Charles in Charge - Season 2

(ended 1990)


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  • U.F. Oh No
    Episode 26
    ADAM (Alexander Polinsky) thinks he's seen a UFO outside his window and his sisters are convinced they've seen an alien in the kitchen. WALTER (James Callahan) will have none of it and directs CHARLES (Scott Baio) to rid the children of such superstitious nonsense (which he says comes from "fuzzy thinking"), but when CHARLES sees a UFO too, he doesn't know what to believe. Then WALTER sees one and becomes an instant convert, calling the local news crew to come out for an interview. In the meantime, CHARLES is so distraught that he even asks BUDDY (Willie Aames) for advice. He accidentally finds out that the topic of Buddy's psychology term paper required the simulation of a UFO experience in a typical American household. Though CHARLES is angry, he is grateful that one mystery is solved. Later the kids find a guinea pig in the dryer - their "alien" - and another mystery is solved. There is one left, however BUDDY wasn't at the Powell house up to his "psychological" antics the second night CHARLES saw the flashing lights outside the kitchen windowmoreless
  • 10/17/87

    CHARLES' (Scott Baio)widowed mother LILLIAN(Ellen Travolta) comes into town for a 5-day visit,complete with motherly advice and using her favorite nickname for her son,"doodlebug." CHARLES is afraid that his responsible position in the household will be undermined by his mother's attention to him,which he thinks is caused by her dependence on him.He encourages her to develop an outside interest.What he doesn't count on is what develops when she takes him up on it and ends up with an attractive man she met at the golf club.CHARLES can't stop sneezing(a childhood symptom of anxiety)and takes to bed,too sick to eat,while his mother goes out and has a wonderful time.BUDDY (Willie Aames)keeps popping in and out performing new jobs he is forced to get to replace the allowance he lost when his grades dropped. He gets into more trouble than it is worth and he decides that bringing up his grades instead might be easier.LILLIAN greets CHARLES one morning with the news that her new friend has gone home to Chicago.Suddenly CHARLES feels better.Life with mother is just beginning, though.She's decided to stay and found an apartment a block away!

  • 10/24/87
    There are two very lovely ladies CHARLES (Scott Baio) and BUDDY (Willie Aames) would like to date if they can find the time between studying for their physics final and taking care of the Powell household. When STEPHANIE (Cheryl Arutt) and JOYCE (Michelle Johnson) come over for a "pre-date," JOYCE suggests the boys get together with her brother DUANE (David Knell) who loves to help people out with physics but who is a little backward in the social department. A trade is worked out: DUANE will help them with physics if CHARLES and BUDDY help DUANE "loosen up." The fact that gorgeous JOYCE will be eternally grateful if the boys can pull her brother out of his shell ("I'd be your slave for life!") doesn't hurt their enthusiasm for the deal. The physics part proves to be easier than the social part, however, especially when DUANE thinks horning in on the two couples is part of his education. Things start to look up when DUANE calls from jail after being arrested for participating in a panty raid at a sorority house: not necessarily what his sister had in mind.moreless
  • The Undergraduate
    Episode 23
    ELLEN's (Sandra Kerns) attractive, married cousin JOAN ROBINSON (Kay Lenz) comes to visit and puts the whammy on CHARLES (Scott Baio). She is very direct about what she wants and she wants CHARLES. Unfortunately, WALTER (James Callahan) finds them together in the living room in the middle of the night and comes down hard on CHARLES. It makes it difficult when MRS. ROBINSON won't take "no" for an answer and puts CHARLES' job in jeopardy. While CHARLES is trying to work out the limits of an "off-limits" relationship, BUDDY (Willie Aames) achieves hero status when he saves PAULA THACKERY (Julianne McNamara) from a crazed watergunner. Along with hero status, however, comes hero worship, which he isn't ready for from the young high schooler. So while CHARLES has a problem with an older woman, BUDDY has trouble with a younger one. BUDDY is more than willing to trade.moreless
  • A Job From Heck
    Episode 22
