Charlie & Lola

Season 3 Episode 10

I am Making a Craze / But Where Completely Are We?

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Jul 26, 2008 on Disney Channel
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I am Making a Craze / But Where Completely Are We?
I am Making a Craze: "Hulie-hooping" is the newest craze at Charlie and Lolas' school. Everyone is so caught up in learning the newest tricks that Lola wonders why nobody wants to do anything else at all. After learning a bit about crazes from Charlie, she decides to try to start one of her own. But Where Completely Are We?: Charlie and Lola decide to do some outdoor camping. Using their imagination, they explore the Amazon rainforest, but the adventure soon becomes just a bit too realistic for Lola. Charlie wishes for them both to act like real explorers, but Lola isn't so sure that she likes exploring. It's up to Charlie to come up with an imaginative idea to save their adventure.moreless

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      • Charlie: Day one-- talked to a parrot and saw... 23 orangutans. Lola, when are you going to tidy your side of the camp?
        Lola: Not now, Charlie.
        Charlie: Where are you going?
        Lola: Foraging.
        Charlie: Foraging for what? Giant coconuts?
        Lola: No. Cheese, from the fridge.

      • Lola: I can camp inside of the doors and outside of the doors. Indoor camping, outdoor camping.

      • Lola: I definitely don't like explorer camping. It's wet and it's cold. I don't like it! Please. (sniffles) Can we just go inside, please?

      • Charlie: (popping out of a bush) Lola, it's me!
        Lola: Oh! I thought you were a tiger!
        Charlie: Sorry, Lola. I was just foraging for food in the bush.

      • Charlie: We can't just go back home every time you want something.
        Lola: Can't we?
        Charlie: No. That's cheating. We're in a wild and faraway place, remember? And we have to find our own food.

      • Lola: Mum gave me some raisins in case we get really hungry out in the wild. And dad said he'll come down if we need some help with the tent.
        Charlie: We won't need any help, Lola, because we're explorers.
        Lola: I know. Where are we going?
        Charlie: We're going through blizzards and tropical rain.
        Lola: And jump over biggish rocks.
        Charlie: We may even have to wade through rivers. But we'll keep on going and going until we get there.

      • Lola: I would quite like to be an explorer. Why don't we go now?
        Charlie: All the exploring places are really far away and you have to take water and food for surviving.
        Lola: We can do that.

      • Charlie: I have this little sister, Lola. What are you doing, Lola?
        Lola: I'm being a tent, Charlie.
        Charlie: She's small and very funny.

      • Lola: You can even play cuppy catch ball with two people. That's called "twosies."
        Charlie: Hey, Lotta.
        Lotta: If we did it with our eyes closed, we could call it "sleeping twosies." (She throws the ball with her eyes closed, but it doesn't come anywhere close to the cup.) Oh.
        Charlie: Or "dropsies."

      • Lola: Charlie?!
        Charlie: Yes, Lola?
        Lola: You can do more than one thing with the cuppy catch ball-- nighttime cuppy catch ball.
        Charlie: Ugh.

      • Charlie: What are you doing, Lola?
        Lola: I'm making a craze, Charlie.

      • Charlie: Hi, Lola. Why aren't you playing with your hulie-hoop?
        Lola: Why is everyone doing hulie-hooping and not anything but hulie-hooping?
        Charlie: Because it's a craze, Lola.
        Lola: How long does a craze go on for, Charlie?
        Charlie: Until the next craze comes along.

      • Lola: Would you like to do some real, actual skipping now?
        Lotta: No, because I have to practice my hulie-skipping.
        Lola: Oh. What about hide-and-seek?
        Lotta: No thank you.

      • Lola: Oh no. The door shrinked!
        Charlie: Lola! You know what mum said about hulie-hooping indoors.
        Lola: I'm not hulie-hooping. I'm hulie-wearing.

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