Charlie & Lola

Disney Channel (ended 2008)





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  • a very endearing show. Charlie is the perfect older brother to his young and sweet sister Lola.

    I find the british voices to enchanting and fascinating to listen to. Lola is especial lovely. It very much reminds me of my relationship with my little sister. When magic was real and everything was new and amazing to her. When she hung on my every word and to her I was the most intelligent,exciting person in the world.

    The show is intended for a much younger set. preschoolers and preteens. However I thing any parent will find this show a joy to watch with their child. The animation has the childlike look to it. An Lola's flights of fancy are fun and very sweet. Her imagination and delight in her everyday goings-on are adorable.

    Okay the show may not be for everybody. But if you every had a younger sibling that you were responsible for when you were younger. This show will bring about a flood of memories. And I think any preschooler will find the show entertaining.