Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 16

Second Banana

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 1989 on



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    • Sarah: Jamie, I'm glad your here, I'm a nervous wreck
      Jamie: Snap out of it Sarah, look if I can be a banana you can star in a commercial

    • Charles: Jamie, listen to me there's an old saying in show business, they're are no small parts, just small actors
      Jamie: Oh, great now your making fun of me for being short

    • Todd: Where are my bananas? Veronica promised me I'd have two dancing bananas. Why does she always wait until the last minute to hire produce

    • Charles: Buddy, I couldn't ask Veronica to hire you as a director
      Buddy: Why not? Because I'm some sort of a babbling idiot?
      Charles: No? But that is on the list

    • Sarah: You mean your sacrificing your moral standards to help Jamie's career?
      Charles: Yes?

    • Charles: Jamie, I told you I would do what I could, you gotta let me do this thing my way
      Jamie: Okay, but did you mention my name yet?
      Charles: Yes, to Freddy Krueger, if you come down here again he'll be waiting for you

    • Buddy: Aunt Lillian, What did you do to your arm?
      Charles: I told you Buddy, she tripped on the cord while vacuuming
      Lillian: Charles, I've been telling everyone I broke it skiing in the Swiss Alps
      Charles: Mom, you can't just lie to people like that
      Lillian: Your right, from now on I'll tell them I broke it vacuuming in the Swiss Alps

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