Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 13

The Commotion

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1985 on
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Charles is pushed for time; the strain shows on his face; he has to meet a deadline for his school paper. His scholarship depends on it, and he has been assigned to write the paper with someone -- his friend Buddy Lembeck. He needs to concentrate, but the noise around him is deafening. Lila has a loud conversation with her girlfriend on the telephone. Stan and Jill are arguing, and Jason and Douglas are trying to put it on tape. Furthermore, Buddy shows up and tells Charles that he has finished with his part of the assignment. Gwendolyn wants to buy a used car and she would like for Charles to look at the car for her as soon as possible —- like that night! Jill rushes out of the house to review a new Chinese restaurant but comes back soon, and then resumes the argument with her husband. In the meantime, Douglas made Jason disappear through what he calls a scientific experiment. Then Charles has to explain to Douglas that you can argue with someone --or disagree -- and still love each other. And that is exactly what is happening with his parents. There is no end to all the commotion, and Charles knows he is in trouble until the Pembrokes decide to go out to dinner and give Charles time to finish his school paper in peace.moreless

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  • Charles is under mounting pressure to finish an important college paper but the Pembrokes and Gwendolyn are making his life very difficult.

    It seems as though nothing is going right for Charles when he has a vital college paper due on which his continuing scholarship depends. Trying to work on the paper is proving imposssible as Stan and Jill are arguing loudly, Lila is incessantly chatting on the phone to a friend and Jason and Douglas are just being boys. To top it all off, Gwendolyn wants Charles to go and look at a second-hand car that she is thinking of buying.

    As the strain on Charles mounts up, Jill and Stan continue fighting, the children become worried and Charles is convinced that he won't be able to finish his paper.

    Finally, after a discussion with the kids about arguments not having anything to do with whether or not people love each other, Stan and Jill take the three youngsters out to dinner so that Charles can study and write in peace.

    A pretty dull episode but Scott Baio is excellent as the perpetually harrassed Charles just trying to get his paper finished.moreless

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    • Charles: Mr. Pembroke, you knew what was going on?
      Stan: Charles, Confucius also say, "fighting parents just angry, not stupid."

    • Lila: Charles, the arc doesn't last very long, if I'm gonna have any chance at all to get the 31 dollars for the phone bill I have to act now.
      Charles: What arc?
      Lila: Parental arc, if you catch parents at the apex of the arc, you can get anything you want, don't look at me like that Charles, this stuff is documented.

    • Buddy: Boy, writing this stuff yourself is tough.
      Charles: Buddy, you act as if you've never written a paper before.
      Buddy: I haven't! I've always copied it out of the encyclopedia.
      Charles: And teacher's still pass you?
      Buddy: They expect it of me.

    • Douglas: First I got the quarters from the audience.
      Charles: You do this for money?
      Douglas: I look at it this way, they're funding my scientific research.

    • Gwendolyn: I really want this car, what should I do?
      Stan: Check the oil.

    • Gwendolyn: Buddy! Charles! The most wonderful thing has happened.
      Buddy: They're putting Gilligan's Island back on TV?
      Charles: I don't believe it.
      Buddy: Oh, hey, come on, there was a time when you would've killed for Ginger or Mary Ann and you know it.

    • Buddy: "In Ancient Rome, Bacchanalia was a contributory factor to the eventual dissolution of the empire." Those guys in togas were part animals?
      Charles: And I thought we were in trouble.

    • Charles: Now, who is the last person on earth that you would wanna be paired with
      Lila, Jason and Douglas: Buddy!
      Charles: Right.
      Buddy: Wow! How'd you do that?

    • Charles: Where's Douglas? I hate it when I can't see Douglas.

    • Charles: Parents always use the longest version of your name when they're angry. The more trouble you're in, the longer your name gets.
      Jason: You're right! When my mother goes Jason Michael Pembroke, I'm a dead beagle.

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