are reclaiming it for a parking lot. This means Charles' favorite meeting place for dates and other occasions is about to be banished, forever. Charles turns to his adoptive family, the Powells, for assistance. Jamie (Nicole Eggert) is studying amateur psychiatry and Sarah (Josie Davis) is studying amateur journalism for a school project, so they feel there is deeper meaning, and a lot of unrevealed facts to this whole dilemma. Buddy (Willie Aames) thinks it's a plot, but he's not sure whose. Walter Powell (James Callahan) thinks they all ought to improve their diet by eating on board ship. . . any ship. So in true motherly fashion, Ellen Powell gets out the placards and begins writing protest legends on them. Charles being Charles, however, confronts the head of the board, Mr. Bartlett, played in snarling brilliance by James Karen, at the pizza parlor. In true Charles fashion, the truth comes out, and Charles saves the day and saves Sid's. The laughs always have a bite in them when it's "Charles In Charge."moreless

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    • Charles: I want you to get into Laurie Adams' files?
      Buddy: I'd love to.

    • Jamie: What deep psychological reason did he have for going down to Sid's when he knew it was already over?
      Adam: Maybe he hates pizza? Maybe he hates me?

    • Jamie: Light.
      Sarah: Dark.
      Jamie: Window.
      Sarah: Pane.
      Jamie: Sister.
      Sarah: Pain.

    • Charles: Where's the Hawaiian band?
      Buddy: Look don't worry Charles, it's in the bag.
      Charles: Good, what time are they gonna be here?
      Buddy: They are here, the Hawaiian band is in the bag.
      Charles: What did they like dehydrate on the trip over?

    • Buddy: Charles, eating is how mother nature keeps us from dying. I didn't invent it, I just perfected it

    • Buddy: This is such an injustice, such a travesty, such a uh, what's the technical word Charles?
      Charles: Bummer.

    • Ellen: Are you two still at it? How long does it take to play one game of chess?
      Walter: Ellen, this is very complicated you have to remember every detail.
      Ellen: Whose move is it?
      Walter: Well, that's the detail we're trying to remember.

    • Charles: You know when I come to Sid's, I feel like a king and this is my castle.
      Buddy: Don't look now king, but a knight just took your queen.

    • Buddy: What they can't do that your father owns this property.
      Sid: No, he leases it from the college.
      Buddy: That's what I said they can't do that your father leases this property.

    • Buddy: It's the wrong side turn it over.
      Charles: 555-0927 Yeah, Buddy, I've seen numbers before I'm not thrilled.

    • Charles: I'll call every girl I know.
      Buddy: Me too.
      Charles: Don't bother she's probably busy tonight.

    • Walter: Adam they're not tearing down the Pentagon, it's just another pizza parlor.
      Buddy: Really, is Everest just another Mountain, is the Nile just another river, is the Taj just another Mahal.
      Walter: What are you just another lunatic, where not talking about life and death, where talking pepperoni and cheese.

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