Charles in Charge - Season 3

(ended 1990)


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  • Barbelles
    Episode 26
    After Charles (SCOTT BAIO) is devastated at being dumped by his girlfriend, Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) fixes him up with Beth (BRENDA SWANSON), a female bodybuilder at his health club. All is bliss until Beth's former boyfriend, Mike (RICHARD BROSE), shows up and tells Charles he'd better leave Beth alone or else. When news of the threat gets around, Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) and the Powells advise Mike not to hurt Charles. Not wanting to back down from a bully, and yet aware that he and Beth are attracted to each other only because they are both on the rebound, Charles confronts Beth and Mike, explaining his view of the situation and encourages themto get back together. All is resolved. Charles will now get a chance to date that cute girl he met in aerobics class .moreless
  • 4/20/88
    Charles (SCOTT BAIO) is outraged when he learns his mother is hosting a sorority slave auction. Outraged, that is, until he finds out that attractive new transfer student Jeanie (LORIE GRIFFIN) intends to bid for him. At the auction, however, Jeanie is outbid by a gorgeous coed secretly acting as a buying agent for none other than Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS) , Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT) , and Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY) . The trio quickly takes advantage of Charles' slave status, claiming he hasn't been doing enough for them. When Lillian (ELLEN TRAVOLTA) remarks that a child who's waited on hand and foot grows into an irresponsible adult, the kids realize they've been too hard on him. Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) then excitedly announces he's persuaded his owner, Jeanie, to trade, so would Charles please plead with his gorgeous owner to let them trade places?moreless
  • Runaround Charles
    Episode 24
    Charles (SCOTT BAIO) becomes frantic when he makes too many commitments for one evening. Having promised to speak to Sarah's (JOSIE DAVIS) class, chaperone Jamie's (NICOLE EGGERT) birthday party and go out with Julie Fletcher (COURTNEY GEBHART) , Charles seeks Buddy's (WILLIE AAMES) help in order to successfully proceed with all three activities. Together, Buddy and Charles strategically schedule the events of the evening, arranging just enough time for everything. As the plan takes form, all seems under control, but shortly the chaos begins. Charles' speech is postponed; Jamie's party starts early, and Julie becomes impatient and curious about why she has to wait with Buddy. The hilarious antics that occur confuse everyone, but Charles finally solves the problems by sending Sarah's class, Jamie's party and Buddy to the pizza parlor, while he and Julie stay home.moreless
  • 4/20/88
    The kids each must find a gladiator to represent their class in the school's stunt-filled quiz contest complete with pies in the face and a dunk tank; Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS) draws Charles (SCOTT BAIO) , Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT) gets Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) . Meanwhile, Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY) recruits the dumb but musclebound Herman (MARK VENTURINI) , who threatens to beat everybody up if he doesn't win. Tired of always coming in last, Adam convinces Buddy to throw the match so Sarah can win, then talks Charles into letting Buddy win. The plan almost works, until the girls call them on their obvious attempts to lose. Ironically, the boys are stumped by the last question and Herman actually wins. When Charles and Buddy accidentally drop Herman into the dunk tank, they do some fast talking to escape the humorlesshunk's clutches.moreless
  • 4/1/88
    Confused by the poorly written instructions that came with a new stereo component rack, Charles is frustrated trying to assemble the unit. Meanwhile, a 14 year-old fast talker named Mark (ADAM CARL), who's been dating Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS), can't resist asking Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT) out. The girls eventually find out, war is declared, and guess who gets the blame? Though he feels inadequate at fixing things because of his problems with the stereo rack, Charles sets out to repair the rift between the two sisters. His hilarious attempts at getting the two girls and Mark together in the same room at the same time never quite work, yet the girls manage to straighten things out on their own. If that doesn't shock Charles, the stereo rack is finally assembled by Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY) and Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) .moreless
  • 3/29/88