    Ever have one of those days when you can't win for losing? Well Charles (SCOTT BAIO) is having one of those days and it's turning into a week. First he suggests that Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT) be allowed to get a job so she can support her taste in expensive clothes, but Mrs. Powell (SANDRA KERNS) isn't very happy with her choice, and neither is Charles. Jamie has selected waitressing at Sid's Pizza Parlor as her initiation into the working world and Charles has to play big-brother chaperone even while trying to make time with a new girlfriend in his favorite hangout. As if that weren't enough, Lillian (ELLEN TRAVOLTA), Charles' mom, is still in town, and doesn't seem anxious to go home. With that kind of pressure Charles has to wonder who's really running things, especially when he's hit by a whopping surprise that leaves him (and us) wondering how it will change his life...and what he'll do about it.moreless
  • A Date From Heck
    Episode 21
    Count on Charles (Scott Baio) to date a girl who comes equipped with lovely eyes,a gorgeous body, and a set of huge parents, that accompany her on dates. Actually the beauteous Anna Grundov (Diane Franklin) is the thing dreams are made from — especially Charles' dreams. All he has to do is find a way to invite her to the Powell house and have the Powells invited elsewhere, all at the same time. Does it work? You know Charles. Buddy takes the family Out to a concert, while Charles gets all set for a cuddly date with Anna. But when she arrives, Charles discovers that Mama Grundov and Poppa Grundov go along on Anna's dates and so does her hulking brother. They are from the Old Country, you see. If that's not bad enough, add a sudden thunderstorm so the Powells are rained out of their concert, and now we have, you guessed it - a large and unhappy crowd in the Powell home. But never fear, Charles will handle it. Even with visitors from another country, (Charles thinks they may be from another planet,) everything will work out... after all isn't Charles in Charge?moreless
  • 4/4/87
    A famous young movie star, Darby Peterson (Dawn Merrick) shows up on Charles' (SCOTT BAIO) doorstep disguised as "Dorothy," a new Copeland College student looking for some orientation advice. She finally reveals who she is to the delighted Charles and asks for his help in keeping her secret so she can go to college in privacy. When Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) accidentally discovers her identity and is also asked to keep the secret, the stage is set for some male competition. In the meantime, Walter (JAMES CALLAHAN), takes the kids fishing, but not before he catches Charles in the living room in the middle of the night with Darby - then Dorothy. By explaining any of it - and it looks bad - Charles will be breaking his promise. It doesn't help that he discovers the sweet nothings Darby has been telling Buddy sound very familiar, . .But in a blend of good luck and good intentions, Charles gets to keep his word, his job, his friendship with Buddy and the undying gratitude of his favorite movie star.moreless
  • Getting In
    Episode 19
    Charles and Buddy decide to pledge a fraternity, and must put up with a series of humiliating tests and activities during "Hell Week." Just before the final initiation ceremony, one of the frat brothers informs Charles that they will be accepting him but rejecting Buddy, despite Buddy's status as a legacy. Charles must now decide if he wants to join the group or stay loyal to his best friend.moreless
  • Dear Charles
    Episode 18
    When Charles (SCOTT BAIO) asks editor Gayle Landis (SUSAN BURRELL) for a job on her newspaper, acting as a fill—in for "‘Dear Amy" is not what he had in mind. But Gayle's persistence (and good -looks) wins him over and Charles agrees to give it a try. The hard part comes when Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) reads a letter to Charles from a reader who sounds suspiciously like Sarah— and she's having man problems! Charles can't tell Sarah how he read her letter so he gives his advice in his column. Unfortunately, Gayle doesn't think his answer is spicy enough and she changes it considerably, making way for confusion and chaos as Charles and Buddy try desperately to keep the paper out of everyone's hands - when everyone wants to read it now! By the time Charles finds out that the letter-writer was the more mature Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT), he's already decided journalism and Gayle Landis are not for him.moreless
  • The Heart Burglar
    Episode 17
    With Sean (JASON CAHLER), a new study buddy, Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS) finds herself feeling the first pangs of love. Meanwhile, Buddy's (WILLIE AAMES) girlfriend Carol (LESLIE RYAN) is also falling...but for Charles (SCOTT BAIO), not Buddy. Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT) is the first one to notice that romance is in the air, but both Charles and Sarah deny it. While Adam is too young for love, Walter (JAMES CALLAHAN) decides it is time Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY) learn about the outdoors, so they plan on camping in the back yard. In the end, honesty is the best policy. When Charles admits he and Carol like each other, Buddy is relieved, because he was trying to break up with Carol anyway. Sarah and Sean stop playing games and tell each other their true feelings, and Adam and Walter both reveal that they were only camping for the others' enjoyment and they would rather stay indoors.moreless
