Charles in Charge

Season 2 Episode 4

The Loan Arranger

Aired Unknown Jan 24, 1987 on
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Charles loses his student loan because of government budget cuts. Jamie has the family perform in her semi-modernized play about the purchase of Manhattan.

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      • Charles: Let me get this straight, the only way I can borrow money is if I owe money or have money, but if I owe money I can't afford to borrow money, and if I have money I don't need to borrow money, so I can't borrow money cause I don't have the money in which to borrow it.
        Stanley: Very good, college certainly wasn't wasted on you.

      • Stanley: Good morning, folks, how can I help you today? Oops, deja vu.

      • Sarah: Bloomingdale's? Jamie, the Indians never heard of Bloomingdale's.
        Jamie: Sarah, everybody's heard of Bloomingdale's.

      • Charles: I've received this is the mail and it says that my student loan status is under review, and I just-you know I just wondered what it means.
        Stanley: It means your student loan status is under review.

      • Charles: I don't want anybody worrying about my student loan all I need is a little bit of luck.
        Walter: Charles, luck has nothing to do with it, learn to stand up for justice, learn to fight for your rights, then when they cancel your loan learn the words to "Anchor's Away".

      • Ellen: Charles, Charles wait! Dad, the government is reviewing his student loan they couldn't cancel it could they?
        Walter: Ellen, the government can do anything it darn well pleases, that's what makes this a free country.

      • Buddy: Jamie, Charles has a lot on his mind, I on the other hand have nothing on mine.

      • Jamie: Charles, my leading man.
        Charles: Jamie, my main mama, what is it.

      • Buddy: I read your horoscope today and it says "Scorpio's" will have great financial success.
        Charles: I'm a Virgo.
        Buddy: Oh, well, in that case because of your open nature your friends will betray you.
        Charles: Thank you.
        Buddy: What are friends for.

      • Walter: All the members of the JPJ's wear this hat, the JPJ's Charles, the John Paul Jones society.
        Buddy: Isn't it that group of people that buries you at sea for 25 dollars.

      • Charles: They could cancel my loan Buddy, if they cancel my loan, I have to quit school, no education, no education, no job, no food, I'm looking at a lifetime of ignorance poverty and debt.

      • Stanley: I see you got an A in Medieval Architecture.
        Charles: Yes, Sir.
        Stanley: Big bucks in that field.

      • Stanley: Charles, may I call you Charles?
        Charles: Oh certainly may I call you Stanley?
        Stanley: No.

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