Charlie & Lola

Disney Channel (ended 2008)





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  • Oh god kids' tv shows are going downhill and this show is not helping.

    Why does everyone like Charlie and Lola it is boring and yet it's a program for preschoolers but i can't seem to know why they'd enjoy that piece of rubbish and they are yet british like me but i don't talk like many british people i talk a bit american as well oh god this show is dead boring the voices are boring and many more this show aired in CBeebies in the UK over here and Playhouse Disney in the USA i can't believe Americans would even try to put this piece of rubbish on Playhouse Disney it is boring and not too bright but they dubbed it so the american version might actually be good but they kept the stupid boring voices if you want to see a good show for kids either watch SpongeBob or Rocko's Modern Life this is'nt really a good show this show is evil and must be cancelled and whoever created this probably loves like being bored or something this is more boring than the soap operas like Coranation Street and Eastenders.