Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 13

The Commotion

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1985 on

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  • Charles is under mounting pressure to finish an important college paper but the Pembrokes and Gwendolyn are making his life very difficult.

    It seems as though nothing is going right for Charles when he has a vital college paper due on which his continuing scholarship depends. Trying to work on the paper is proving imposssible as Stan and Jill are arguing loudly, Lila is incessantly chatting on the phone to a friend and Jason and Douglas are just being boys. To top it all off, Gwendolyn wants Charles to go and look at a second-hand car that she is thinking of buying.

    As the strain on Charles mounts up, Jill and Stan continue fighting, the children become worried and Charles is convinced that he won't be able to finish his paper.

    Finally, after a discussion with the kids about arguments not having anything to do with whether or not people love each other, Stan and Jill take the three youngsters out to dinner so that Charles can study and write in peace.

    A pretty dull episode but Scott Baio is excellent as the perpetually harrassed Charles just trying to get his paper finished.