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  • Adorable Newcomer!

    We spent the summer away in a cottage that did not have satelite or cable so I missed Charlie and Lola's introduction to Playhouse Disney. I heard the cute little British accents and decided to see what show they were coming from. I was surprised to see this Brit version of my 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter. Charlie's wise attempts to try to get his sister to cooperate with him are amusing. It's great to see someone recognize how an older boy, not quite a young man, thinks. He gets the tricks but not quite the nuances of them- he needs to play the opposite game but he doesn't appreciate the need for the game itself. Lola, his mischevious, wants everything her way sister, comes up with some lines that will make you giggle at her innocence.

    Even when my daughter goes to school, I will be channel surfing to Playhouse Disney for this gem!

    This show is soo funny!, its mostly the way they move and talk, plus Lola is very picky which is kinda annoying, but I love the episode about Lola not eating any healthy foods, it makes me hungry to watch all those foods and she doesnt even want to try them. Still I dont know why I watch this, it means NOTHING to me cuz I dont need to learn all those manners and stuff, but I cant stop watching it.
  • British Gem

    Two british kids discover everything to what a leaf does to a picnic. They are so cute because Charlie, being an older brother, tries to help Lola through life and it ends up being really cool. I know you say, "You watch Charlie and Lola? That's a kids show!" I say so what. Even though I'm not 4 and do not have any kids (still waiting for first girlfriend) I find it interesting to watch a six year old and three year old siblings share more than just the same parents.
  • Finally a HIP and adorable cartoon!

    OMG! My husband and I both adorrrrrrrrrrrrre this show! It's too cute and clever! The characters, their accents, the collage background--we can't get enough! LOVE the show and tune in every a.m. since we discovered it a few weeks ago! The expressions that Lola uses stay on our minds all day. We repeat what she says daily. It's too much fun!
  • Might need to watch it a couple of times

    This is one of those pre-schooler shows which you will sit down with your child and watch and at first think is kind of stupid while your child is sitting there with a smile on her/his face.
    ' Charlie and Lola ' is an import from the United Kingdom and is one of the better shows I have found on ' Playhouse Disney' lately. It is imformative, educational, and at times can leave you with a warm feeling in your heart.
    If you have not sat down and watched this show yet with your child, it may be a good time to do so but as I say you may need to give it a couple of episodes.
  • This IS quality cartoon content and my 2yo is addicted.

    Its original content and great illustrations make for one great cartoon. It is hard to find a cartoon that I approve of, maybe my standards are too high. I try to expose my child to as little televsion as possible so when he does get to watch I want the program to be of exceptional quality. I stumbled across Charlie and Lola by accident and was very impressed and admit I enjoy just as much as my son. My 2 year old was immediately hooked. I tivo Charlie and Lola so he can watch it when ever he wants. Compared to the rest of the cartoons out there this one stands out above them all.
  • Charlie and Lola depicts the life of Lola narrated by her older and more reasonable brother, Charlie, as the two go on through the day.

    It's like a mix of Madeline and Rolie POlie Olie, added in with a pinch of accents. Even though it's a kiddie show, I actually try to watch it whenever it's on and I don't have school. It reminds me of some of the older children's shows which were charming and informative at the same time without getting too cheesy when it comes to morals. I also like how the drawing style is like something you would find in a children's book in the library; it not only makes you think, but it looks cool to begin with.
  • So adorable!

    "Charlie and Lola" is a great show for anyone. The animation is not like any other show and they did a great job on the voice work. This show has a great amount of creativity, too. My friends and I all watch (and enjoy) "Charlie and Lola." Outstanding job, everyone!
  • This show will make you laugh & think at the same time. Both you and your child will enjoy it no doubt.

    I absolutely adore this show. I love watching it with my 2 year old. It shows you just how your kids imagination works. It is amazing how parents can use Charlie's tactics to improve their parenting skills. You, the parent,can actually learn something while watching this show that will benefit your child. It is cute, funny and very insightful.
  • The Best Cartoon In Years.

    "Charlie & Lola" has an engaging "collage" style of animation; a wonderfully adept voice cast; writing that works on more than just a child's level; and a total ambience that draws me back again and again to watch the same episodes. It is a wonderful show and I highly recommend it, to both adults and children.
  • a very endearing show. Charlie is the perfect older brother to his young and sweet sister Lola.

