Charles in Charge - Season 4

(ended 1990)


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  • Buddy's Daddy
    Episode 26
    With the Powell house being fumigated for termites Charles(Scott Baio)stays at Buddy's(Willie Aames)dorm, but with a party going everyday Charles can't get any studying done. Buddy's father Clarence(Lewis Arquette)arrives for a visit, Buddy immediately senses something is wrong. Clarence confides in Charles that he quit his job to spend more time with his wife, but after a couple of weeks he was driving her crazy and she threw him out and that she wants a divorce, he obviously can't tell Buddy the truth will kill him, Clarence tells Buddy the truth, and they have their first real father/son talk, Clarence's wife calls and tells Charles she'll take him back only if he gets rid of the dummy and the whoopie cushion, he agrees and goes back to California.moreless
  • Triple Threat
    Episode 25
    Charles and Buddy date girls that are twins. So Charles and Buddy accidentally kiss the opposite girls and get slapped. When Charles and Buddy see them with the girl. They think it is one girl, and she is a traitor. At the end she says We will see you at the Yesterday Cafe and if you cannot tell the difference then "GOODBYE". So they kiss the girl there and both get slapped and it turns out they are triplets.moreless
  • Big Bang
    Episode 24
    Charles (Scott Baio) has to write a paper about his childhood, so he asks his mother Lillian (Ellen Travolta) for some mementos when he was a baby, by looking at them she begins to cry when she realizes that he's not her little boy anymore, while working Buddy (Willie Aames) asks Charles if he could set up his science project in the kitchen, Sarah (Josie Davis) feels guilty about giving her favorite doll, so Charles is determined to get it back for her, Jamie(Nicole Eggert)has a date with Richard Travis (Blake Boyd) who is in the same chemistry class as Buddy and Charles, Richard is more interested in getting to know Jamie rather than talk. When Buddy's project blows up literally the whole kitchen is a mess, Charles's paper was caught in the middle, he has to write all over again he then realizes he'll write about the Powell children because he watched them grow up.moreless
  • Bad Boy
    Episode 23
    Charles(Scott Baio) becomes the tutor of an ex-con named Danny Holland(Rodney Eastman), Walter(James Callahan) doesn't want him anywhere near Sarah(Josie Davis), Adam(Alexander Polinsky)and Jamie(Nicole Eggert). Buddy(Willie Aames)smells something fishy about Danny and stops at nothing to catch him, Danny is reluctant to go back to high school to get his diploma, he'll do it for a date with Jamie, whom agrees, but calls off the date when Danny tells her they are taking the bus to the dance, to prevent from being embarrassed, she agrees. Danny tells Charles that being around him has made him a better person, he tells Jamie that he'll see her in high school next year.moreless
  • It's a Blunderfull Life
    Charles wants to teach the kids lessons and the grandfather set bad habits. He stops Walter from buying a lottery ticket.
  • 1/18/89
    In addition to growing financial concerns, Charles is worried about the bad habits the Powell kids are picking up from their grandfather Walter Powell. When Charles confronts him, Walter promises to set a better example. That night at the magazine store, Walter refrains from buying a lottery ticket when Charles reminds him of his promise. Instead, the next customer, Jake (Don Most), buys the winning ticket which, much to the dismay of the Powell family, is worth $100,000. Feeling responsible for ruining Walter's chance at striking it rich, Charles dreams of what life for the Powells would be like if he had not interfered.moreless
  • Aunt Vanessa
    Episode 21
    Jamie is determined to move to New York and live with Charles' Aunt Vanessa unless Charles can talk her into staying at home. When Jamie is offered the chance to finish high school at the Professional Performers School' in New York City, Walter agrees to give his permission if she finds a mature, adult female to live with her. Soon after, Charles' Aunt Vanessa from New York City arrives for a visit. Vanessa and Jamie discover they enjoy each others company, so Jamie asks Vanessa to be her guardian in order to finish high school in New York. Aunt Vanessa immediately volunteers . Walter, being a man of honor, has to agree to let Jamie go, but gives Charles the task of changing Jamie's mind since his aunt made it possible. While Jamie is busy packing for her move to New York, Charles tries in vain to persuade his aunt to reneg on her promise to take Jamie to New York. When that fails he parades her friends in front of her, telling her how much she'll miss them, her new boyfriend, being head cheerleader, and attending all the parties and dances. The effort proves successful when Jamie discovers she's not ready to leave as quickly as Aunt Vanessa. She decides to postpone the trip to New York for a couple of years. Written by Pete 1moreless