    This is just not Charles' (SCOTT BAIO) day. He's trying to prepare for the new school year, but Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) needs his help in planning their end of summer party, Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY) has the jitters about starting junior high, and, worst of all, both Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT) and her too-possessive boyfriend, Steven Berkle (MICHAEL RICH) , ask his advice about romance. Charles tries to give good advice, but everyone misinterprets what he suggests. Soon he's taking the heat for all the misunderstandings, even breaking up a wrestling match between Steven and Brad (J.D. ROTH), a football player Jamie begins to date. Finally, Charles has a heart-to—heart with Jamie and enlists Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS) to help Adam, solving everything just as Buddy shows up with his partygoers in tow.moreless
  • Dutiful Dreamer
    Episode 20
    When the Powells learn their house is to be sold and Ellen (SANDRA KERNS) loses her job, Charles (SCOTT BAIO) takes to bed with a sneezing fit and falls asleep. In his dream the family members transform into different characters; Walter (JAMES CALLAHAN) becomes Long John Silver; Lillian (ELLEN TRAVOLTA), Auntie Maine; Ellen (SANDRA KERNS), Mae West; Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT), Cinderella; Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS), Scarlett O'Hara; Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY), a punk rocker; and Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) an effete 18th Century landowner. Charles appears in his own dream as the Godfather and stumbles onto an idea to help the family out of their dilemma. When Charles later awakes, a chance remark by Buddy makes him wonder if it really was dream after all.moreless
  • 3/28/88
    When Charles (SCOTT BAIO) and Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) foil an attempted holdup at the pizza parlor, their names appear in the local newspaper. They can't resist capitalizing on their newfound popularity with the girls at the sorority house. The holdup man is released on bail, and the boys change their tune, remembering that he threatened to get even with them. A strange man then calls to say he'll be coming to the house. Everyone joins in barricading the doors and windows. When the caller, who turns out to be a reporter, arrives to interview Charles and Buddy, he is pounced on. Charles and Buddy decline the interview and send the reporter away. It is only when Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT) sees the same criminal on the 6 o'clock news arrested for another robbery, that everyone breathes easier. They realize the only thing they had to fear was, of course, fear itself.moreless
  • Five Easy Pizzas
    Episode 18
    Charles (SCOTT BAIO) calms Lillian's (ELLEN TRAVOLTA) fears about an upcoming trip out of town, saying that he's more than able to manage the pizza parlor himself, even though she's just hired a new chef, Dine (VITO SCOTTI). What he doesn't mention is that an important food critic is to pay a visit. Onthe appointed night Charles rounds up the entire Powell family to fill the parlor and things go well until Buddy, intent on giving Dino "cooking tips," drives the temperamental chef to quit. The supply of pizzas runs low and as Charles tries to guess who is the mysterious "Roving Gourmet," he valiantly hops from table to table trying to save the last slice of good pizza for the critic. When the review comes out, Charles is relieved to learn the critic not only loved the pizza but also enjoyed the Marx brothers—style floor show. The good review even lures Dino back. . .with a raise, of course.moreless
  • Trading Papers
    Episode 17
    Charles (SCOTT BAIO) is ecstatic when he scores an ‘A' on his English assignment until he turns past the cover page and discovers Sarah's (JOSIE DAVIS) poem there by mistake. She, in turn, scored a ‘C—" when she mistakenly turned in his essay. At first afraid a low grade will threaten his financial assistance, Charles decides to square things with Sarah's teacher but keep the mix—up a secret from his own professor. Eventually, he cannot keep up the deception and confesses all to Professor Kleeman(JACK RILEY), a somewhat shady teacher who suggests he keep the grade, since it is already in the school's computer. Insisting that he be judged on his work, Charles receives a ‘B' from Kleeman on the condition he keep it to himself, as the professor is worried that if students confessed to all indiscretions, he'd be regrading papers forever.moreless
  • 3/1/88
    Charles (SCOTT BAIO) seems to be the only one excited about his new post as teacher's aide. Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT) resents his sitting in on her class, and the teacher, Marvin Merken (JERRY VAN DYKE) , a burnt out man living on the hope that retirement comes before insanity, can't understand why anyone would want to teach. When a nervous Charles must cover for Merken, Jamie can't resist heckling him and he assigns her detention. The next day he tries to repair the damage and encourages discussion among the students. Merken enters, during the debate, horrified to find Charles encouraging the students to talk. Jamie, having cooled off overnight, sticks up for Charles' methods and the rest of the class agrees, resulting in Charles getting a good recommendation and Merken softening his attitude.moreless
