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  • Season 3
    • I Really Really Need Actual Ice Skates / I Wish I Could Do That and Also That Too
      I Really Really Need Actual Ice Skates: Charlie and Lola are really excited when their grandparents send them money to buy scooters. When Lola goes ice-skating for the very first time, she is enraptured by Evie's fancy skates and decides that she would rather have new ice skates than a scooter. She gets the new skates, but then begins to find that she doesn't enjoy skating as much as she first thought. I Wish I Could Do That and Also That Too: When Lola invites Mini Reader over to play, the two have such a great time that Lola agrees to come over to Mini Reader's house on Friday to play with beads. Lola is excited about the visit, but then receives an invitation from Marv to a space party. After hearing about all the great things happening at the space party, Lola really wants to go, but doesn't want to break her promise. Eventually, Lola comes to a realization as to how to get the best of both worlds.moreless
    • What Can I Wear for Halloween? / But Marv is Absolutely Charlie's Best Friend
      What Can I Wear for Halloween?: Charlie, Lola and their friends are all very excited about Halloween. They've been busy growing a huge pumpkin for a jack o' lantern and are sure that Mrs. Hanson will talk about it in assembly. Meanwhile, everyone is also having fun deciding on their costumes, but Lola has trouble thinking of anything to go as. Lola begins to despair of ever finding a Halloween costume, but an unexpected disaster ends up providing a surprise inspiration.

      But Marv is Absolutely Charlie's Best Friend: When Lola and Lotta overhear Charlie and Marv imitating pirate talk from the show Captain Squidbones, they're worried that the two aren't friends anymore. Marv calls Charlie "jellyguts" and Charlie tells Marv he doesn't want to see his face in the house ever again. The two are only playing, but Lola doesn't realize this and thinks they've fallen out with each other. This idea is reinforced when Lola sees Marv playing with cousin Jack, who he invited over to join in the Captain Squidbones game. Lola and Lotta hatch a plan to get Charlie and Marv talking again.moreless
    • But We Always Do it Like This / I Can't Stop Hiccuping
      But We Always Do it Like This: Charlie and Lola are excited about their annual trip to granny and grandpa's, particularly when it comes to building a giant sandcastle on the beach. While at the beach, they meet a new girl who's rather shy, but seems to want to help with their sandcastle. Charlie tries to be friendly, but Lola isn't so sure, given that the girl keeps taking her spade and accidentally knocks over the sandcastle.

      I Can't Stop Hiccuping: Lola and Lotta are practicing a song for a spring play. They find themselves amused by the song, but their constant laughter gives Lola the hiccups. Lola tries various things to keep them away, but when they keep coming back she worries that they may mess up the singing during the play.moreless
    • I am Going to Save a Panda / I've Got Nobody to Play With
      I am Going to Save a Panda: When Charlie and Lolas' school has its annual "Save an Animal" day, they decide to raise money to save a panda. They learn that the panda is an endangered animal that is losing its natural food source, bamboo. They decide to put on a day of special feats and raise money by signing up sponsors. When Lola falls ill on the day of the event, Charlie comes up with a unique idea to keep her from being left out. I've Got Nobody to Play With: When Lola gets a new felt play-set, she says at first that she can play with it all on her own. She soon finds that she'd like somebody to play with, but Charlie is spending the day with Marv. Her friends all seem busy, so Lola begins to worry, until she remembers an idea suggested by Charlie.moreless
    • I am Making a Craze / But Where Completely Are We?
