Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 6

Slumber Party

Aired Unknown Nov 14, 1984 on



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    • (Charles sees Enid's horses on his bed)
      Charles: Enid?
      Enid: Yes?
      Charles: This is my room, this is not Montana.

    • Stan: Well, Charles, it takes a long time to understand women, but when you reach the right age, it all becomes easy.
      Charles: Really? Well, when's the right age?
      Stan: I'll let you know when I get there.

    • Charles: Please don't mention women to me.
      Heather: Sara Lee!
      Stacy: Aunt Jemima!
      Lila, Stacy and Heather: Betty Crocker!

    • Douglas: What is ready? What is up? The master says "All Action is Relative" and the disciple answers.
      Jason: I'm not your disciple! And I'm sorry I'm your relative.

    • Buddy: Are you sure we're gonna make it to your room alive?
      Charles: We've got to Buddy, out here in the open we're sitting ducks.
      Paula: Here I come again!
      Charles: It's Thackery hit it!

    • Gwendolyn: I do not appreciate your decible level because of my preference for lettuce.
      Charles: Women.
      Gwendolyn: I heard that.
      Charles: Of course you did rabbit food, rabbit ears.

    • Lila: I'm waiting for Mr. Right.
      Paula: I'm waiting for Mr. Wonderful.
      Enid: I'm waiting for Mr. Ed.

    • Buddy: We're not gonna make it Charles, we're gonna die in this jungle, two lives snuffed out by some bizarre pajama ritual.

    • Douglas: What is love? What is out?
      Jason: What is pain?!

  • Notes

    • Samantha Smith, 12-year-old from Maine, wrote a letter to the late Soviet Premier Andrei Andropov and was invited by him to visit the Soviet Union. She joins Julianne McNamara, triple medal-winning Olympic gymnast who appeared in a previous episode, in a cameo role in this episode.

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