Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 16

Pressure from Grandma

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1985 on
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Charles is in charge of the Pembroke children when their parents are off on a week's vacation in Jamaica, their first one without the kids. Grandma Irene also arrives to help take care of things. She brings with her a very innovative sample of merchandise, a new kind of pizza, which she plans to launch with Charles' assistance. The offer she makes him is very tempting and Charles almost accepts it but backs out in the end, realizing that he does not need a new job. He has one already that brings him enough money to go to school, which is really all he wants. Grandma Irene decides that it would give her more privacy if she moved into an apartment close by and that she also is more than capable to handle her new pizza-selling campaign by herself.moreless

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  • Stan and Jill are away in Jamaica for a vacation and Charles - with help from Grandma Irene - is left to take care of the children.

    Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke have never had a vacation alone since they were married so they are delighted to be able to get away for a week, leaving Charles in charge of taking care of the house and the kids.

    Stan's mother, Irene, comes along to stay and assist Charles and while there, she tells him about a brand new business venture she is interested in which involves a whole new era in pizza! The idea is a very good one and with help from Charles's contacts in the 'pizza' world, Irene realises that she definitely has a winner on her hands.

    Charles is pleased that he has been able to help her but is extremely surprised when she compliments him on his efforts AND asks him to help her out in the new venture. Naturally, Charles is very tempted. It means a lot more money and it's an area in which he is very interested; pizza eating! However, he declines when he realises that he really has everything he wants already; a nice home, a job he loves and enough money to get through college.

    This is a fun episode and there is great acting chemistry between Rue McClanahan and Scott Baio in her returning role as Irene Pembroke.moreless
Rue McClanahan

Rue McClanahan

Irene Pembroke

Guest Star

Raymond Singer

Raymond Singer

Frankie, Lamplight Manager

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Vincent Bufano

Vincent Bufano


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    • Stan: Jill, what do you have in here? We're only going away for a week.
      Jill: Just my bathing suit and the usual potpourri.
      Stan: What is that French for bricks?

    • Charles: I'm taking Mr. Pembroke's mother to the lamplight
      Buddy: Charles, I'm all fore going out with older women, but choosing a grandmother over a stewardess, tsk, tsk, tsk.

    • Douglas: You sure you don't want to buy a candy bar before you leave?
      Stan: Okay, Douglas, I'll take one.
      Douglas: That'll be a dollar?
      Stan: I've only got a 10.
      Douglas: That makes you my best customer.

    • Gwendolyn: Charles, have you noticed the lines?
      Charles: By your eyes
      Gwendolyn: What lines by my eyes?

    • Irene: I didn't recognize you without your mask?
      Douglas: I don't wear it all the time, it makes the neighbors nervous.

    • Jason: A boy my age shouldn't be sweeping kitchens, he should be learning and playing and going on vacation with his parents.
      Jill: Honey, this isn't a vacation? It's a business trip.
      Jason: To Jamaica? I get A's in geography Mom I know what the weather is like down there.

    • Irene: Charles, I have something in this envelope that could make your life easier than you ever imagined.
      Charles: You have the answers to my next week's chemistry test.

    • Jason: (to the plant on the table) Alright, you herbivorous hombre, put up your leaves and keep them up, Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Aah! You got me, you sidewinding weed.

    • Irene: You know I don't think you realize what we have here, this could be the next fast food craze, it could be bigger the McNuggets, bigger than McWeenies, bigger than Mc...anything

    • Douglas: Wanna come with me Jason, it'll be fun.
      Jason: How could selling candy be fun?
      Douglas: You can help me make up names for people who slam doors in my face.

    • Lila: What are you cooking?
      Charles: Fried chicken.
      Lila: You're frying chicken?
      Charles: No, I'm buying chicken.

    • Irene: Was he always this good a salesman?
      Jason: This is nothing, wait until he makes you think taking out the garbage is fun.

    • Jill: Alone for a week with no children! Heaven!
      Stan: (Jamaican Accent) We are going to "de islands" man.

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