Charlie & Lola - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • My Little Town
    My Little Town
    Episode 26
    Charlie and Lola receive a toy set from their grandparents called My Little Town, although Lola wants Charlie to think of it as "Our Little Town." It has markers, towers and more for construction. Charlie gets to work building a town with things like cars and airplanes, while Lola just wants to draw flowers and later a zoo. Charlie, however, is rather unwilling to share supplies and Lola ends up with just a couple of stubby crayons and nothing to cover her zoo animals from the rain. With Charlie unwilling to share, the game is beginning to seem no fun.moreless
  • But I am an Alligator
    Lola has a favorite alligator costume that she wants to wear absolutely everywhere. Charlie tells her that she can't wear it all the time, but Lola argues that she can, as it is her favorite and best. Charlie becomes embarrassed when she wears it to the supermarket and then to the playground. He's in for a surprise, however, when she decides to wear it to a school presentation.moreless
  • I'm Far Too Extremely Busy
    Charlie wants to play a fun game of cards with Lola. It's a matching game called flip flop. Lola, however, is pretending that she has jobs and is "far too extremely busy." She hurries from one job to another --- writing a letter for mermaids, being a dentist and more. It seems like she doesn't even have time for her friends.moreless
  • Snow is My Favorite and My Best
    Lola is very excited when she hears that snow is coming. She asks Charlie all sorts of questions about snow and then stays up late to watch it fall. The next morning, Charlie, Lola, Marv and Lotta have loads of fun playing in the snow making snow angels, snowmen and snow-dogs, tossing snowballs, going sliding and more. Lola, however, becomes sad the next day when the snow melts away.moreless
  • I Love Going to Granny and Grandpa's
    Charlie and Lola are paying a visit to their grandparents. Normally Lola loves to go, but today for some reason, she doesn't seem to want to. She keeps making up excuses for why she can't go. She says that while she enjoys pony rides, she's afraid of hurting the feelings of the ponies she isn't able to ride. As Charlie talks with her, it slowly comes out that she's rather afraid that she'll miss her Mum and Dad. Charlie, however, comes up with a great idea to help her out.moreless
  • I Want To Be Much More Bigger Like You
    Charlie and Lola are going to the amusement park and Lola is excited about the idea of perhaps finally getting to ride the exciting ride called the "super duper loop-the-looper." She's convinced that this is the year that she'll be tall enough to ride it. Charlie's not sure --- he doesn't think she's grown all that much. Measuring their heights on the wall seems to confirm it. But Lola's not discouraged and tries to make herself grow. Then, Charlie has an idea on how to convince her that there are positive aspects to being kind of small.moreless
  • I Want to Play Music Too
    Charlie and Marv have been assigned to put on a show about the planets and perform music. Charlie has been practicing on his clarinet, while Marv can use his keyboard to create all sorts of neat noises. Lola wants to join in too, but she doesn't know how to play an instrument and she wasn't selected. Charlie tells her that he's sure there'll be a time when she's selected for her class, but Lola wants to play music now. Then, Charlie gets a bright idea as to how she might be able to play some music.moreless
  • I Must Take Completely Everything
    Lola is going on a trip to her friend Lotta's. She's a heavy packer and wants to take all sorts of things, despite Charlie's insistences that all of the stuff won't fit and that she needs to get going. Lola eventually reaches Lotta's, but then realizes that she left her stuff at home. She and Lotta come up with an imaginative new way to play their Cinderella game, while Charlie and Marv use their imaginations to come up with a solution after their toy car racing plans are initially spoiled by a piece of missing track.moreless
  • You Won't Like This Present as Much as I Do
    Today is Lotta's birthday and Lola wants to get her a very special present. They've given Lola some coins and they take her to the store, along with Charlie, to pick out a present. Lola has some imaginative ideas for presents --- but Charlie helps her out, reminding her that a good present is one Lotta can actually use and the present must be something that actually exists. So much for Lola's ideas of a "musical skipping rope" or wings for her to fly with. Lola eventually stumbles upon a great idea --- a doctor's kit --- but trouble arises when Lola wants to use the present for herself.moreless
  • I'm Just Not Keen on Spiders
    When it comes to creepy-crawlies, Lola generally likes them. Caterpillars, beetles and even worms are okay with her, but she's just not keen on spiders. She doesn't like the way they move about and always popping up when you least expect it. So whenever one crawls up the drainpipe and appears in the sink, Charlie always has to catch it with a plastic cup and a piece of paper and take it outside. Charlie reminds Lola that there was a time when she didn't like worms or caterpillars, or even beetles. He explains to her some of the many good things about spiders and about how clever they are. He and Lola give a name to the found spider and suddenly she's a bit more keen on it --- especially when it's let outside and she worries about what will happen to it when it starts to rain.moreless
  • Say "Cheese"
    Say "Cheese"
    Episode 16
    It's school picture day at Charlie and Lolas' school. Lola has a problem when it comes to picture --- it seems that no matter what, she always ends up getting messy. She's determined this time, though, to stay clean and vows to Charlie that she can do it. But when she gets to school, this vow turns out to be much more difficult than she thought. Charlie, however, has an imaginative idea on how to create the perfect picture.moreless
  • I Do Not Ever, Never Want My Wobbly Tooth to Fall Out
    Lola has a wobbly (loose) tooth, but she simply doesn't want it to fall out. Charlie and Marv explain to her that everyone loses baby teeth --- they're replaced by much stronger adult teeth. Lola still isn't convinced and Charlie's moose analogy doesn't do anything to help the matter. Then, Lola, learns about the tooth fairy. Astounded by this news, she can't wait to lose her tooth and then she does --- only to misplace it. It's up to Charlie to come up with a solution to this drastic problem, as Lola fears that without her tooth, the tooth fairy won't be paying her a visit.moreless
  • It's a Secret...