  • Bottle Baby
    Episode 15
    When Buddy receives word that his shy sister Bunny is arriving for a visit, he pleads with Charles to help entertain her. On arrival, however, she confesses to Buddy that she's in trouble and then disappears for several hours, reappearing as an outgoing "party girl". Charles finds Bunny drinking, thus revealing his suspicions to a skeptical Buddy that his sister is an alcoholic. It's only when Bunny "totals" Buddy's car, and nearly seriously injures the children that she finally admits her illness and agrees to seek help.moreless
  • The Pickle Plot
    Episode 14
    Unable to decide on a college major and faced with a tuition increase, Charles (SCOTT BAIO) is determined to convince his Uncle Joe (JOHN ASTIN) that he should be made the heir to his business. The promise of a steady income and a beautiful secretary convince Charles to quit school and accept Uncle Joe's job offer, even though the results of his aptitude test reveal he'd excel at anything he'd try. When he breaks the news to Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT), Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS), and Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY) , Charles realizes that his real love is teaching children and decides to major in education.moreless
  • 2/9/88
    The death of a lifelong friend causes Walter (James Callahan) to have visions of mortality so Charles (Scott Baio) summons Walter's father, Buzz (Dabbs Greer), for a visit in order to show him his son has many years left. Buzz's arrival, however, stirs up old antagonisms between the two. Charles learns some unhappy news about Buzz which he must keep from Walter while trying to reconcile father and son. Finally the two begin to swap stories of their exploits in the Navy and when Buzz heads back to Florida a few days later, Walter is left with pleasant memories of his father and a renewed sense of life. And Charles has kept his secret.moreless
  • The Buddy System
    Episode 12
    When Buddy's (WILLIE AAMES) new girlfriend unceremoniously dumps him, he sinks into a bout of depression. Under the circumstances, Charles (SCOTT BAIO) requests that everyone be especially nice to Buddy. Walter (JAMES CALLAHAN) suggests they instead enroll their downhearted friend in the confidence-building class taught by ex-military officer Harry Hileman (DICK GAUTIER) . Unfortunately, the class works too well , and Buddy becomes pushy and obnoxious. Eager to get the "old" Buddy back, the family attends the class with him and profess their affection for him. When Buddy proclaims that he, too, loves the family, Hileman proudly congratulates him on graduating with honors. RelieVed, everyone goes back to insulting Buddy. . .as usual.moreless
  • Sarah Steps Out
    Episode 11
    Charles (SCOTT BAIO) convinces Ellen (SANDRA KERNS) to allow Adam (ALEXANDER POLINSKY) to stay up and watch television all night, let Jamie (NICOLE EGGERT) streak her hair and allow Sarah (JOSIE DAVIS) to go on her first unchaperoned date. After one scary movie Adam ends up hiding in the closet, Jamie's hair turns out orange, blue and wild, and Sarah chooses to go out with the same shady character who sold Charles and Buddy (WILLIE AAMES) overpriced tickets to an important playoff game. Concerned that Sarah will fall prey to this fast-talking boy, Charles and Buddy disrupt the movie theater where Gary (SCOTT GRIMES) and Sarah are on their date, with their hilariously clumsy spying attempts. When a peeved Sarah assures Charles that her date is a gentleman, Charles has a heart-to-heart with him about the value of friends and the importance of "being yourself." Much to Charles' relief, Gary becomes likeable, Adam comes out of his hiding place and Jamie fixes her hair.moreless
  • Dorm Warnings
    Episode 10
    When Charles (Scott Baio) is named Student of the Year, local newspaper reporter Pat Walker (Barbara Rhoades) arrives at the house to interview him. When various family members overhear part of their conversation, they mistakenly conclude that Charles wants to leave the family and live in the college dorm where he would have more fun. Walter (James Callahan), in his typically tactless fashion, tells Charles if he wants to move out, he won't be missed. Charles takes the hint and moves in with Buddy. The fun of constant parties, however, soon wears of f and when Charles learns the kids really didn't want him to leave, he decides to move back with the Powells.moreless
  • 1/5/88
    Charles (Scott Baio) tries to end a feud between Walter (James Callahan) and Lillian (Ellen Travolta) by giving them each a ticket to a swing music concert. His plan works so well that they start out together for a weekend in Atlantic City, until a minor car accident in the driveway rekindles the feud.
