Charles in Charge

Season 3 Episode 14

The Pickle Plot

Aired Unknown Feb 10, 1988 on



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    • Charles: I just have one quick question, here are my options I can either quit school and get a job that'll pay me a lot of money or stay in school and find a degree in something that I might love, now can you look at my aptitude test and tell me what to do.
      Stanley: Of course Charles.
      Charles: Thank you.
      Stanley: There I looked, and now I'll tell you what to do, come back tomorrow at 2:00, goodbye.

    • Stanley: Ah, yes a very interesting aptitude test, according to these results your sort of a jack of no trades.
      Buddy: You mean I don't have any aptitude.
      Stanley: Lembeck, everyone has aptitude.
      Buddy: Oh, good, well, what does my test result say that I'm best qualified for that will pay me the most money.
      Stanley: Jury duty.

    • Charles: Wait a minute your Stanley Willard from the Bank.
      Stanley: No, I used to be Stanley Willard from the Bank, now I'm Stanley Willard from the Business Administration Department of Copeland College, I'm also your new counselor.
      Buddy: Wait a minute your the load officer that canceled Charles student loan
      Stanley: Ah, the good old days.

    • Charles: The main thing is I don't want you to worry about me okay, I'm a big boy now, I'm old enough to get married, I'm old enough to vote, I'm old enough to find my own major, okay, actually I only have one little problem.
      Lillian: What's that?
      Charles: I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

    • Charles: Adam, that's a 150% interest, that's called usury.
      Adam: No, Charles it's called smartery.

    • Buddy: Charles, you know what, I hope there my aptitude test says that I should be an astronaut.
      Charles: Well, you can't miss Buddy your already a space cadet.

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