  • 5/24/89
    Charles(Scott Baio)has a pocket organizer, so that he can easily have time to do stuff, Jamie(Nicole Eggert)has to cook a meal for people, and they have to grade her work, Charles has an idea why don't Jamie cook for Sarah(Josie Davis)and her date David(Jerry O'Connell), Adam(Alexander Polinsky)has to prepare a birdhouse for wood shop, waiting until the last minute he asks Charles for help, Lillian(Ellen Travolta)is going to Brooklyn to see Uncle Joe, so she leaves Charles in Charge of the diner until she gets back, he can't do it so he gets Walter(James Callahan)to watch it, Jamie dresses and talks like Sarah, and Sarah dresses and talks like Jamie, David doesn't like it he likes Sarah they way she was. Charles returns home only to find out Jamie read a cook book and understood it, Sarah drew a picture of a birdhouse for Adam made it from looking at the picture, all without the use if his organizer.moreless
  • Charles Splits (2)
    Charles Splits (2)
    Episode 19
    He currently married the Girl and at the end we fond out thre "Queen Of Peace" person was a fake , so the marriage was not legal. At the end they hit him in the head and he is normal.
  • 1/9/89
    When "Chaz" brings his new bride Tiffany home to meet the Powell family, they are convinced that there is something drastically wrong with him. Both Lillian and Walter are shocked by the news and concerned about the future of the marriage. Suspecting that there is something physically wrong with Charles, Buddy asks Nurse Bennet to examine him and then look for ways to extricate Charles from the marriage. Meanwhile, Tiffany pays Lillian a surprise visit to inform her that she wants out of the marriage because "Chaz" refuses to let her have a life of her own. Finally, Jamie and Sarah recall that just before Charles became "Chaz" they heard him say "ow" in the laundry room, supporting the theory that he might be suffering from temporary amnesia.moreless
  • Charles Splits (1)
    Charles Splits (1)
    Episode 18
    Charles bangs his head in the Wash room in his room downstairs. He now thinks his name is Chas and he falls in love with one of these gumn chewing, letter, jacket girls. He now acts like THE FONZ Type. At the end he marry this girl with the Queen of Peace.moreless
  • 1/8/89
    Charles becomes involved with a new girlfriend, Jocelyn, and his outlook on life starts changing. Buddy and Adam are the first to notice the difference when Charles counsels Adam on his response to a neighborhood bully. Typically, Charles would advise a get-tough approach, but this time he tells Adam to extend his hand in friendship. Jamie and Sarah also think Charles' behavior is strange, particularly when he maintains his passive approach after learning that Adam was punched by the bully. So no one seems to think it odd when Charles starts calling himself "Chaz." Jocelyn notices the change in Charles/"Chaz" because while they are on a date, he dumps her for Tiffany, an airhead in a tight skirt.moreless
  • Poetic License
    Episode 17
    Jamie(Nicole Eggert)needs a float for a parade, so Adam(Alexander Polinsky)builds a six-foot paper mache Dinosaur in the middle of the living room, Walter(James Callahan)protests and wants the thing Charles(Scott Baio)to get rid of it, Charles and Buddy(Willie Aames)get invited to a Poetry Seminar, needing a poem to get in he borrows one of Sarah's(Josie Davis)after he reads it to everyone, Luanne(Judie Aronson)publishes it in her magazine much to Sarah's chagrin, when she learns that her poem was published in Charles's name, she gets mad at Charles, her teacher thinks she copied it from the magazine, she flunked and got suspended from school, so it's up to Charles to fix things, so he decides to tell Sarah's teacher Mr. Worley(Graham Jarvis)and asks him to come over and everything will be straightened out, he tells Luanne the truth and offers Sarah to print her poetry in her magazine, and still goes out with Charles because she chose him not because he can write poetry.moreless
  • Second Banana
    Episode 16
