Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 17

Poetic License

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 1989 on
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Jamie(Nicole Eggert)needs a float for a parade, so Adam(Alexander Polinsky)builds a six-foot paper mache Dinosaur in the middle of the living room, Walter(James Callahan)protests and wants the thing Charles(Scott Baio)to get rid of it, Charles and Buddy(Willie Aames)get invited to a Poetry Seminar, needing a poem to get in he borrows one of Sarah's(Josie Davis)after he reads it to everyone, Luanne(Judie Aronson)publishes it in her magazine much to Sarah's chagrin, when she learns that her poem was published in Charles's name, she gets mad at Charles, her teacher thinks she copied it from the magazine, she flunked and got suspended from school, so it's up to Charles to fix things, so he decides to tell Sarah's teacher Mr. Worley(Graham Jarvis)and asks him to come over and everything will be straightened out, he tells Luanne the truth and offers Sarah to print her poetry in her magazine, and still goes out with Charles because she chose him not because he can write poetry.moreless

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      • Mr. Werley: Charles, this better not be a wild goose chase?
        Charles: It's not Sir, I'm gonna prove to you that Sarah wrote that poem
        Mr. Werley: No, I mean about the wood, it better be Red Wood

      • Charles: Look, Mr. Werley I know you wouldn't want to make a mistake by-by destroying a young girl's faith in humanity
        Mr. Werley: You're right I wouldn't, but if it works out that way I guess I could live with it

      • Charles: About the poem, you see I borrowed it from Sarah to impress a girl you know, and it got published under my name
        Mr. Werley: That was pretty selfish Charles?
        Charles: I know
        Mr. Werley: If you really wanted to impress this woman you should've made her a nice maple magazine rack

      • Charles: Uh, Sarah, listen I'm leaving now and I'm gonna take care of your teacher okay?
        Sarah: What about Luanne? Aren't you gonna take care of her too?
        Charles: I'm certainly gonna try

      • Luanne: Charles, Who was that?
        Charles: Uh, that was Sarah, she lives upstairs, she's very emotional, every once in a while she likes to come down here and hit me with a magazine and call me names

      • Walter: Charles, get this reptile out of my living room? And when he's gone get rid of the dinosaur

      • Adam: Jamie, you wanna help me outta here?
        Jamie: No?

      • Buddy: Now, relax Sarah? Your journal is apart of a dinosaur, it isn't lost, it's extinct

      • Charles: Buddy, Buddy guess what? I saw her again today, we were both in the library and our eyes met
        Buddy: Good, now maybe next time the rest of your bodies can meet

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