      I am Making a Craze: "Hulie-hooping" is the newest craze at Charlie and Lolas' school. Everyone is so caught up in learning the newest tricks that Lola wonders why nobody wants to do anything else at all. After learning a bit about crazes from Charlie, she decides to try to start one of her own. But Where Completely Are We?: Charlie and Lola decide to do some outdoor camping. Using their imagination, they explore the Amazon rainforest, but the adventure soon becomes just a bit too realistic for Lola. Charlie wishes for them both to act like real explorers, but Lola isn't so sure that she likes exploring. It's up to Charlie to come up with an imaginative idea to save their adventure.moreless
    • I Slightly Want to Go Home / I am Extremely, Absolutely Boiling
      I Slightly Want to Go Home: Lola is excited at the prospect of a sleepover at her friend Lotta's. It's Lola's first time having a sleepover and Lotta has prepared many fun activities, including a "midnight feast." Lola has a good time at first, until it begins to seem that things are too different from her bedtime routine at home. She thinks that maybe she would rather go home. I am Extremely, Absolutely Boiling: During a very hot day, Charlie and Lola try their best to find ways to beat the heat. Things go from hot to boiling, however, when Lola gets into a feud with Arnold Wolf after he causes her to drop her ice cream. Lola is sure that she will never forgive Arnold, whereas Charlie hopes the fighting will end sooner rather than later.moreless
    • I am Goody the Good / It is Very Special and Extremely Ancient
      I am Goody the Good: Lola is enamored with a new book series featuring a heroic little girl called Goody the Good. She decides to emulate Goody's behavior and helps Charlie with a number of things. Though at first Lola is truly helpful, Charlie begins to find that sometimes he's less than impressed with Goody's attempts to help. It is Very Special and Extremely Ancient: Lola is excited when Charlie gets a fossil from their dad to add to his collection. Charlie agrees to let her take it to school and when Lotta sees it, she suggests that the two of them search for fossils together. The two start searching, without much success, but their prospects are brightened when they learn that their parents are taking them on a beach trip to search for fossils.moreless
    • I Would Like to Actually Keep It / It's Raining It's Boring
      I Would Like to Actually Keep It: While out and about outside, Charlie and Lola come across a stuffed rabbit toy that has been lost. At Lola's urging, Charlie agrees that they should take the toy home to care for it until they can locate its owner. Together, they begin making efforts to contact the owner, such as posting signs. Lola, however, finds herself becoming attached to the toy and wishing that she could keep it. It's Raining It's Boring: Charlie and Lola are having a day-trip to Marv's, but Lola is sure that it will be spoiled when it starts raining. She wanted to play in the park with Marv's dog, Sizzles, but it now seems that they're stuck inside playing rainy-day games. When Marv finds a box marked with promises of curing boredom with fun games, it looks like their luck may have changed.moreless
    • I Can Dance Like a Dancer / Help! I Really Mean It!
      I Can Dance Like a Dancer: Lola is excited about the idea of dancing, but has never really participated in any organized dancing herself. When Lotta invites her along to a ballet class, she happily accepts the invitation. Lola explores a number of different styles of dance. Lola, however, also discovers that it takes a lot of practice and hard work to be good at dancing and that it might take a while to discover the type of dancing that is right for her.