    Episode 14
    It's Charlie's birthday and his family and friends have prepared a special surprise for him. Lola has been let in on the secret and seems ready to let it slip at any time. Desperate to remain in the dark, Charlie shushes his little sister and tries hiding, but it still seems like she's bound to let it slip. Charlie comes up with an imaginative plan to keep his surprise from being spoiled.moreless
  • It Wasn't Me
    Episode 13
    Charlie always has imaginative solutions for helping his sister see things in a new way, but he has a real challenge on his hands when Lola refuses to admit to breaking his toy rocket.
  • The Most Wonderfullest Picnic

    Charlie & Lola decide to go on a picnic with their friends Marv and Lotta. Charlie & Marv have their own ideas on just what makes a great picnic, while Lola and Lotta have totally different ideas. One thing they all agree on at first, though, is that the rain that starts falling once their picnic is set up is definitely not a good thing. But with some imagination, they come with some great ideas for an indoor picnic.

  • Boo! Made You Jump
    Episode 11
    Lola looks for a way to scare Charlie.
  • I Am Hurrying
    I Am Hurrying
    Episode 10
    Lola for some reason isn't hurrying up to get ready for school, although she says she is. Lola wants some time to color in her coloring book, feed her goldfish, and do countless other things, forcing Charlie to wait. With time getting tight, Charlie intervenes so that Lola can really hurry up and make it to school.moreless
  • I'm Not Feeling Well
    Lola's not feeling well at all. She has a bad cold and so it's up to Charlie to try to cheer her up. Charlie really wants to play a football game with Marv, but he knows he has to do his best to cheer Lola up. He tries giving her a snack, singing her a song, and doing a puzzle with her, but nothing seems to distract her from how bad she feels. Finally, with a little imagination, Charlie comes up with a great way to take Lola's mind off her illness.moreless
  • I Will Not Eat a Tomato
    Charlie makes Lola lunch, but she tells him everything she doesn't like, including broccoli, peas, cauliflower, etc., and never, ever, tomatoes. So Charlie tries to convince her to eat them, telling her they're something else. Perhaps she just doesn't like tomatoes is that she's never tried them.
  • I Am Not Sleepy
    I Am Not Sleepy
    Episode 7
    It's Lola's bedtime, but she simply refuses to go to bed. So, it's up to Charlie to show her why we need to go to sleep at night. Armed with excuses, and figments of her imagination, Lola tries to keep away from going to bed. Can Charlie finally convince her that sleep is what she needs?moreless
  • I've Won, No I've Won, No I've Won
    Charlie and Lola love playing games with each other and Lola's newest thing is wanting to always win. Being as she is, she comes up with some creative ways to get around the rules so that she always comes out on top. Charlie comes up with his own plan to win at something, but Lola's not going to go down without a fight.moreless
  • I Like My Hair Completely The Way It Is
    It's time for Lola to have a haircut, but she doesn't want one. Lola just happens to like her hair the way it is. Charlie eventually finds out that the real reason Lola doesn't want a haircut is that she doesn't like the brushing part. With Charlie's help, Lola gets her haircut done.moreless
  • There's Only One Sun and That is Me
    Lola is excited about the upcoming school play and is convinced she'll be chosen for the best role, the sun. She's extremely disappointed that she's not chosen to be the sun and comes up with a great costume to try to convince her teacher that she made a mistake. She's even more disappointed when she finds out what her role is actually going to be. Charlie helps her out to see that each role in the play is very important.moreless
  • We Do Promise Honestly We Can Look After Your Dog
    Lola Loves Dogs, and she would like to have one, but her parents said no because their flat is too small and that she is too young to look after a dog. To make up for that, she has Charlie be a dog, and they play around. Later at the park, Charlie and his friend Marv want to play soccer, but they wonder who will look after Sizzles, Marv's dog. Lola, and her friend Lotta want to be the ones to look after her. With little knowledge about dogs, will the babysitting end in a disaster?moreless
  • Lola is determined to do "Anything Thats Everything All On My Own", alas, doing things by herself. Some of the things she tries doing on her own are using the computer and pouring juice with little success. Problem is, Lola doesn't know about it. Charlie explains with his friend Marv's help to Lola that sometimes you need a little help with the activity you are doing.moreless
  • 3/21/05
    Charlie and his little sister Lola are headed to the library, where Lola can't wait to once again check out her favorite book, Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies. She feels that this is the best book in the world and loves it especially because it makes her laugh. Once at the library, she finds that it's not on the shelf and she's very upset. It's up to Charlie not only to quiet her down, but also to see if he can't find another book that she'll enjoy just as much.moreless