Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 16

Second Banana

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 1989 on
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Lillian(Ellen Travolta)announces that there's going to be a commercial filmed at her diner, and when Jamie(Nicole Eggert)learns of it she tries to get the job by showing off her modeling talent, Charles(Scott Baio)is reluctant not to let Jamie get her hopes up, but when Veronica(Barbara Bush)sees a fresh 50's look, Charles assumes that she wants Jamie, but she wants Sarah(Josie Davis), Charles doesn't have the heart to tell her the truth, but when he does, he says that he got her a part in the commercial, but as a "Dancing Banana". Buddy(Willie Aames)takes the Banana Gig, but when it's time to shoot the commercial, Jamie steps in the Banana costume and does a great job with Walter(James Callahan)and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)looking on.moreless

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      • Sarah: Jamie, I'm glad your here, I'm a nervous wreck
        Jamie: Snap out of it Sarah, look if I can be a banana you can star in a commercial

      • Charles: Jamie, listen to me there's an old saying in show business, they're are no small parts, just small actors
        Jamie: Oh, great now your making fun of me for being short

      • Todd: Where are my bananas? Veronica promised me I'd have two dancing bananas. Why does she always wait until the last minute to hire produce

      • Charles: Buddy, I couldn't ask Veronica to hire you as a director
        Buddy: Why not? Because I'm some sort of a babbling idiot?
        Charles: No? But that is on the list

      • Sarah: You mean your sacrificing your moral standards to help Jamie's career?
        Charles: Yes?

      • Charles: Jamie, I told you I would do what I could, you gotta let me do this thing my way
        Jamie: Okay, but did you mention my name yet?
        Charles: Yes, to Freddy Krueger, if you come down here again he'll be waiting for you

      • Buddy: Aunt Lillian, What did you do to your arm?
        Charles: I told you Buddy, she tripped on the cord while vacuuming
        Lillian: Charles, I've been telling everyone I broke it skiing in the Swiss Alps
        Charles: Mom, you can't just lie to people like that
        Lillian: Your right, from now on I'll tell them I broke it vacuuming in the Swiss Alps

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