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  • Charles (Scott Baio) was basically the 'big brother' and looked out for the rest of the family, the Pembroke, and later the Powell family. Charles was always there for everyone. This is a show I would love to see air once again on TVLand or Nick@Nite.

    This was one of my favorite shows as a teenager. Scott Baio has been in 'Joan Loves Chachi' and also starred in 'Happy Days' (1977-1984) which is spinoff show of his character in 'Joan Loves Chachi' (1982)

    Charles In Charge ran from 1984-1990. Charles spent his days with the Pembroke family. In exchange for rooming, boarding, and some spending money, Charles looked after the Pembrokes three children.

    1987 the Pembroke family moved to Seattle and Charles and his pal 'Buddy' were the only two left behind, thus the Powell family bought the house and became Charles new employers.

    I can only say one thing about this show, and that's Nicole Eggert = HOT. Nicole played Jamie Powell a 14-year-old teenager.

    This was a cool show and I'd love to see it return to TV.
  • Charles is definatly in charge!

    Charles in Charge was before my time. But, I was originally turned on to it by Flash cartoons made by the Waterman Studios. The first time I heard it was on the boat-themed Waterman five.
    [From Waterman Five:
    Pal: Who put you in charge!?
    Waterman: Charles in charge...I mean...I did...]

    I was also turned on by it from Puppets in the Park 4: The Gingerbread Man.
    [From Puppets in the Park 4: The Gingerbread Man:
    Waterman: The moral of this story is...bring Hardcopy back...and Charles in Charge!!
  • Charles, the cutie nanny, helps the Powell kids, (the Pembrokes for one season) out of trouble while dealing with his own love life!

    This was an awesome show!! Needs to be released on DVD!! My sister and I still quote lines from this show!! And I remember the theme song as if the show was on yesterday! This is definitely a classic! As child number 6 of 8 I always hoped my mom would hire a live-in helper that looked like Charles! Wouldn't it have been cool if Jamie and Charles hooked up???
  • A show with heart

    There have been tons of jokes about Charles In Charge over the years but this show never claimed it was rocket science. It was what it was and that was a nice little family show where the family was close and loved each other. Willie Aames was great on this. He (and everyone else) made me laugh. Can't ask for more than that.
  • Light-Hearted Fun

    Charles In Charge lived two lives. First it was on CBS for one season and then was cancelled. For some reason the show was brought back in syndication for three more years with an almost entirely new cast. The show is a simple sitcom that doesn't try to be high-minded or anything other that what it was, a light-hearted, family oriented sitcom.
  • Charles/Scott Baio is put in charge of three kids even if they were different families and a completely different show. Buddy Lembeck would always have a problem or mess up things further. This duo is one great duo and is a show that was probably underr

    Charles in Charge is way before my time, but its not to say that it isn't good. I did see some reruns 4-7 years ago and I have to say that it was a great show. Scott Baio just wasn't your average guy, I'm sure he was a great guy all around and not just with the ladies. And who can forget good ol' Buddy. "Buddy, what's your name?"
    "Buddy." "No, your real name." "Buddist." Classic...
  • A great family comedy that only got better as the show went on! The best part is we already knew our hero!

    Charles, Chaz or even... Chachi?! Chachi from Happy Days all grown up. As you remember Chachi was a nickname for Charles Arcola whose mother was played by Ellen Travolta! All in all despite the welcome similarities, a wonderful show! I cannot express the good humor, family feel, good-natured ribbing and life lessons the show portrayed. Must be seen, you won't regret a minute, whether because of Buddy's idiot ways and big heart, another cold mention of the John Paul Jones Society or Donny Most appearing and screaming, "Happy days are here again!" it's all worth the laughter and good times!
  • Sing the theme song with me now!

    This was a cute show about a college guy, Charles, who was a live in caregiver for a single mother who had three children/teens. Their grandfather also lived with them.

    Sarah was the brainy sister, while Jaime was more of the beauty queen.
    Then there was the younger brother, I can't remember his name though. He was a awkward kid that looked up to Charles.

    I loved all the characters especially Buddy, Charles' scheming best pal.

    It dealt with normal teen issues in a comedic way.

    Cute and funny.
  • The first season of Charles in Charge is awesome!! The Pembrookes were way better than the Powells, and Gwendolyn Pierce is definitely my top reason for loving this season! Charles and Gwendolyn make the ideal couple.

    The first season of Charles in Charge was the best season. It had more going on than the other seasons. For one thing, it made more sense why the Pembrooks hired Charles. They were both working long hours and didn\'t have much time to spend with the kids. Also, the storylines were simple. Gwendolyn Pierce and Charles were a super hot couple and I was left hanging when they decided to break up, and guess what? Gwendolyn Pierce wasn\'t in any other episodes except 2 later on. The show lost focus as the Powells came in, not to mention the Powells were constantly picking on Charles. They took any chance they could get to blame him for everything. I was really disappointed when Charles in Charge came back in season 2 with a different family and no Gwendolyn. It pretty much killed the whole purpose of the show. I still watched it later, but it broke my heart that they brought in a new family and I had to readjust to them, and just throw the hope of Charles and Gwendolyn getting back together out of my mind. I would strongly suggest buying the first season dvd because it captures the actual magic of charles in Charge as opposed to the other seasons of Charles in Charge which don\'t do that, and it follows the 80s sitcom formula. It\'s clean-cut and just makes me think back to the 80s and how awesome tv shows were at that time.
  • fine syndicated programming

    this was actually a really good show. it was one of the best shows in syndication. i recently watched the true hollywood story of this show on e. it was very informative. i have always thought willie ames is kind of a dork, and this show is the biggest reason why.
  • charles in charge of our days and our nights.......