    Lillian(Ellen Travolta)announces that there's going to be a commercial filmed at her diner, and when Jamie(Nicole Eggert)learns of it she tries to get the job by showing off her modeling talent, Charles(Scott Baio)is reluctant not to let Jamie get her hopes up, but when Veronica(Barbara Bush)sees a fresh 50's look, Charles assumes that she wants Jamie, but she wants Sarah(Josie Davis), Charles doesn't have the heart to tell her the truth, but when he does, he says that he got her a part in the commercial, but as a "Dancing Banana". Buddy(Willie Aames)takes the Banana Gig, but when it's time to shoot the commercial, Jamie steps in the Banana costume and does a great job with Walter(James Callahan)and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)looking on.moreless
  • Walter's War
    Episode 15
    Walter tries to impress a woman who's a World War II buff with his war souvenirs, only to discover they don't mean as much to him as he originally believed. Walter falls in love with Julia , a WWII buff, and invites her over to the Powell home for dinner to impress her with his war memorabilia. Unfortunately, he forgot that he ordered Charles to throw them out when he cleaned the house. To remedy the situation, Walter decides to borrow some replicas from his veteran group, the John Paul Jones Society. He has an authentic looking bomb, Japanese sword and flag delivered to the house. At dinner that night, Charles joins Walter in impressing Julia with the war memorabilia. But after a while, Walter starts to feel guilty about lying and confesses the truth to Julia. He also realizes that the souvenirs weren't that important to him, he just kept them to make his 35 years in the navy feel more important . While Walter plays down the significance of the souvenirs, Charles discovers a medal Walter received for saving the lives of three shipmates. Walter feels proud but realizes that he doesn't want to live in the past anymore. Written by Pete 1moreless
  • 3/23/89
    Jamie(Nicole Eggert)comes home from Tennis Camp with a completely new attitude which confuses Sara(Josie Davis)and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)even Walter(James Callahan), when Charles(Scott Baio)and Buddy(Willie Aames)discover that Jamie has been recruited by a cult leader named Abba-Khan(Charles Nelson Reilly)Charles has a really difficult time believing it, he sets out to prove that Abba-Khan is a fraud who is only in it for the money, but Jamie refuses to listen to him, so Charles sets up a seance for the cult members, Buddy then transforms into "Crouton", they believe him, they then follow him around everywhere to get answers from "Crouton". When Abba reveals his true colors by admitting that it is a fraud and offers Charles and Buddy 20% of the take, he then leaves and Jamie overheard everything, the family is just thrilled to have the old Jamie back.moreless
  • A Fish Called Buddy
    Episode 13
    Charles(Scott Baio)has been let down by Buddy(Willie Aames) again when he forgets to pick up Adam(Alexander Polinsky)for the Dentist, they have a huge argument which practically ends their friendship, but when Buddy has a terrible accident that puts him in a coma, Charles quickly rushes to his side, he has a dream that Buddy and him are older, and Charles is on trial for killing Jamie's husband, and Buddy is the presiding judge, and when he forgets to give him an acquittal, he then kills Buddy by accident, he then wakes up and Buddy wakes up from his coma and forgets the argument they had.moreless
  • Chargin' Charles
    Episode 12
    Charles(Scott Baio)learns that Daphne Prentiss(Eva LaRue)is back in town from France, Buddy(Willie Aames)says that she wants to see Charles. Meanwhile, Charles gets a new credit card in the mail, but it only has a $500.00 limit, Jamie(Nicole Eggert)needs a new skirt, Charles lets her use the card only if she pays him back, she agrees, Sarah(Josie Davis)needs stuff for school stuff, so she uses Charles credit card, when Adam(Alexander Polinsky)learns of this he orders a BMX bike with his card, Charles is out on a date with Daphne at a restaurant, but when it came time to pay the check, his credit card was rejected, and when the kids feel terrible, so they decide to make it up to him by planning a dinner for him and Daphne with disastrous results.moreless
  • Still at Large
    Episode 11
    After watching a program "Still At Large" Charles(Scott Baio) recognizes one of the people as Jamie's teacher Nancy Beauman(Sally Struthers)to get the proof they need he and Buddy(Willie Aames) crash Nancy's woman's group dressed as women, they get the evidence and leave, when Charles confronts Nancy with the information, she decides to stop running and tell Jamie the truth and turn herself into the F.B.I.moreless
  • Fatal Obsession
    Episode 10
    At a camp Charles' tent falls over so he sleeps in a tent with a female staff member. Afterwards, she begins to follow Charles around and he soon discovers that she is in love with him.
