Charles in Charge

Season 5 Episode 1

Summer Together, Fall Apart

Aired Unknown Nov 15, 1989 on
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Charles(Scott Baio)and the Powell's return from vacation in the mountains. he tells Buddy(Willie Aames)what a great time they had, Sarah(Josie Davis)was miserable the whole time. Jamie(Nicole Eggert) and Adam(Alexander Polinsky)complained about Charles telling them what to do the whole vacation, Walter(James Callahan)didn't enjoy himself that much, Ellen(Sandra Kerns)said it was the most stressful three weeks of her life, with the kids fed up about rules Charles announces that there are no more rules. Walter feels that he is no longer needed and he leaves and moves in with Lillian(Ellen Travolta). Jamie has a party, Sarah invites a homeless man to live with them, Adam gets a pet snake, in the end they begin to understand that they need rules. It turns out that the homeless man was Preston(Tony Dow)Adam's music teacher, who likes to dress down on his summer vacation. Walter and Ellen return home thinking they were needed, noticing the house was a mess they all pitch in to help clean up.moreless

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      • Buddy: Rules were made to protect us.
        Jamie: Yeah, we know, we love having rules.
        Buddy: You do? Then why am I here?
        Charles: For comedy relief.

      • Charles: Sarah, you know I changed my mind? Preston can stay in my room?
        Sarah: Oh, thank you Charles, he'll be really happy.
        Buddy: And really surprised.
        Charles: I just hope he isn't hungry?
        Jamie: Preston?
        Charles: No, the snake?

      • Jamie: Charles, would you please tell Sarah to leave me alone?
        Charles: I can't no rules.
        Sarah: Tell Jamie to get these people outta here?
        Charles: Sorry wrong number.

      • Adam: I have one problem Charles?
        Charles: What's that?
        Adam: I just found out that snakes like this one only eat live mice, I can't feed live mice to a live snake?
        Charles: Oh, sure you can Adam, Just tell the mice that there are no rules?

      • Charles: Can you come over tonight?
        Buddy: No?
        Charles: No?
        Buddy: Well, okay but I can only stay for a little while, I got another sorority party to go to, last night I got to drive home the beautiful but intoxicated Connie Adams, we have a very close relationship Charles my next step is to get her to stop drinking so she'll recognize me in the daytime.

      • Buddy: Charles! Charles! This designated driver program is incredible last night I got to drive home the beautiful but intoxicated Marie Baxter, she really likes me Charles, she looked me right in the eye and said (speaking gibberish).
        Charles: Good, Good, Now you both speak the same language.

      • Ellen: Oh, I'm sorry Charles, but between the kids constant complaining and your unrelenting cheerfulness, that was the most stressful three weeks of my entire life.

      • Charles: Tell Uncle Buddy here how much fun we had sitting around the campfire singing those old folk songs.
        Jamie: You sang Charles, we listened, now when do you call "Born to be Wild" an old folk song.

      • Buddy: Hey! Hey! Charles welcome home.
        Charles: Thanks, your here waiting for me? You just come over to suck your face off.

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