Charles in Charge

Season 5 Episode 5

There's a Girl in My Ficus

Aired Unknown Jan 12, 1990 on



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    • Charles: Although, you know I hear the guy who invented the inflatable woman got millions?
      Buddy: Millions, for something you have to patch every week.

    • Charles: Ever since Buddy hit the big time, it's been "hasta la vista" Charles
      Lillian: Sweetheart, why would Buddy start speaking Spanish all of a sudden? And how did he to be big time?
      Charles: Mom, he invented some plant food formula thing, it's a million dollar idea.
      Lillian: Oh, well you see that's why he's so confused Buddy's not used to having an idea.

    • Charles: Buddy, listen to me, this maybe a fluke?
      Buddy: No, Charles, it's a ficus? flukes don't get that big.

    • Buddy: Please, Mr. Powell? It's not for me, it's for Mother Nature.
      Walter: How can you be so loyal to Mother Nature after what she did to you.

    • Walter: Hello, Jennifer? Hello, Lembeck? Oh, I see you finally found your intellectual equal.

    • Charles: Buddy, you didn't have to bring your own plant, if you wanted to graze, you can eat the backyard.

    • Charles: Adam, aren't you late for work?
      Adam: Not yet, I won't be late till I get there.

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