  • Ladies' Night Out
    Episode 9
    Jamie(Nicole Eggert)and Sarah(Josie Davis)plan to go to Club Dread, but when Charles(Scott Baio)and Buddy(Willie Aames)catch Jamie getting ready he says no way, when Walter(James Callahan) gets wind of their plan, he says you'll go to that club over my dead body, when Adam(Alexander Polinksy) figures out the they plan to sneak out of the house, Charles and Buddy plan to catch them in the act, by waiting for them to make the first move, they eventually catch them but the had already snuck out their bedroom window, they return to their room, having a prowler in the area Walter, so the Police pick up Charles and Buddy by mistake, and the next day Jamie, Sarah and Adam apologize for what they did.moreless
  • Adam See, Adam Do
    Episode 8
    Adam(Alexander Polinsky)has a date with Heather Curtis(Kellie Martin), he studies Charles(Scott Baio)on his date with Stephanie(Erika Eleniak)to know what to do, when Charles realizes that Heather and Stephanie are sisters, Mr. Curtis(Greg Mullavey) forbids Stephanie to see Charles again, Adam shows up with Heather on a double date with Stephanie and Charles, but when Charles gives Heather some very important advice, she realizes that he is right. Jamie(Nicole Eggert) and Sarah(Josie Davis) try to help in the situation with Adam.moreless
  • Walter Gets a Dodo
    Episode 7
    Charles(Scott Baio)is preparing to help Buddy(Willie Aames)with a slide show presentation, he then tells him that something always comes up at the last minute, he gets a phone call from Professor Bunt(David Agress)who tells him that his sister Dodo is coming to town and that he wants Charles to entertain her while he's away, so not breaking a promise to his best friend Charles decides to fix her up with Walter(James Callahan), to take her to the John Paul Jones Society, when Dodo(Marcia Wallace)shows up she wasn't Walter was expecting, when Charles and Buddy come home they see Dodo and Walter kissing in the kitchen and announces that they are getting married, she then later changes her mind when she finds out that she will become a grandmother to Jamie(Nicole Eggert), Adam(Alexander Polinsky)and Sarah(Josie Davis), Dodo says she's to young to be a grandma so she decides not to marry Walter or her other fiance.moreless
  • Duelling Presleys
    Duelling Presleys
    Episode 6
    Lillian(Ellen Travolta)hires and Elvis impersonator(Peter Willcox), who is supposed to sing at the diner, Walter offers for him to stay in Charles room, but when he starts to sing to Buddy(Willie Aames), he then regrets it, when he starts talking like a human being Charles(Scott Baio)learns he only became Elvis to forget about a lost love, who then later says that he's not gonna be Elvis anymore, this causes trouble for his mother, Stephanie(Erika Eleniak)says that she is through with Charles if she brings up Elvis again. Lillian shows up to get Elvis but she's shocked to see that Buddy has replaced him, so what's a woman to do, she does the performance herself.moreless
  • Dueling Presleys
    Episode 6
    Lillian thinks that an Elvis impersonator would attract patrons to the diner. But when the King arrives, the Powell family discovers there is nothing simple about hosting a deceased superstar's double, especially since for security reasons, he will not stay in a hotel. Since Elvis only sleeps during the day, Charles, who has been nominated to share a bedroom with the entertainer, is kept awake all night by his rehearsing. Elvis confides in Charles that his name is really Wendell, and the reason he became Elvis was to avoid getting hurt after the love of his life walked out on him.moreless
  • Yesterday Cafe
    Episode 5
    Lillian(Ellen Travolta)she has put a down payment on a restaurant and plans to turn it into a diner from the 1950's calling it the "Yesterday Cafe". Charles(Scott Baio)has to teach a couple of students about "American History", but if they fail they get thrown off the football team, so Charles approaches Professor Krick(Mark L. Taylor)about going easy on them, he refuses and tells Charles if they don't pass, he can start looking for a new career, so he decides to give them any test he wants, Victor(Ed Beechner) and Eugene(Peter Parros)think it's boring at first until Walter(James Callahan) and Lillian tells them everything that went on during the 50's and they go to the diner to look up information and they eventually pass the test with flying colors.moreless