    Charles is the sole eyewitness to the collision and each wants him to testify on their behalf. It is only when Charles announces he will tell the whole truth that Walter and Lillian admit they share responsibility for the accident and patch up their differences.moreless
  • Role Model
    Episode 8
    When Jamie (Nicole Eggert) enrolls in a modeling school, a suspicious Charles (Scott Baio) decides to investigate.He and Buddy (Willie Aames) enroll in order to expose the school as a fraud, though Jamie is infuriated with his interference. While sitting in on one of the classes, however, Charles sees Jamie transformed into a figure of poise and self—confidence. He finally admits he is wrong and encourages Jamie to continue the training, as long as she doesn't fall for the owner's inflated claims of instant fame and success.moreless
  • Piece of Cake
    Episode 7
    News of the sudden arrival of Commander Powell throws the household into chaos. Walter (James Callahan) and Ellen (Sandra Kerns) leave for the shipyard to meet him as Charles (Scott Baio), nervous about the impression he will make on the Commander, desperately struggles to put the house in order. The day is a series of calamities, but Charles' unflagging efforts somehow pull everything and everyone together, just in time for the discovery that the Commander's ship has been rerouted to another city. On behalf of the Commander, Walter thanks Charles for his efforts, unaware of just how good a job he did.moreless
  • Infatuation
    Episode 6
    Charles (Scott Baio) becomes infatuated with Trish (Susannah Woodside), a beautiful fashion model and the daughter of Walter's (James Callahan) friend. When he realizes this infatuation jeopardizes his relationship with his girlfriend Linda (Kris Greenberg), Charles attempts to break it of f, but not before giving Walter the impression that he will marry Trish. When Buddy (Willie Aames) finally tells Trish that Charles intends to marry Linda, and Trish passes the information on to Charles" girlfriend, Charles is almost off the hook. Linda declines his offer for now and Charles celebrates his narrow escape by taking Buddy to the dinner he wins in a raffle.moreless
  • Yule Laff
    Episode 5
    Charles (Scott Baio) suggests the family spend the Christmas holidays in the mountains, but when a storm leaves everyone but Walter (James Callahan) stranded in a cabin with no food, and a bear at the door, the adventure becomes more than they bargained for. Still, the family makes the best of things and manages to stir up some holiday spirit in spite of their predicament. In the middle of the night Adam (Alexander Polinsky) wakes to see a figure who looks like Santa Claus. The next morning when Walter arrives with food and the children's presents, extra gifts left by a mysterious visitor in the night add a Christmas miracle to the very special holiday.moreless
  • Speechless
    Episode 4
    When Charles' (Scott Baio) and Buddy's (Willie Aames) history teacher changes their team assignment from a written to an oral report, Charles insists that Buddy deliver the speech. Buddy, who learns about Charles' fear of speaking in public from Lillian (Ellen Travolta), decides to apply his study of psychology to the problem. He feigns laryngitis after leading the cheers at Adam's (Alexander Polinsky) football game and Charles is forced to give the speech at school, thereby conquering his fear.moreless
  • Baby Doll
    Episode 3
    Charles (Scott Baio) and Lillian (Ellen Travolta) are throwing a big opening night party to introduce the new chef of Sid's Pizza Parlor. Entrusted with $900 for promotion, Charles and Buddy (Willie Aames) plan to hire a famous musical group and interior decorator for the night, until the money is lost. Jamie (Nicole Eggert) suggests to Charles that he hire three of her friends, Tammy Townsend, Jemma Bosch and Andrea Palmer, who have formed a band called Baby Doll, to perform as the opening night entertainment. Charles angers Jamie by offhandedly rejecting her idea. Concerned with fixing up the restaurant for the gala celebration, Charles also rejects Sarah (Josie Davis) and Adam's (Alexander Polinsky) suggestion that they assist with decorating. In desperation at the last minute, Charles agrees to both offers, and Baby Doll and the decorations contribute to a successful opening.moreless
  • 9/17/87
    In the second of a two part series, Gwendolyn Pierce (Jennifer Runyon) tells Charles (Scott Baio) she will consider his proposal. A day later she accepts. However, when Charles suggests they announce their engagement, she hesitates, offering lame excuses. As Gwendolyn continues to delay, Charles realizes that she accepted his proposal to escape from parental pressures, and he advises her to return to California and work out her problems.moreless
  • 9/10/87
    Charles (Scott Baio) is surprised when his first love, Gwendolyn Pierce (Jennifer Runyon) comes to town. Although he doesn't know it, the visit is to make sure Gwendolyn is over Charles before she marries Richard, her boyfriend in California. However, both realize they still love each other, and Charles proposes to Gwendolyn at her going-away party at Sid's Pizza Parlor to keep her from leaving.moreless