Charles in Charge

Season 4 Episode 15

Walter's War

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1989 on



  • Trivia

    • In this episode he says that Julia makes him feel young again, how about when he almost married Dodo in episode 81 titled "Walter Gets a Dodo".

  • Quotes

    • Julia: Is that a bomb?
      Charles: Uh, yeah that's a, that's a Japanese bomb
      Buddy: Yes, and it gets much better gas mileage than those American bombs

    • Charles: Buddy, this is Julia, Mr. Powell's date. Would you like to come in?
      Julia: Oh, okay, um. Should I crawl across it? Or do I get extra points for jumping over it?

    • Julia: Knock, Knock
      Buddy: Who's there?
      Julia: Julia?
      Buddy: Julia who?
      Julia: Julia Myers
      Buddy: I don't get it

    • Delivery Man: Hey, is that a real bomb?
      Charles: Of course it is, put a fake bomb in your coffee table people think your poor

    • Charles: We gotta get this thing outta here? Give me a hand?
      Buddy: Do you want the good hand? Or the one with the sword attached to it?

    • Charles: No, No. You glued the sword to your hand?
      Buddy: Sword-of?

    • Lillian: A bomb, a sword and a Japanese flag, now I know what the money's for, you should've told me Walter needs psychiatric help

    • Lillian: I already loaned you 50 dollars, no questions asked, now you need a hundred more. Your not gambling are you?
      Charles: No, of course not Mom, the money's not for me, it's for Mr. Powell he met a woman?
      Lillian: And she costs $150 dollars?

    • Sarah: You were great Charles, you mean they're only gonna charge us $37.95?
      Charles: No, it's $149.00 or we'll never see our furniture alive again

    • Buddy: Well, if I wanted to impress a woman, ans somebody has thrown away my old souvenirs I would buy new old souvenirs
      Walter: Lembeck? What you're suggesting is dishonest, immoral and unethical
      Buddy: I know Sir, and it's never failed me yet

    • Walter: It's no use, Julia's coming over here to look at priceless trophies and Charles threw'em away?
      Buddy: Hey, chill out big guy? You know what I would do if I were in your position?
      Walter: No, tell me Lembeck, so I can avoid it like the plague

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