  • Weekend Weary
    Episode 16
    When Mrs. Powell (Sandra Kerns) decides Charles (Scott Baio) needs a weekend off, she implements her decision with a firm edict that Charles will relax and not help with the family's huge yard sale. Charles protests, but she is adamant. But when it rains on Saturday, the sale is changed to Sunday, a day when Mr. Powell (James Callahan) and his daughter—in—law have to attend another function. So Jamie (Nicole Eggert), not used to being a leader, is given a chance to show some responsibility, and is left in charge. Buddy (Willie Aames) helps her, Sarah (Josie Davis) helps her, and Adam (Alexander Polinsky) helps her, but the weather doesn't and rain forces the mini-merchandise mart into the living room. Charles is supposed to be resting, but who do you suppose comes to Jamie' s rescue when she inadvertenly sells some priceless momentoes of her grandfather's and has to get them back before he returns home? Naturally, it's Charles who takes charge!moreless
  • Mama Mia
    Episode 15
    Just when things are going real smoothly for Charles (SCOTT BAIO) — — zowie, his mother, Lillian (ELLEN TRAVOLTA), comes to town for a brief - or maybe not so brief - visit. That's good, and it's not so good. Every son loves to see his mother, and Charles is no exception, except Charles' mom won't let him grow up. He's a dutiful son and appreciates her loving intervention, especially when she offers to baby-sit the Powell kids so he can go to a party. But the sparks fly when Charles gets home and Walter Powell (JAMES CALLAHAN) is beside himself because he saw his three grandchildren coming out of a violence—ridden film he had strictly forbidden them to see. Charles knows it's his mom who's guilty, but since she was standing in for him, he takes the blame. Needless to say, there are some hard feelings between Charles and his mom, Lillian, Lillian and Walter, and Walter and Charles, but in the end everything gets worked out, and Charles, (or is it his mom,) is back in charge.moreless
  • 5/9/87
    There's an apparent catastrophe in the Powell household and it seems that it's not going to be an easy one to solve. Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS) is the proud parent of Ross, a pet turtle, who until recently, has lived in relative safety in the Powell back yard. But when Sarah goes away on a nature field trip she leaves Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY) in charge of Ross. Upon her return, Ross is gone! Sarah assumes the worst, and accuses Adam of turtlecide. Well Adam swears he is innocent and that Ross was alive and well a few hours ago, but no one will believe him. Adam knows he is innocent until proven guilty, and requests a trial with Charles (SCOTT BAIO) as his attorney. The only problem is Charles is supposed to be leaving with Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) for Ft. Lauderdale. The ever-loyal Charles,unable to disappoint anyone, decides to postpone his departure and help the hapless Adam. The trial proceeds, with some surprises about the real culprit, and the real fate of Ross the turtle, and in the end everyone is happy, as always when Charles is in Charge.moreless
  • Buddy in Charge
    Episode 13
    Charles (Scott Baio) has to visit in town when his folks arrive for the weekend, so Buddy (Willie Aames) is placed in charge of the Powell kids. Charles convinces Ellen Powell (Sandra Kerns) that it's okay but Grandpa Powell (James Callahan) has some serious misgivings, and maybe rightly so. You see Buddy has some ulterior motives in trying to fill Charles' shoes. He's out to impress a current girlfriend, Debbie (Susan Ursitti), with his child—rearing abilities. It results in cataclysmic confrontations between Buddy and the three Powell youngsters, in fact it gets so bad that Adam (Alexander Polinsky) runs away. But in the end, things go well, Charles returns and the three Powell children, especially Adam, find out Buddy is a pretty terrific guy after all on "Charles In Charge."moreless
  • 3/21/87