  • Room at the Bottom
    Episode 4
    With Ellen(Sandra Kerns)out of town for a few days Walter(James Callahan)decides to redo the basement into a rec-room for the family and turn Charles's room into an office for Ellen, but when Lillian(Ellen Travolta)leaves for a restaurateur's convention Charles(Scott Baio)stays at her apartment with Anthony(Justin Whalin), Adam(Alexander Polinsky)has to write a book report on Oliver Twist but in stead Anthony gives him the movie to watch. When Lillian's plane gets fogged in Charles returns to the Powell house, when Charles catches Jamie(Nicole Eggert) with a boy in his room, Charles chooses not to tell Walter, who fires Charles, Walter then rehires Charles when he hears about the boy in Jamie's room, he then announces he has turned the new rec-room into Charles's new bedroom.moreless
  • Sting of Pearls
    Episode 3
    Walter Powell puts Charles in charge of hiding a pearl necklace from the children's mother until her birthday, but the task becomes more difficult with the arrival of Julie Mercer, the Powell's former babysitter. When Julie upstages Charles several times in front of the Powells, he begins to lose his confidence as caretaker of the household and keeper of the pearls. Buddy mentions that it appears Julie is plotting to get her old job back by making Charles look incompetent.moreless
  • A Sting of Pearls
    A Sting of Pearls
    Episode 3
    It all began when the Girl's father sends a string of pearls for Ellen Powell for their anniversary. The Powell's old babysitter shows up a very attractive blonde. The children are doing every thing with her in stead of Charles. Buddy thinks she is trying to take Charles' place. So Charles hides the string of Pearls in a trophy in his downstairs room. He told Mr. Powell that when the baby-sitter was there. So when he went down it wasn't their. Jamie is at the top of the steps and in the living room she sees the baby-sitter putting the necklace under the sofa. The next day when day when Grandfather Powell wants the necklace, Charles tries to make up excuses and the old baby-sitter is looking under the sofa and it is not there. Sara, Jamie, and Adam come down with it wrapped. The reason the Old babysitter did that was because she wanted her job back.moreless
  • 12/29/88
    Charles(Scott Baio) is in charge of a study group that meets in his bedroom, when Professor Flack(Raf Mauro) asks to be careful about a student named Muffy(Susan Jennifer Sullivan), when Professor asks Charles to grade the term papers, after reading Muffy's term paper about Moby Dick, he gives her an A, but Professor Flack that the paper deserves a D, and he gives Charles to change her grade or look for a new career, he does, but he the goes with Buddy(Willie Aames) to break into his office and change the grade back to an A, When they hear Professor Flack coming down the hall, he catches Buddy, while Charles was hiding under his desk, when Charles learned that reading Muffy's term paper encouraged Jamie(Nicole Eggert)to read Moby Dick, the Professor says that Muffy can keep her A.moreless
  • 12/23/88
    Ellen(Sandra Kerns)gets a phone call from some man Buddy(Willie Aames)thinks that she has a boyfriend until he and Charles sees the two of them kissing in the kitchen, it turns out it was her husband Commander Robert Powell(James O'Sullivan), Jamie(Nicole Eggert) and Adam(Alexander Polinsky) are delighted to have their father home Charles(Scott Baio)wants to make a good impression on Commander Powell's visit, when Charles sees Sarah(Josie Davis)being arrested on the news for protesting her fathers ship, he does whatever he can to stop him from watching it on the 11:00 news, Sarah eventually tells her father that she does not like nuclear weapons, and admires her honesty, and he abolishes Charles for being a good influence on his children while he was away.moreless