Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 20

The Wrong Guy

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 1985 on
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Charles and Buddy are excited about their very first bachelor party. At the same time, a young man whom her parents cannot stand has asked Lila out. Lila is quite desperate to date him and asks Charles for advice and for approval. Unfortunately, his support backfires on them. Lila tries to make her parents see how phony the other guy is they want her to date, and that the young man of her own choice is not trying to impress them with all sorts of lies —— he is honest and sincere. Douglas also has serious problems when he is kissed for the first time by a girl in his class.moreless

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  • Lila wants to date a young man whom Stan and Jill do not approve of.

    Lila has a problem. She wants to go out on a date with a certain young man whom Stan and Jill do approve of. Looking to Charles for advice seems like a good idea at the time but Charles is excited that he and Buddy are going to their very first bachelor party and just may have given Lila the wrong advice.

    Lila cannot decide what to do - go on the date against her parents' wishes or date a boy of their choosing whom they consider far more suitable. Watch it and see how it turns out.

    There isn't much that's interesting in this episode except for a guest spot by Matthew Perry (most famous as Chandler Bing from "Friends") other than that, it's rather dull.moreless

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    • Stan (to Lila, who--against his orders--went out with Van instead of Ed): ...You're grounded for three months. No TV, no stereo, no allowance, no phone. Your life is school, homework, eating, sleeping, and chores--LOTS of chores. And if you have any free time, I suggest you spend it dwelling on why you were grounded... (to Jill) ...And DON'T bake her any cookies!

    • Lila: Boy, you were right about Van, he's a jerk, his band only knows one song "Kiss me, you slimy crud".

    • Jill: Oh, why aren't you two asleep?
      Douglas: Can you sleep with a light bulb popping off on your face every five seconds?
      Jason: He was making out with his pillow.

    • Charles: Hey, Van, you know you and I have something in common, I led a band when I was in high school, we called ourselves the Charles-tones, What do you call yourselves?
      Van: The Scuzz.

    • Stan: Charles, don't you think this Van guys a hood?
      Charles: I don't think they have those anymore.

    • Van: I maybe going out on a limb here, but I don't think he likes me.
      Lila: Oh, sure he likes you, doesn't he, Charles?
      Charles: I'd say the jury's out.

    • Charles: Wait, wait a second did you say Van?
      Stan: Yeah, why do you know him?
      Charles: Uh, no, I don't know him, but...
      Stan: His name is Van, and he's from the moon.

    • Ed: My father's a Princeton man and a neurosurgeon, I'd like to follow in his footsteps.
      Stan: Welcome to the family.

    • Charles: Are we saying this is good, or are we saying this is bad?
      Douglas: May I take you in my confidence Charles.
      Charles: Do you have to Douglas?

    • Lila: So, what about my date?
      Stan: Well, that's great but remember what we talked about.
      Lila: I know I told him before I say yes, you and mom have to meet him to make sure he's normal.

    • Stan: Oh, that's right you have a bachelor party tonight.
      Charles and Buddy: Yup!
      Stan: Boy, I remember my bachelor party.
      Jill: You had a bachelor party?
      Stan: No, No.

    • Charles: How big a party you figured this is gonna be?
      Buddy: Well, I'd rather not say in front on L-I-L-A.
      Lila: L-I-L-A?

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