    I find the british voices to enchanting and fascinating to listen to. Lola is especial lovely. It very much reminds me of my relationship with my little sister. When magic was real and everything was new and amazing to her. When she hung on my every word and to her I was the most intelligent,exciting person in the world.

    The show is intended for a much younger set. preschoolers and preteens. However I thing any parent will find this show a joy to watch with their child. The animation has the childlike look to it. An Lola's flights of fancy are fun and very sweet. Her imagination and delight in her everyday goings-on are adorable.

    Okay the show may not be for everybody. But if you every had a younger sibling that you were responsible for when you were younger. This show will bring about a flood of memories. And I think any preschooler will find the show entertaining.
  • This is an excellent programme to watch with a four year old child. Also check out the web site.

    I have found this show to be an invaluable tool for discussing behavour with my four year old grandaughter. I have found she can totally relate to Lola. My grandaughter does not relate to her brother as well as Lola does with Charlie however it does encourage her to endeavour to do better. I so remember the hunt for a birthday present and the agony of having to give it up for the best friend's birthday. I also have trouble getting the grandaughter to eat proper meals. To redefine what the food is can often activate her imagination as Charlie did. We also enjoy the Charlie and Lola web site.
  • I have this little sister, Lola. She is small. And very funny.

    I am 19 and this show is my guilty pleasure. This is such a cute cartoon! Lola is really sweet, really cute, and Charlie is very helpful and doesnt seem to get very annoyed by Lola's antics. The animation is very different from what I used to, but I think its cool how they use real objects. I think this show should be a full 30 minutes long. And the theme song is very catchy too. Anyways, I love this show. I love how Charlie helps Lola to do the right things, such as, going to bed on time or learning to accept her part in the school play. And their friends, Marv and Lotta are cool too. I rate this show a 10/10.
  • Charlie and Lola is a very funny and educational show! Great for young children!

    I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, this show!

    It's so elegant and enriching!!! And the theme song, it makes me want to cry! It's so beautiful! I used to watch this show whenever I could when I was about 3 or 4 years old! This show is so pretty!

    I wish that more people will watch it. Although, I don't watch it very often either... But, I'm a very busy person...

    Still, I love this show! It's just so perfect! I absolutely love it!

    I love it! I love it! I love it!

    I just wish I could watch it more often...
  • Crap!

    I think little kids can be a pain in the a** but they deserve better tv shows than this pice of crap. I mean you can replace this with a better show. The person who thought of this was either mentally challended,just stupid or drunk. This dosen\'t teach kids anything in the real world. The animation is awful. I can draw better than that. The only reason I give it a 1 is beacuase I feel sorry for it.
  • Perfect show for kids

    Love this and I watched this since I started school (5) and I loved it ever since.Please please please please please please please please with 3 scoops of raspberry riple ice-cream and 2 calories of wipped cream and a cherry with sprinkles on top bring this show back oh please god i'm begging you or else just cancel Mickey Mouse clubhouse.
  • Lola is very annoying.

    Yes. It's true.

    Plot: Charlie and Lola, always goes on to adventures to whine about and anything, they go there to and Lola is always there to WHINE at them.

    Characters: Charlie is good, but Lola must go if she doesn't stop that whining around. Voice acting is okay, nice accents.

    Value: The accents and common sense in here are essential, but Lola is ruining this show, influencing kids to give out nonsense whines.

    Art: Could use a little improvement on their appearance, but animation is fine.

    Overall: 4. Lola needs to control herself. Whining almost everytime, that is a problem.
  • Oh god kids' tv shows are going downhill and this show is not helping.

    Why does everyone like Charlie and Lola it is boring and yet it's a program for preschoolers but i can't seem to know why they'd enjoy that piece of rubbish and they are yet british like me but i don't talk like many british people i talk a bit american as well oh god this show is dead boring the voices are boring and many more this show aired in CBeebies in the UK over here and Playhouse Disney in the USA i can't believe Americans would even try to put this piece of rubbish on Playhouse Disney it is boring and not too bright but they dubbed it so the american version might actually be good but they kept the stupid boring voices if you want to see a good show for kids either watch SpongeBob or Rocko's Modern Life this is'nt really a good show this show is evil and must be cancelled and whoever created this probably loves like being bored or something this is more boring than the soap operas like Coranation Street and Eastenders.