Charles in Charge

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Oct 24, 1984 on
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The Wilsons would like to hire a young lady to take care of their children. Mrs. Pembroke suggests that she spend some time with Charles to see if she's up to it. Much to Charles' embarrassment, Jane (Meg Ryan) turns out to be a very pretty girl who has heard many great things about him. The kids do not usually manage to get into big fights. But because Jane believes that they should settle their differences their own way, things get completely out of hand. This time their fight escalates into clothes swiping, chemical warfare and mental torture. All this action is being taped by Lila who has a very important school assignment. When Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke return from their trip, they find Jane in the kitchen, thinking. She realizes that children are capable of much more than she ever dreamed possible and that a "normal job" would probably be a better idea.moreless

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  • Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are friends of the Pembrokes who have young children of their own and are thinking of hiring a "Charles" to help with their family, but in this case it's a girl.moreless

    Mr. and Mrs. Pembroke have raved to a lot of their friends about what a huge help it is to them having Charles live in and assist with the children. One couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, upon hearing this, feel that they may need a similar kind of assistance with their kids and send over a prospective young employee named Meaghan Parker (Meg Ryan) to spend the day with Charles to see how he goes about his job and decide whether or not she would like to be employed in a similar capacity.

    It's unfortunate for Charles that the Pembroke children choose this particular day to behave very badly and it seems to Meaghan that the best way to fix what is almost an in-house civil war is to allow them to sort out their own differences. Of course, this makes things one hundred times worse and the disagreements and fights escalate. To top it all off, Lila is tape recording everygthing that happens for a school project and it certainly doesn't paint the children or Charles' skills as a child minder in a very good light!

    After a very full-on day, Meaghan decides that caring for children is not her preferred area of employment and she decides to look for something more to her liking.

    A mediocre episode. Meg Ryan doesn't fit well into the role she plays and it shows. Even Scott Baio has trouble making this one watchable but no doubt fans will still enjoy it.moreless

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    • Charles: (he finds Douglas working with a skateboard) Doug, do you need help tightening those wheels?
      Douglas: I'm not tightening them, I'm loosening them.
      Charles: That's very dangerous!
      Douglas: I hope so. This is Jason's skateboard. He used my baseball-glove to clean his fish-tank! He's gotta be taught a lesson!
      Charles: (confiscates the skateboard) That's not a crime punishable by death.

    • Stan: How's the training going?
      Megan: I'm learning, I'm learning that children are capable of much more than I ever thought children were capable of.
      Jill: You see? That's Charles, I told you nobody handles children the way he does.

    • Douglas: Switzerland, huh? What was he doing in your room buying cuckoo clocks?

    • Charles: I've been here three months and I've never seen this kind of behavior before.
      Douglas and Jason: The honeymoon's over, Chuck!

    • Douglas: He took a shower and used my lucky towel.
      Charles: What is lucky about a towel?
      Douglas: It always gets me dry.

    • Jason: I hate you!
      Douglas: I detest you!
      Charles: (to Megan) They're brothers they love each other.

    • Charles: Your married, right?
      Megan: No!
      Charles: You have an incurable disease?
      Megan: No, Why?
      Charles: Because I want you to live.

    • Megan: Will he be alright?
      Charles: No!

    • Buddy: Oh, Charles, hospital, Charles hospital, Charles (turns around and sees Megan) Ho!

    • Charles: Mrs. Pembroke says she's very lovely.
      Buddy: Mrs. Pembroke's a mother, mother's are soft, look a mother's "lovely" means this girl has epiderm like a pachyderm

    • Charles: Can I think about this?
      Jill: Sure, for about five minutes, that's when she'll be here.
      Charles: Mrs. Pembroke, I'm still new at this, I wouldn't know what to tell her.
      Jill: She's absolutely lovely.
      Charles: I may need a few days with her.

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