    There's mayhem in the Powell household and it's put some friendships on the rocks. It seems that Charles (Scott Baio) is mad at Buddy (Willie Aames) because Buddy sold him a cassette player which doesn"t work and to make matters worse, that same cassette player ate Walter Powell's (James Callahan) new tape. So Charles is mad at Buddy, Walter is mad at Charles and Charles wants his money back. And now Buddy is mad at Charles because a real friend wouldn't ask for his money back and besides Buddy already spent it. So Buddy and Charles aren't speaking and neither are Jamie (Nicole Eggert) and Sarah (Josie Davis) because the sisters are having a little disagreement of their own. But no one can stay mad at each other for too long in the Powell family, and in the end everyone is happy, as always, when Charles is in Charge!moreless
  • Dating
    Episode 11
    What do you do when you want to go out, but you can't, because someone else is going out on a date that you aren't supposed to talk about, and if you do, then your own date, which really isn't a date, will be upset? Confused? So is Charles (Scott Baio) because he is supposed to take Ellen Powell (Sandra Kerns) to a play as a favor to her, but if he does no one will be home to take care of the kids. Normally Grandpa Powell (James Callahan) would be home to watch the kids, but he also has a date, only he ain't telling. Meanwhile 13-year old Sarah wants to go to a movie with her favorite boy-classmate, but her mom won't let her date until she's 14. But it isn't a date, Sarah says, it's just a movie. Neither is Walter's date a date, nor Charles', or maybe in fact, anybody's. In the Powell family, dating is so out, it's in. Charles is resourceful, though, so he resorts to reverse psychology, as practiced by Buddy (Willie Aames). With that in mind, hold on to your hats, because this show will be a date to remember, when it's "Charles In Charge."moreless
  • Trade Off
    Episode 10
    What happens when everyone in the Powell family wants something they-don't have, but someone else does? Why it's simple — trade it! Charles (Scott Baio) has just done a term paper on bartering and applies the principals of the age—old subject to a burgeoning family crisis. You see Jamie (Nicole Eggert) wants Sarah's (Josie Davis) video camera, and Adam (Alexander Polinsky) wants his term paper typed, and Grandpa Powell (James Callahan) wants his car washed, and Mrs. Powell (Sandra Kerns) needs Charles for an extra night of baby-sitting, and . . . you get the idea. Before they're through, the family's in an uproar trading services, but a funny one, as always, when it's Charles in Charge!moreless
  • 2/28/87
    Sid's Pizza Parlor, that wondrous emporium that provides Charles (Scott Baio) a nourishing home away from home, in "Charles in Charge," is under attack. It seems the college owns the land the hang—out stands on, and they are reclaiming it for a parking lot. This means Charles' favorite meeting place for dates and other occasions is about to be banished, forever. Charles turns to his adoptive family, the Powells, for assistance. Jamie (Nicole Eggert) is studying amateur psychiatry and Sarah (Josie Davis) is studying amateur journalism for a school project, so they feel there is deeper meaning, and a lot of unrevealed facts to this whole dilemma. Buddy (Willie Aames) thinks it's a plot, but he's not sure whose. Walter Powell (James Callahan) thinks they all ought to improve their diet by eating on board ship. . . any ship. So in true motherly fashion, Ellen Powell gets out the placards and begins writing protest legends on them. Charles being Charles, however, confronts the head of the board, Mr. Bartlett, played in snarling brilliance by James Karen, at the pizza parlor. In true Charles fashion, the truth comes out, and Charles saves the day and saves Sid's. The laughs always have a bite in them when it's "Charles In Charge."moreless
  • 2/21/87
    The latest challenge to Charles' (Scott Baio) vivid imagination is a visit by an old shipmate of the absent Commander Powell. Since the good Commander is far away, serving in the Western Pacific for another six months, Lieutenant Matty Whiteford (Stephen Parr) comes to keep Ellen Powell (Sandra Kerns) and the kids company for a weekend. Unfortunately, company isn't all he tries to keep, and Charles doesn't like it. Charles confides to Walter (James Callahan), who being an old seadog doesn't understand Charles' suspicions since a Naval officer is always honorable, etc. But when Charles and Walter are hospitalized overnight with a case of food poisoning brought on by tasting contaminated clams, Matty moves in. His campaign to capture Ellen Powell's affection is first subtlety slowed by the three kids and then abruptly terminated by Ellen's own left hook. Charles, Walter and Buddy (Willie Aames) arrive moments later to support Ellen's edict that the frustrated Lothario take his leave immediately.moreless
  • 2/14/87
