Charles in Charge

(ended 1990)


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  • I loved Charles In Charge when I first saw it. I saw the first season with the Pembroke family and it became my favorite show.

    I thought that Charles In Charge was so funny. Charles and Buddy were hilarious. The kids were funny too. Douglas Pembroke was the strange one, Lila was the sometimes sweet, sometimes rebellious teenage one and Jason was the fun and sometimes sarcastic one. The show was amazing. Charles moved in with the Pembroke family and took care of the kids. He was like a big brother to them. But then when the show came back for season two the Pembroke family moved away and they were replaced by the Powell family. This is where I lost interest in the show. Jamie Powell was a spoiled brat, Sarah Powell was boring and Adam was just annoying. And I couldn't stand the grandfather, Walter. I really couldn't stand that guy. If the Pembrokes would have stayed on the show I would have given it a 10. But I just didn't like the Powell family and I lost interest in the show when they came on it.