    i love this show! its so classic so original![spelling?] anyways scott baio is a good actor!i liked season 1 better cuz its more funnier....even though people dont remember that much of the pembrokes but alot of people do sure remember the powells.i think the powells are funny too especially walter powell cuz he teases buddy lembeck...i have nothing to say alot but all i could say that this show is the best!!!!!
  • Great until the end

    Alot of people think that Charles in Charge went down in quality over the years. I think that some of the funniest episodes were in the later years. I preferred The Powells years to the Pembroke season. I thought that stupid Buddy was better than normal Buddy, it gave him and Walter some great lines to exchange with each other. I glad the producers decide to give this great show another chance after it was canceled by CBS. It must have been good to run another four years in syndication. I hope the rest of the seasons come out on DVD soon.
  • One of the most greatest and most funniest shows of the 1980s!

    Charles in Charge is probably my most favorite out of all my favorite sitcoms ever.

    Although Charles (Scott Baio) was the star of the show, I really have to give Willie Aames some extra credit. Buddy Lembeck is my most favorite character on this show. The ratings for the show didn't do too well in the first season, but the show really improved at the start of the second season with the Powells. Everyone thinks that they are way better than the Pembrokes and way funnier. And I personally think that whenever Mr. Powell and Buddy were in a scene together, those scenes would always be hysterically funny. He would always call Buddy by his last name, never by his first name. It was always "Lembeck".

    I am hoping that Universal Studios Home Entertainment releases the remaining four seasons someday. It is unfair that they have chosen not to release additional volumes of such great 1980s sitcoms Charles in Chargge, Kate and Allie and Gimme A Break. It is a little bit over a year that the first season of Charles in Charge hit stores and still, the second season has not been released. If they would have released it at a fast pace, we could have had three seasons out by now and two remaining. But unfortunately, that did not happen and I was not please about that.

    Let's hope TV Land considers it someday since it has become almost extinct. I do not wish for it to headed in the direction where Small Wonder, another favorite of mine has headed - EXTINCTION.
  • I loved Charles In Charge when I first saw it. I saw the first season with the Pembroke family and it became my favorite show.

    I thought that Charles In Charge was so funny. Charles and Buddy were hilarious. The kids were funny too. Douglas Pembroke was the strange one, Lila was the sometimes sweet, sometimes rebellious teenage one and Jason was the fun and sometimes sarcastic one. The show was amazing. Charles moved in with the Pembroke family and took care of the kids. He was like a big brother to them. But then when the show came back for season two the Pembroke family moved away and they were replaced by the Powell family. This is where I lost interest in the show. Jamie Powell was a spoiled brat, Sarah Powell was boring and Adam was just annoying. And I couldn't stand the grandfather, Walter. I really couldn't stand that guy. If the Pembrokes would have stayed on the show I would have given it a 10. But I just didn't like the Powell family and I lost interest in the show when they came on it.
  • Charles is a college student in need of a place to live and a job. He finds both when he is hired by Stan and Jill Pembroke to help take care of their three children. An hilarious Sitcom about a typical young man doing a rather unusual job!

    Charles (Scott Baio of "Happy Days" fame)is a typical nice young man who attends Copeland College. Like many college students, he needs a job to help pay for his education. Charles's job, however, is slightly different to that of an average college boy because he is a live-in 'child-minder' for Stan and Jill Pembroke and their three children, Lila, Douglas and Jason.

    The Pembrokes are very busy people and Charles is exactly the type of person they need to help them raise their kids. Lila is your average 14-year-old who wants to be 21 but still enjoys slumber partties with her friends and all sorts of other 'girly' stuff. Douglas has a very bright and enquisitive mind and, as he matures he wonders not only about the world of science but also the odd creatures known as girls! Jason, who looks to Charles as an older brother, is ten and suffers all the normal amount of angst which goes along with it.

    Baio is a very skilled comedic talent and plays the role of the responsible, yet loveable Charles to perfection. Willie Aames (Eight Is Enough) is superb as his best friend, Buddy Lembeck, who seems to get into enough trouble in one episode to last a lifetime! The three kids are also brilliantly cast and, in spite of their youth, manage to pull of their respective roles in a very mature and capable fashion.

    The series was axed and then, two years later resurrected. Unfortunately, none of the original actors who portrayed the Pembroke family were able to revise their roles, so the producers devised a storyline whereby the Pembrokes moved to Seattle and sublet their house AND Charles at the same time - to the Powell family who also had three children in need of a 'Charles' to raise them. Jamie (Nicole Eggert, later seen in 'Baywatch), Sarah and Adam were very different to the Pembroke kids and the slant of the show necessarily changed when the new family took over. However, Scott Baio and Willie Aames, real-life good friends, continued to be outstanding and the series continued on until 1990.

    'Charles In Charge' was a show for young and old, a laugh a minute, good clean fun and now available on DVD to enjoy again and again!
  • It\'s Okay but needed a new cast.

    Charles in Charge was the story of Charles, a 19 year old college student, that went to work as a male nanny watching a working couples three children. Charles in Charge first aired in 1984 and was cancelled in 1985 and starred Scott Baio of Happy days and Joanie Loves Chachi fame. The show returned in 1987 and ran until 1990 this time with a different cast playing the Powell family.