Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 16

Pressure from Grandma

Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1985 on



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    • Stan: Jill, what do you have in here? We're only going away for a week.
      Jill: Just my bathing suit and the usual potpourri.
      Stan: What is that French for bricks?

    • Charles: I'm taking Mr. Pembroke's mother to the lamplight
      Buddy: Charles, I'm all fore going out with older women, but choosing a grandmother over a stewardess, tsk, tsk, tsk.

    • Douglas: You sure you don't want to buy a candy bar before you leave?
      Stan: Okay, Douglas, I'll take one.
      Douglas: That'll be a dollar?
      Stan: I've only got a 10.
      Douglas: That makes you my best customer.

    • Gwendolyn: Charles, have you noticed the lines?
      Charles: By your eyes
      Gwendolyn: What lines by my eyes?

    • Irene: I didn't recognize you without your mask?
      Douglas: I don't wear it all the time, it makes the neighbors nervous.

    • Jason: A boy my age shouldn't be sweeping kitchens, he should be learning and playing and going on vacation with his parents.
      Jill: Honey, this isn't a vacation? It's a business trip.
      Jason: To Jamaica? I get A's in geography Mom I know what the weather is like down there.

    • Irene: Charles, I have something in this envelope that could make your life easier than you ever imagined.
      Charles: You have the answers to my next week's chemistry test.

    • Jason: (to the plant on the table) Alright, you herbivorous hombre, put up your leaves and keep them up, Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Aah! You got me, you sidewinding weed.

    • Irene: You know I don't think you realize what we have here, this could be the next fast food craze, it could be bigger the McNuggets, bigger than McWeenies, bigger than Mc...anything

    • Douglas: Wanna come with me Jason, it'll be fun.
      Jason: How could selling candy be fun?
      Douglas: You can help me make up names for people who slam doors in my face.

    • Lila: What are you cooking?
      Charles: Fried chicken.
      Lila: You're frying chicken?
      Charles: No, I'm buying chicken.

    • Irene: Was he always this good a salesman?
      Jason: This is nothing, wait until he makes you think taking out the garbage is fun.

    • Jill: Alone for a week with no children! Heaven!
      Stan: (Jamaican Accent) We are going to "de islands" man.

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