Charles in Charge

(ended 1990)


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  • The first season of Charles in Charge is awesome!! The Pembrookes were way better than the Powells, and Gwendolyn Pierce is definitely my top reason for loving this season! Charles and Gwendolyn make the ideal couple.

    The first season of Charles in Charge was the best season. It had more going on than the other seasons. For one thing, it made more sense why the Pembrooks hired Charles. They were both working long hours and didn\'t have much time to spend with the kids. Also, the storylines were simple. Gwendolyn Pierce and Charles were a super hot couple and I was left hanging when they decided to break up, and guess what? Gwendolyn Pierce wasn\'t in any other episodes except 2 later on. The show lost focus as the Powells came in, not to mention the Powells were constantly picking on Charles. They took any chance they could get to blame him for everything. I was really disappointed when Charles in Charge came back in season 2 with a different family and no Gwendolyn. It pretty much killed the whole purpose of the show. I still watched it later, but it broke my heart that they brought in a new family and I had to readjust to them, and just throw the hope of Charles and Gwendolyn getting back together out of my mind. I would strongly suggest buying the first season dvd because it captures the actual magic of charles in Charge as opposed to the other seasons of Charles in Charge which don\'t do that, and it follows the 80s sitcom formula. It\'s clean-cut and just makes me think back to the 80s and how awesome tv shows were at that time.