Charles in Charge

(ended 1990)


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  • One of the most greatest and most funniest shows of the 1980s!

    Charles in Charge is probably my most favorite out of all my favorite sitcoms ever.

    Although Charles (Scott Baio) was the star of the show, I really have to give Willie Aames some extra credit. Buddy Lembeck is my most favorite character on this show. The ratings for the show didn't do too well in the first season, but the show really improved at the start of the second season with the Powells. Everyone thinks that they are way better than the Pembrokes and way funnier. And I personally think that whenever Mr. Powell and Buddy were in a scene together, those scenes would always be hysterically funny. He would always call Buddy by his last name, never by his first name. It was always "Lembeck".

    I am hoping that Universal Studios Home Entertainment releases the remaining four seasons someday. It is unfair that they have chosen not to release additional volumes of such great 1980s sitcoms Charles in Chargge, Kate and Allie and Gimme A Break. It is a little bit over a year that the first season of Charles in Charge hit stores and still, the second season has not been released. If they would have released it at a fast pace, we could have had three seasons out by now and two remaining. But unfortunately, that did not happen and I was not please about that.

    Let's hope TV Land considers it someday since it has become almost extinct. I do not wish for it to headed in the direction where Small Wonder, another favorite of mine has headed - EXTINCTION.
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