    As if things weren't difficult enough for Charles (Scott Baio) with the Powell family needing all the tender loving care he can muster, he's not ready for an extended visit from his pal Buddy (Willie Aames). In this episode Buddy comes for dinner, wrenches his ankles, and has to stay in Charles' room for a few days. With almost anyone else that would be a minor imposition, but with Buddy it's a major emergency. What really aggravates the situation is that Charles is about to have a date with Lauren Andrews (Maylo McCaslin in), a girl who could easily become that "‘someone special" in Charles" life. To make matters even worse Lauren can't stand Buddy. And there's Buddy, getting in the way, when Charles would rather be alone. But there's a catch - Lauren is starring in the school play with Buddy and she confides to Charles that she hopes Buddy stays sick forever so he will be replaced. This is tough for Charles, because after all Lauren is beautiful, but the play means the world to Buddy. And Buddy is Charles' best friend. It's another sticky problem for Charles to untangle, but he does it, and he always does what he thinks is right.moreless
  • American Teen
    Episode 6
    In this episode of "Charles In Charge," Charles (Scott Baio) is in love, but that's nothing new. What is new is that the self-assured Charles is nervous about calling this wonderful young lady named Louise (Nikolette Scorsese) and asking her out. The problem is that she's a French foreign exchange student, she's refined, classy and why would she ever want to go out with the likes of Charles? Buddy's (Willie Aames) advice for Charles is to be positive about himself, but Charles is still reluctant to call this lovely lady. Meanwhile Charles is telling Sarah (Josie Davis) to stand up and have confidence in herself, the same lesson he should be heeding himself! Sarah has written a beautiful essay for American Teen Magazine's huge national contest and she's embarrassed to submit it. But lo and behold, someone submits it for her, and she ends up in the finals! When Charles finally realizes he is preaching to Sarah what he is not practicing himself, he calls Louise. Does Charles end up with Louise? Does Sarah bow to the pressures of incipient fame and fortune? Stay tuned, but keep in mind when the pressures mount, it's still Charles who's in charge!moreless
  • The Egg and Us
    Episode 5
    Jamie (Nicole Eggert) and Sarah (Josie Davis) Powell have a school-project that involves raising eggs as children. Real eggs, not so real children. It's suppose to teach the girls about responsibility. The girls get involved in the concept and it brings the attention of the whole family to child rearing. Even Charles (Scott Baio) tries to help, after all, he is a professional in this field, watching the Powell kids for his room and board. Meanwhile, Walter Powell (James Callahan) is taking out a long lost sweetheart, Gloria (Betsy Palmer). When Buddy (Willie Aames) meets Gloria, he is less then thrilled, because she turns out to be his grandmother. All's well that ends well. And in the meantime, the kids learn more about families and friends, than their eggs, and Buddy learns tolerance -— sort of. But as usual, everything is scrambled, eggs and people. That's what happens on "Charles in Charge."moreless
  • The Loan Arranger
    Episode 4
    Charles loses his student loan because of government budget cuts. Jamie has the family perform in her semi-modernized play about the purchase of Manhattan.
  • Feud for Thought
    Episode 3
    This episode of "‘Charles In Charge"' features Charles (Scott Baio) as a fireman, putting out fires all over the Powell household. Luckily Charles is studying for his philosophy exam, because the show provides several practical tests for Charles' own philosophy, and happily he doesn't do badly on them at all. First of all, Adam (Alexander Polinsky) is in the middle of a pre-teen imbroglio with his erstwhile best friend who is now his worst enemy. In trying to smooth those troubled waters, Charles ends up being challenged by the youngster's giant brother, Herman (Mark Venturini), who's ready to tear Charles apart. Then there's Sarah (Josie Davis), who needs some help because she's learning to like herself a little better, and that's not easy for a thirteen year old. And finally there's Buddy (Willie Aames), who's got a simple philosophy about everything. He's trying to get Charles to go out with one of the ultra Del Fluvio twins, Gina (Lisa Aliff), so he can go out with the other. How does it all work out? Well, don't worry too much, because after all, Charles is in Charge!moreless
  • The Naked Truth
    Episode 2
    Charles takes Adam to an art class where he's hoping to hit on a pretty art student, unaware that the student is a nude model.
  • Amityville
    Episode 1
    With the Powell family subletting the house, Charles has to decide whether he wants to stay on to help around the house and with the kids. His first unofficial assignment is to teach Sarah how to meet people.