Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 13

The Commotion

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1985 on



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    • Charles: Mr. Pembroke, you knew what was going on?
      Stan: Charles, Confucius also say, "fighting parents just angry, not stupid."

    • Lila: Charles, the arc doesn't last very long, if I'm gonna have any chance at all to get the 31 dollars for the phone bill I have to act now.
      Charles: What arc?
      Lila: Parental arc, if you catch parents at the apex of the arc, you can get anything you want, don't look at me like that Charles, this stuff is documented.

    • Buddy: Boy, writing this stuff yourself is tough.
      Charles: Buddy, you act as if you've never written a paper before.
      Buddy: I haven't! I've always copied it out of the encyclopedia.
      Charles: And teacher's still pass you?
      Buddy: They expect it of me.

    • Douglas: First I got the quarters from the audience.
      Charles: You do this for money?
      Douglas: I look at it this way, they're funding my scientific research.

    • Gwendolyn: I really want this car, what should I do?
      Stan: Check the oil.

    • Gwendolyn: Buddy! Charles! The most wonderful thing has happened.
      Buddy: They're putting Gilligan's Island back on TV?
      Charles: I don't believe it.
      Buddy: Oh, hey, come on, there was a time when you would've killed for Ginger or Mary Ann and you know it.

    • Buddy: "In Ancient Rome, Bacchanalia was a contributory factor to the eventual dissolution of the empire." Those guys in togas were part animals?
      Charles: And I thought we were in trouble.

    • Charles: Now, who is the last person on earth that you would wanna be paired with
      Lila, Jason and Douglas: Buddy!
      Charles: Right.
      Buddy: Wow! How'd you do that?

    • Charles: Where's Douglas? I hate it when I can't see Douglas.

    • Charles: Parents always use the longest version of your name when they're angry. The more trouble you're in, the longer your name gets.
      Jason: You're right! When my mother goes Jason Michael Pembroke, I'm a dead beagle.

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