Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 6

Slumber Party

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1984 on
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Charles and Gwendolyn had a fight over something rather trivial, and suddenly he feels he doesn't want to deal with the whole WOMEN issue. He's had it with women! He looks around the Pembroke house and realizes that Lila is having all her girlfriends over for a slumber party. He is trapped in the house full of women, and although Buddy drops in and has agreed to stay with him, they are outnumbered. When he and Buddy finally escape to his room to be alone, they find that they are not alone there either.moreless

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  • Charles and Gwendolyn have a meaningless fight and he states that he has had enough of women, which is unfortunate because Lila is having a slumber party that night and Charles and Buddy will be responsible for a group of teenage girls.moreless

    After a fight with Gwendolyn, Charles swears off women and Buddy loyally agrees with him. Unfortunately for poor Charles, his troubles occur on the same night that Lila is having a slumber party with several of her friends from school in attendance. Charles, however, is happy because it's his night off and therefore, Mrs. Pembroke is going to be responsible for the girls.

    Things don't quite go according to plan when Mrs. Pembroke is called away to urgently help a relative and with Stan and the boys already out of the house, Charles and Buddy are left to look after the giggling, squealing girls.

    During the course of the evening, the hapless young men are treated to stories of teenage crushes, romantic aspirations and displays of just what can be cooked up when a group of girls invade a kitchen!

    Unable to stand anymore, they head for the safety of Charles's bedroom, only to find it already occupied by Lila's friend Enid, a rather odd girl with a passion for horses.

    If you haven't seen this episode, then you should definitely watch it. Guest appearances by gymnast Julianne McNamara, Samantha Smith and Christina Applegate add to an hilarious piece of television comedy. It's great!moreless
  • Charles and Gwendolyn have a fight causing Charles to swear off women for the night, only to find that Lila's having 8 of her friends over for a sleepover.

    Of the first season(which by the way is the only season I've seen) this episode is without a doubt my favorite. The fight between Charles and Gwendolyn may seem petty, but it's pettiness brings a lot of the comedy to this great episode. If you'll look closely you'll see a cameo by a young Christina Applegate playing one of Lila's friends.

    Enid and her horses are great as usual, the I never want to hear about women again part is just uproarious. The part with Harold Lempsky inspired me to make a new screen name. Like I classified it, this episode is a classic, from the truth game, to Harold Lempsky, to salads, and baking, Slumber Party is fantastic.moreless

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    • (Charles sees Enid's horses on his bed)
      Charles: Enid?
      Enid: Yes?
      Charles: This is my room, this is not Montana.

    • Stan: Well, Charles, it takes a long time to understand women, but when you reach the right age, it all becomes easy.
      Charles: Really? Well, when's the right age?
      Stan: I'll let you know when I get there.

    • Charles: Please don't mention women to me.
      Heather: Sara Lee!
      Stacy: Aunt Jemima!
      Lila, Stacy and Heather: Betty Crocker!

    • Douglas: What is ready? What is up? The master says "All Action is Relative" and the disciple answers.
      Jason: I'm not your disciple! And I'm sorry I'm your relative.

    • Buddy: Are you sure we're gonna make it to your room alive?
      Charles: We've got to Buddy, out here in the open we're sitting ducks.
      Paula: Here I come again!
      Charles: It's Thackery hit it!

    • Gwendolyn: I do not appreciate your decible level because of my preference for lettuce.
      Charles: Women.
      Gwendolyn: I heard that.
      Charles: Of course you did rabbit food, rabbit ears.

    • Lila: I'm waiting for Mr. Right.
      Paula: I'm waiting for Mr. Wonderful.
      Enid: I'm waiting for Mr. Ed.

    • Buddy: We're not gonna make it Charles, we're gonna die in this jungle, two lives snuffed out by some bizarre pajama ritual.

    • Douglas: What is love? What is out?
      Jason: What is pain?!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Samantha Smith, 12-year-old from Maine, wrote a letter to the late Soviet Premier Andrei Andropov and was invited by him to visit the Soviet Union. She joins Julianne McNamara, triple medal-winning Olympic gymnast who appeared in a previous episode, in a cameo role in this episode.


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