Charlie & Lola

Season 3 Episode 14

I Really Really Need Actual Ice Skates / I Wish I Could Do That and Also That Too

Aired Weekdays 10:00 AM Dec 27, 2008 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

I Really Really Need Actual Ice Skates / I Wish I Could Do That and Also That Too
I Really Really Need Actual Ice Skates: Charlie and Lola are really excited when their grandparents send them money to buy scooters. When Lola goes ice-skating for the very first time, she is enraptured by Evie's fancy skates and decides that she would rather have new ice skates than a scooter. She gets the new skates, but then begins to find that she doesn't enjoy skating as much as she first thought. I Wish I Could Do That and Also That Too: When Lola invites Mini Reader over to play, the two have such a great time that Lola agrees to come over to Mini Reader's house on Friday to play with beads. Lola is excited about the visit, but then receives an invitation from Marv to a space party. After hearing about all the great things happening at the space party, Lola really wants to go, but doesn't want to break her promise. Eventually, Lola comes to a realization as to how to get the best of both worlds.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Lola's friend from school in "I Wish I Could Do That and Also That Too" is the girl listed in the closing credits as "Mini Reader." This character has been seen several times previously, but has never been referred to by name on the show itself. Close-captioning throughout the broadcast refers to her as simply "Girl."

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Lola: I know! Let's do our own space party! And beads-- let's do space beads!

    • Mini: You were invited to a real space party?! Why didn't you go?
      Lola: Because if I went to Marv's party, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be able to do beads with you.
      Mini: Oh. Marv's having a real space party, but you still came here to my house. Thank you, Lola.

    • Lola: Okay, what about "Sorry, I can't come to your house for tea 'cause my fish is ever so not well."
      Lotta: But you don't have a fish, Lola.

    • Lola: Charlie, if you say you are going to go to someone's house for tea, but then you say you actually can't come, is that bad?

    • Lola: (holding up a set of beads and her invitation to Marv's party) I wish I could do that and also that too.

    • Mini: A skipping rope made of lovely and pretty beads.
      Lola: Ooh.
      Mini: You know, Lola, only actual queens skip with skipping ropes made out of beads.
      Lola: Lotta will love our queen skipping rope made all out of beads.
      Mini: We can show her at school.

    • Charlie: Lola is really excited because--
      Lola: My friend from school is coming to play.
      Charlie: Not Lotta?
      Lola: No, not Lotta. Someone completely else, who's never come to tea before.

    • Lola: Dad said I must be very, very good and promise not to change my mind and that he doesn't want to find my skates in the bottom of the cupboard.
      Charlie: Mmm.

    • Lola: You know, Charlie, I really do think I absolutely and extremely must have my own skates.
      Charlie: But we're getting the scooters tomorrow with dad.
      Lola: I'm going to have real ice skates instead of the scooter, Charlie, because then I will be a very good and very twirylish ice skater.

    • Lola: I'm going to do lots and lots of twirly skating.
      Lotta: I'm going to even do backwardy.

    • Lotta: I love ice skating!
      Morten: So do I.
      Lola: So do I.
      Charlie: Lola's never been ice skating before.
      Marv: Neither has Morten.

    • Lola: Hi, Morten!
      Morten: I'm a very good scooterer.
      Marv: But not a very good stopperer. You'd better take it inside, Morten.

  • NOTES (3)

    • "I Really Really Need Actual Ice Skates" is the last of 9 episodes on the Vol. 11 DVD of the same title, released on October 5, 2010.

    • "I Wish I Could Do That and Also That Too" is the 5th of 9 episodes on the Vol. 11 DVD entitled I Really Really Need Actual Ice Skates, released on October 5, 2010.

    • This episode also appears in listings as simply "Ice Skating / Want to Do Both."


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