      Help I Really Mean It: The Sonners are looking after Granny and Grandpas' cat, Caspar. Lola absolutely adores Caspar, and Lotta also finds that she quite likes him. Lola and Lotta also discover something that they like -- a new game that they've made up in which they call Charlie and Marv for help, even when they don't really need it. They soon find, however, that their game has a certain side effect.moreless
    • Our Shop Sells Everything / I am Inventing a Usefullish Invention
      Our Shop Sells Everything: Lola and Lotta are having a lot of fun playing shop. Much of their shop is just pretend, but they have some real things for sale as well. What they don't have is a real customer, that is, until Morten Lowe comes along. Morten is a tough customer, but they have just the item for him. Thing is, it isn't actually their item to sell, and now they're in a bind with Charlie. I am Inventing a Usefullish Invention: Charlie and Marv are studying inventions, as they have to create an invention for a school project. Lola is interested in the idea, and decides that she too wants to be an inventor. The boys indicate that she should go for it, but are really too absorbed in their own project to notice her much. As the two struggle to come up with an idea for their project, Lola sets to work.moreless
    • I Can Train Your Dog / Do Not Ever Never Let Go
      I Can Train Your Dog: When Lola and Charlie arrive at Marv's for a trip to the park, they find they can't go because Marv's Mom has lost her handbag, which has the keys for the house. Meanwhile, Marv's dog Sizzles is behaving naughtily. Marv is sure that Sizzles is untrainable and incorrigible, but Lola isn't so sure. Marv lets her and Charlie take him home, and they devise a training program with an inspired idea. Do Not Ever Never Let Go: Lola is completely satisfied with her tricycle and doesn't want to give it up -- until she sees that Lotta is now riding a bike she got from her cousin. Now, Lola wants to ride a bike too. She learns quickly and has fun, until she sees that Lotta has taken off her stabilizers. Lola wants to ride without stabilizers too, but it isn't as easy as she thought. When she considers giving up, it's up to Charlie to get her to keep trying.moreless
    • I am Completely Hearing and Also Listening / But I Don't Really Like This Present
      "I am Completely Hearing and Also Listening" Lola says that she is a good listener, but she often gets lost in her own things and does not pay attention to what is being said to her properly. When she and Charlie get a puppet theater from granny and grandpa, Lola does not listen when Charlie reads the instructions and puts it together all wrong. Lola does not listen at school and spills water, and also causes herself and Charlie to miss a fun party being held by Arnold Wolf. Charlie, however, is convinced that Lola can learn to listen and has a great idea to help her. "But I Really Don't Like This Present" Lotta is returning from a summer trip and she and Lola have bough each other gifts, as they always do after one of these trips. Lotta really likes the colorful friendship bracelet that Lola got for her, but Lola is less enamored with the garishly colorful hat that Lotta gives her. It's big, wildly colored, and itchy. Lola really doesn't want the hat, but both she and Charlie agree that Lotta's feelings will be work if she tells her that she doesn't like it. Lola tries various tactics such as "accidentally" losing the hat, or giving it away to Arnold. Arnold really likes it, and wears it everywhere, from breakfast to his bath. When Lotta sees this, however, she asks what's happening, and Lola ends up wearing the hat again. Then, just when Lola is starting to actually like the hat, she finds it in jeopardy.moreless
    • I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses / Thunder Completely Does Not Scare Me
      "I Really Absolutely Must Have Glasses" When Lola learns that she's going to be visiting the optician to have her eyes checked, she doesn't want to go. She's already checked her own eyes and they're fine at everything from reading, to seeing shapes and colors. Then, Lola and Lotta realize that their friend Mini Reader wears glasses and learn all about them from her. Suddenly, Lola really wants glasses and is sure she will pick out the perfect pair. Charlie, however, warns her that she will only get glasses if the optician discovers something wrong with her eyes. "Thunder Completely Does Not Scare Me" Lola claims she's not afraid of thunder, but she keeps jumping and screaming every time she hears a thunderclap. Charlie knows that she's scared and tries to show her that thunderstorms are nothing to be afraid of. He views the storm together with her, an intense storm that later changes to hail. He also teaches her all about the weather, pretending to be a television weather reporter.moreless
    • Everything is Different and not the Same
      When the new autumn school term starts, Lola is excited by her new pencil box and wants to get everything just right for going back. Lola soon finds, however, that the autumn-time and going back to school means many other changes. She's disappointed to learn that she has a new teacher this year and will be sitting at a desk (though still with her best friend, Lotta.) She also doesn't like her new tights, her new shoes, or the way all of the leaves are coming off the trees. As Lola tries to come to grips with all this, Charlie and Marv plan a project for the autumn fair. They decide on making an autumn time capsule, so people of the far future can compare it with the autumn of their day. They soon receive an interesting assortment of objects, such as stick-leaf eggs and a lengthy poem about autumn. Lola and Lotta are assigned to make an autumn-tree picture, but find it a challenging project. As things seem to go all wrong, Lola's refrain becomes "Everything is different and not the same." She and Lotta decide to go into hibernation, unless Charlie can tempt them out.moreless
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