Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 11

Still at Large

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1989 on



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    • Jamie: Maybe the FBI won't even remember your case?
      Nancy: Well, they better it was humiliating enough, when they dropped me from their ten most wanted list

    • Nancy: I should've realized, your a good looking man Charles, but lord your an ugly woman

    • Buddy: Here's what you do, call the FBI, but don't tell them anything
      Charles: You know Buddy? on the evolutionary scale, your just a small step above wood

    • Charles: I can't do that Buddy, you heard what Jamie said Ms. Beauman is very important to her, I can't make accusations without proof
      Buddy: What kind of proof?
      Charles: Solid proof
      Buddy: How solid?
      Charles: As solid as that block between your ears

    • Jamie: I've decided to go to Saxton college
      Nancy: Oh, that's were I got my B.A.
      Buddy: Bachelor of Arson

    • Jamie: What are you guys saying about Ms. Beauman?
      Charles: Nice things? What a wonderful teacher?
      Buddy: Oh, yeah she's a real barn burner alright

    • Sarah: No, Adam I'm gonna watch the Poets Corner on cable
      Adam: Forget it, Sarah, I'm watching curse of the slime people
      Sarah: You are the curse of the slime people

    • Charles: Maybe it's like when you lose one sense, another sense becomes more acute
      Sarah: Yeah, that's it Charles, Jamie sprained her ankle and all of a sudden her head works

    • Sarah: Charles, come quickly
      Charles: What? What is it? What's wrong?
      Sarah: It's Jamie, she's reading

  • Notes

    • Sandra Kerns(Ellen)did not appear in this episode.
      Ellen Travolta(Lillian)appeared but she had no lines.

    • This was Justin Whalin's(Anthony)final epsiode, he remained in the credits for a few more episodes then he's taken off.

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